Saturday, March 5, 2016

Top Sources of Healthcare Data, Technology & Services Information

About two years ago I provided a list of my primary sources for keeping up to date with all the healthcare and healthcare information technology-related topics.

Wait! Now There's More!

The following is an updated list of where I consistently find useful and actionable information on healthcare data, technology and services.

Note: These sources are listed alphabetically and not in an particular order of how I value each resource. Also, It’s not always clear as to the ’type’ of organization each belongs to.

Healthcare Media & Industry Companies

Associations & Foundations

Healthcare Journalists & Individuals

Bill Siwicki @SiwickiHealthIT

David Raths @DavidRaths

Diana Keough @dikeough

Eleanor Kennedy @NSHBIZKennedy

Heather Landi @LandiHeather

Henry Powderly @HenryPowderly

Jonah Comstock @JonahComstock

Julie Rovner @jrovner

Kate Huvane Gamble @khgamble

Rajiv Leventhal @RajivLeventhal

My Twitter List of Healthcare Journalists & Other Writers

Non-Healthcare Sources

Social Media

Consider Using These

I have a system of RSS feeds, Google Alerts and other search mechanisms setup for all of these sources.