Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Collection of info on 'consent' relative to Health Information Exchanges #HIE

Just put this up for the #hitsm crowd on Friday, October 16th. I may take this down so take what you want now/soon:

“Defining Consent and Authorization in an #HIE”
"Can Big Data and patient-informed consent coexist?"
"The Conundrum of Consent in Health Information Exchange"
Tiger team clarifies patient consent rules for #HIE
"The assumption now is the Internet of Things is opt-out, not opt-in"  
For state #HIE, patient opt-out a thorny technical issue
Opt-In landing pages should be carefully considered at 'Click Through?'
Health information exchanges and the problem of consent
ONC and OCR publish customizable model privacy notices for covered entities.
Options for various patient consent models used by health information exchanges
“California continues to experiment w/ consent models for exchanging patient data”  
Trust your life records to an unnamed chain of HIE software vendors  
Consumer confidence about health data safety is key to #EHR adoption 
“Many patients don't even know they're in the HIE in the first place.”  
"Relying on Electronic HIE to Deliver Data Raises Concerns of Liability and Insurance Coverage" 
“Consumer Consent Options for #HIE: Policy Considerations and Analysis”(Good, detailed info) 
Patient Centric Service Oriented #Architecture #SOA for #HIE Integration & Exchange
Recommendation for Consent Model
“Patient Consent for Electronic Health Information Exchange”
Video - Meaningful Use across State lines - What every HIE should consider - 
"HHS launches Meaningful Consent site: New tools available to help providers engage and educate patients" 
"If patient does not consent to using the HIE, the physician has to go through a dual track,"
CMIO editorial recaps ICA's Daly's Opt-Out Consent Model #HIE - Key: increase value while limiting risk
Consent Notification and Opt Out Toolkit - instructions & samples to assist setting up notification & opt out process