Monday, December 28, 2015

Collection of Top Healthcare Technology-related News Stories of 2015

Just like with making predictions about the coming year, this is the time of year when all the media outlets come out with their list of "top stories" for the year. I've gathered up a bunch of these top stories of 2015 lists and present them here for your ease of reading and pleasure.

Top 10 Modern Healthcare stories for 2015

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Top 10 Most Read HDM Stories of 2015
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The Best of the Best: HCI’s Top 10 Health IT Stories of 2015

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Top HealthIT Stories of 2015 Top 10 stories of 2015 

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Massive Collection of Info on Social Media's Growing Importance to Customer Service and Marketing

Here’s my collection of 140+ studies, white papers, how-to’s, ideas, opinions and other content about social media’s growing role and importance as a customer service mechanism AND marketing channel.  These are loosely organized into the following six categories:
1.       General
2.       How
3.       Tips
4.       Ways
5.       Marketing & Branding
6.       Measurement & Metrics

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Note: Pardon the formatting. Blogspot isn’t the most friendly blogging platform. One of these day’s I’m going to move to WordPress.

General Information
10 Key Rules to Succeed in Customer Service on Social Media
10 of the most brilliant customer service exchanges ever seen on Twitter
12 Reasons I Want Customer Service on Social Media
17 statistics that show social media is the future of customer service
24 Statistics That Show Social Media Is the Future of Customer Service
3 Most Important Ingredients of Social Customer Care
5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Social Customer Service Team
5 stats you need to conquer social media customer service
Achieving Excellence through Social Media Customer Service
Are you wasting customer time on social media?
Beware! Social Media Customer Service a Double-Edged Sword
Bridge the Relationship Gap with Social Customer Service
Can Social Be a Customer Service Disaster Recovery Solution?

Can Social Media Increase Customer Happiness?
Client Service – The New Social Media

Customer satisfaction data: The answers are on social media
Customer Service Can Define Your Business on Social Media
Customer Service For The Social Generation
Customer Service Gets Social
Customer service in the age of social media
Customer service is changing – “social media is just the tip of the iceberg”
Customer service: Using social media is now essential
Debating the effectiveness of social customer service – with Conversocial’s Joshua March
Email beats social media as best channel for customer service in retail
From your smartphone to their ears: Social media plays a growing role in Customer Service
Is Your Social Customer Service Best-In-Class? Seven Questions To Ask
Keeping Consistent: Customer Service on Social Media
Linking Social Media and Customer Service
Mainstream Channels for Social Media Customer Service
Rise Of The Vigilante Social Media Customer Service Trolls
Serve Your Customers Socially, Even in Messy Situations
Social Customer Service
Social customer service is contact center’s biggest challenge
Social Customer Service Tools Can Work Wonders For Your Business!
Social customer service: social care in evolution and context
Social Media – The Customer Service Tool For Millennials?
Social Media Customer Service
Social media customer service lacks speed, attentiveness
Social Media is the Slowest Way to Resolve Customer Service Issues
Social Media Killed the Telephone Star?
Social Media: The Next Customer Service Norm
Social Media's Customer Service Impact: Value on the Sliding Scale
Social Networking & Customer Service is the New Business Norm
The Complete Guide to Using Social Media for Customer Service
The Eye-Opening Connection Between Social Media and Customer Service
The Ignored Side of Social Media: Customer Service

The Pros and Cons of Social Customer Service
The real benefits of using social media for customer service
The role of social media in the customer service driven age
The Social Media Customer Service Revolution
The Three P’s of Social Media Customer Service
The Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros On Twitter
When customer service fails via email, it often “goes social”
Why Customer Service Won’t Work in 2016 Without Social Media
Why is social media not working for customer service?
Why Social Customer Service is a sliding door
Why You Can’t Ignore Customer Service on Twitter
Why you need a customer service response road map
How To
10 questions to answer before using social media for customer service
4 Ways to Use Social Media for Customer Service
How Companies are Using Social Media to Manage Customer Service
How customer service techniques will improve your social media strategy
How Social Media can be used to Enhance Customer Service
How social media has transformed customer care
How Social Media Influences Customer Service
How Social Media Is Affecting Customer Service (Infographic)
How to Boost Your Social Media Customer Service
How to Deliver Exceptional Social Media Customer Service
How to Effectively Use Social Media to Offer Stellar Customer Service as a Startup
How to enhance, extend and crowd source your in-field customer service
How to Offer Great Customer Service With Social Media
How to Provide Awesome Customer Service on Social Media
How To Use Social To Deliver The Best Customer Service
Turn your website into a Social Customer Service hub
Using social media as part of your customer service strategy in field service
3 Tips for Customer Service Strategy on Social Media
5 Effective Social Media Customer Service Tactics
5 Life Changing Tips to Revamp Your Social Media for Customer Service
5 Quick Tips for Customer Service Strategy with Social Media
5 Tips for Flawless Social Customer Service This Holiday
5 Tips to Get Social with Your Customer Service
6 Tips To Build A Strong Social Media Customer Service Plan
8 simple tips for social customer service best practice
Best Practices for Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool
Social Media Management Tips For Better Customer Service
Tips & Best Practices

Tips for improving social media customer service
Top Tips to Improving Your Social Media Customer Service
4 Things You Must Do To Succeed In Social Customer Service
4 Ways To Improve Your Social Customer Service
5 Colossal Reasons to Focus on Social Customer Service
5 Key Qualities to Look For in a Social Customer Service Agent
5 lessons for delivering a five-star customer service worthy of ‘lovemarks’
5 Qualities of Companies With Outstanding Social Customer Service
5 Steps for Hiring Exceptional Customer Service Agents
5 ways social media helps your business create exceptional customer service
5 Ways to Improve Customer Service Using Social Media
6 Customer Service Trends You Need to Know About
6 steps to achieve Customer Service Excellence on Social Media
7 Star-Trek-Inspired Ways to Master Social Customer Service
7 ways to ensure your social media Customer Service is first class
7 Ways to Use Social Listening (Being the James Bond of eCommerce)

Achieving Customer Service Success Through Social Media: A Q&A with Zendesk
Creating Remarkable Experiences With Social Media: 3 Strategies
Customer Service: Best Practices to Follow
Expert's Angle: Forecasting and Staffing for Social Customer Service
Five Easy Ways to Adopt Social Customer Service
Is it time to start working with an Outsourcer for your Social Customer Service?
Is Your Social Customer Service Best-In-Class? Seven Questions To Ask
Social Customer Service – The Dos and Don’ts
Social Customer Service: The 1-2-3 Approach.

Ten ways to use social media to improve your customer service
Using Social Media To Provide Exceptional Customer Service
Using Surveys to Close the Social Media Customer Service Gap
Your New Store Should Use Social Media for Customer Service
Marketing & Branding
Customer Service Has Its Day at Social Media Marketing World
Good Customer Service Is More Valuable Than Good Marketing
Good Customer Service Is the Best Marketing
How HP Balances Social Marketing With Social Customer Service
Make social media work: the move from Marketing to Customer Service
Marketing: How to Provide Great Customer Service Via Social
Study: Retailers Are Ignoring More Than 80% Of Customers’ Social Media Requests
Which Department Should Own Social Customer Service?
Which Department Should Own Social Customer Service?
Who Should Manage Corporate Social Media? Two Experts Weigh In
Why Social Engagement May Be More Important Than Marketing
Will Customer Service Ever Be The New Marketing?

Brands, Social Media and Customer Service: Are You Ready?
Hey Brands – If You Don’t Provide Social Media Customer Service, Someone Else Will do it For You
How brands are tapping Facebook Messenger to bolster customer service
Social customer service; a place for brand terrorists or an agent’s best friend?
Why Brands Should Use Social Media for Customer Service
Measurement and Metrics
Getting the measure of social customer service ROI
Leveraging Social Media to Drive Greater Customer Insights
Social customer service metrics: 3 case studies
Social Media Customer Service: How Fast is Fast?
Social media response time, are you fast enough

What Is The ROI Of Great Customer Service?
Why We Need Tangible CSAT Metrics For Social Customer Service