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Top Healthcare & Healthcare Information Technology-Related Posts for 2017

At this time of year, the social sphere emits a seemingly unending list of predictions and trends to expect in the coming year. And summaries of what was popular over the past year. 

Keeping with this popular year-end approach of looking forward to the coming year and backward as the current year passes and the new year arrives, I’m sharing a list of my Top 10 blog posts from 2017.

The following are measured by unique hits. Each one of the following received over 1000 unique hits – the three at the top received 4500+, 2100+ and 1700+ respectively.

My Top Blog Posts of 2017

Newest List of Collections of Healthcare Data, Technology & Services-related Content (2/4/17)

What Do You Want #HIMSS17 Attendees to Share? And What's Your Single Most Important Takeaway? (2/14/17)

Top ‘Things’ HIMSS Conference Attendees Expect to Obtain with Sources and Tips for Getting Them (2/12/17)

70+ Bits of Wisdom on Healthcare Content Creation from HITMC Event (4/12/17)

ZDoggMD at the 14th Annual World Healthcare Congress - That's Two G's! (6/2/17)

Stand Out Topics, Technologies, Presentations & Exhibitors at #HIMSS17 (2/12/17)

Content, Insight, Opinions, Tips & a Bit of Wackiness from #HITMC (4/11/17)

Thoughts, Ideas, & Tips for ‘Pitching’ Healthcare Products & Services (4/12/17)

Anatomy of a Successful Customer Service Event Handled Via Social Media (3/21/17)

32+ Miscellaneous Thoughts on Marketing Healthcare IT Products & Services (4/13/17)

You can see that popular topics for 2017 were my posts about the long-running HIMSS Conference & Exhibition (#HIMSS), the relatively new Health IT Marketing & PR Community Conference (#HITMC) and my own thoughts, ideas, & tips on marketing healthcare IT products & services.

Stay Tuned. There's More to Come

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Collection of Tips, Ideas, How-To’s, Caveats & Other Stuff about the HIMSS Conference & Exhibition

Here’s a list of all the various HIMSS Conference & Exhibition related blog posts I’ve written over the years. My first HIMSS Conference was in 1993 – the same year I started my long career in Healthcare Information Technology and Services.

Thanks to 2018 HIMSS Social Media Ambassador Matt Fisher (@Matt_R_Fisher) for providing me the inspiration this morning.

Stats and Info About Speakers & Social Media Ambassadors


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Collection of Predictions and Trends About Healthcare & Healthcare Information Technology in 2018

healthcare predictions trends healthit healthtech future technology
I've added dozens of additional lists since original post was made on 11/17/17

Have you noticed the recent uptick in predictions and trends about healthcare and healthcare information technology in 2018?

It's the time of year when Christmas decorations invade retail stores and healthcare executives, thought leaders, media pundits, consultants, technology profits (er... prophets,) clairvoyants, pundits and dozens of doyens release their annual predictions and trends about healthcare and healthcare information technology for the following year.

As I've shared in 2015 and 2016, I'm now sharing a post summarizing all the Healthcare Predictions and Trends that I can find for 2018. At least all those that I think have value to the executives, thought leaders and others who typically make the strategic, tactical and operational decisions to ensure the survival of their company in 2018 and beyond. 

My posts from 2016 & 2015 were among my most 'popular' posts of all time, so I thought" "Why not continue a good service?" I hope you find this centralized collection of posts useful. Feel free to comment and share any I've missed.

More To Come

As in previous posts, I’ll update this post with new information as it's released and as I find it.  Unlike the likelihood of many of these predictions, I'm 100% sure there'll be many more predictions coming our way soon. So bookmark this page – or better yet – subscribe to this blog so you’re easily kept in the loop on what to expect in 2018 and beyond.

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15 top healthcare information technology trends for 2018 (Added 1/19/18)

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Related Predictions & Trends for 2018

General Technology Predictions & Trends

Let's All Share & Collaborate!

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Disrupting Thoughts from GuideWell Insights Lounge at Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2017

Source: GuideWell YouTube Video
The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2017 kicked off in Dallas, TX this past Monday, November 6th and, as has taken place at previous summits, the GuideWell Insights Lounge was interviewing summit keynoters, presenters and other healthcare thought leaders. From my rough count, GuideWell's Kate Warnock managed to complete 27 interviews in the two-and-a-half-day summit. 

While I haven’t watched all of them yet, G
uideWell’s videos range about 4 to 10 minutes in length and have always been great sources of insight with Kate keeping the speakers engaged and the tempo fluent. I highly recommend checking them out on GuideWell’s YouTube Channel. I like to queue up a bunch to watch while I give my wife a massage on the best Mother’s Day present she says she ever got from me: a massage table!

Here are some highlights from a hand full of videos that I watched earlier today. And yes, while giving providing masseuse duty.

Video: Helen Leis – Health & Life Sciences Partner at Oliver Wyman - @Helen_Leis  

Source: GuideWell YouTube Video

Will Payer Assets Be Relevant?

“Payers and provider today need to really be thinking: ‘are the assets and the capabilities that I have today going to be relevant? Are these assets still going to be able to create economic value in the future? Are they going to help me control the consumer relationship in the future?

"The question isn’t 'Am I close to the consumer. It’s, 'am I closer to the consumer than Amazon or Uber is?''”

Video: Dennis A. Robbins - Health Innovator, Thought Leader, and Activist

Source: GuideWell YouTube Video

Person-Centric Care – Not Patient-Centric Care

“Patients are passive, subservient, wounded, vulnerable, they’re often on unequal footing. Even the system often puts them in the situation of enforced hopelessness. Yet we want them to be adherent, we want them to change their behavior, we want them to change their life.”

“It’s never going to happen as a patient. Those things happen as a person. If something is sufficiently meaningful to us, if it matters, if it’s important enough to us, then and only then will we change. Person-centric isn’t about health – it’s about the way we live our lives.”

Video: Bob Moesta - CEO of Re-Wired Group - @bmoesta
Note: I especially enjoyed this interview and will have to listen to it at least one more time, probably a couple times because Bob is a rapid-fire thinker. 

"People don’t buy products or services, they hire them."

Tips for dealing with Amazon, Apple and Google

“Focus on the consumer struggling moments. The more you can focus on high-impact struggling moments, the faster you’ll be able to innovate.”

“Figure out how to prototype faster. Healthcare companies take way too long to do a rep (development cycle). Many times, you’ll need dozens of reps to get innovation right.”

On Addressing the Lower End of the Market

“By starting at the low end of the market, you can do a lot more a lot faster. Most people don't want to be at the low end of the market, when in fact, the low end of the market is the most under-served and actually the people who need the most progress. So, in a lot of cases, figuring out how to serve the lower end of the market is actually where I think the opportunity lies.”

QUESTION: What do you think of Bob's comment at (2:56-3:09) “make it (the product/service?) worse but it does it better” 

Check Out the GuideWell Insight Lounge 

GuideWell has great video interviews from the 2017 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit and other healthcare conference events. Be sure to check them out on YouTube.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Insight from Day Two of Oliver Wyman's 2017 Health Innovation Summit

Yesterday was Day Two of Oliver Wyman’s Health Innovation SummitIndustry Interrupted: Delivering on the Promise of Change.  

Clear themes could be seen in the content being shared:
  1. Importance of people over technology and process
  2. Impact of social determinants of health 
  3. Rise of artificial intelligence
  4. Entry of non-healthcare companies like Amazon
  5. Increased venture capital activity in digital health space
  6. Sea change disruption impacting the future of healthcare 

This blog post shares select tweets from Health Innovation Summit attendees on the above themes. You can see information from Day One here and check back tomorrow for more insight and opinion from the final Day Three of Oliver Wyman’s 2017 event.

Change and Disruption

Person - Handle

Grace Terrell - @gracet22
Today, now, this very moment, is the SLOWEST pace of change you will experience in the rest of your life.

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
@bmoesta begins today’s executive session at #OWHIC on what #healthcare consumers want. 

“The struggling moment is the seed of innovation.”

Partha Bose - @parthabose
@Helen_Leis asks #OWHIC: 

"are we as close to our customers as @amazon and @Uber are?" 

What needs to happen?

Reena Pande - @reena_pande
@Helen_Leis of @OliverWyman highlights areas for disruption in healthcare: new 'front doors,' no more one size fits all, AI @ scale

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
@SarahKrevans, CEO of @SutterHealth at #OWHIC says to @SamOnHealth:

“Our unfair advantage is our location where we are surrounded by people looking to change the world.”

stilenius - @stilenius
@Walmart will offer $40 PCP visits #OWHIC, @amazon will distribute scripts via drones, becoming a PBM and use #Alexa for healthcare services

Steve Szaraz - @scs61
Healthcare distribution disruption executive discussion - "you're playing offense or you're playing defense but it's game on"

Ari Tulla - @umbar
Healthcare industry is acknowledging that the disruption will come outside. Think Amazon, Google and the next big thing in garage.

Partha Bose - @parthabose
In Japan, for a token fee, postmen check on the elderly and let family know how they are doing

Grace Terrell - @gracet22
Nigel Morris: disruption is coming to health care— from the outside— think consumer not your process—think open think transparency

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
Overheard at #OWHIC from @WIRED’s co-founder: 

“Healthcare is highly resistant to disruption. The transformation has to come from within.”

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
Says Helen Leis of @OliverWyman at #OWHIC: 

“Incumbents will have to learn how to shift mental paradigms and play by new rules.”

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
Says Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of @AARP, at #OWHIC: 

“We need to move from physical and mental diminishment to physical and mental #health.”

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
Says Nigel Morris at #OWHIC: 

“We need banking, but we don’t need banks. We need healthcare, but not in the way it’s been delivered.”

Data and Artificial Intelligence

Person - Handle

Oliver Wyman Health - @owhealtheditor
#Data will inevitably impact #healthcare. How does that make you feel? (Concerned of Excited?) 

Tom Spann - @tomspann
@Helen_Leis - Other industries have taught us that “consumers will prefer AI-driven personalization”

Reena Pande - @reena_pande
@Helen_Leis - Ask yourself: Are my current assets relevant?

Partha Bose - @parthabose
@SamOnHealth "who will be the primary care physician" in the world of AI, platforms and Big Data?

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
@skymindio’s CEO at #OWHIC: 

“How do you teach an algorithm to do something better than you? You create an algorithm that learns.”

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
“Align your data with your outcomes and #AI can do something for you.” 

@skymindio’s CEO at #OWHIC.

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
CEO of @skymindio at #OWHIC:

“We’re moving from business intelligence to artificial intelligence.”

GuideWell - @_guidewell
“Don't outsource analytics: have your own expertise to leverage #bigdata” - @helen_leis

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
Says @SamOnHealth of @OliverWyman at #OWHIC: 

“We’re talking a lot about #AI because that’s where the money is.” ”But there’s a difference between taking price out and taking cost out.”

The Future of Healthcare

Person - Handle

Alison Trinidad - @alisontrinidad
Customers of the future: in an on-demand life, “right now” is already late. 

Alison Trinidad - @alisontrinidad
Customers of the future: information overload, tracking others and being tracked.

Steve Szaraz - @scs61
If you're turning 65 this year you've got a one in three chances of turning 100

Grace Terrell - @gracet22
Sam Glick: who will be the PCP of an increasingly mobile population? It will be a technology enabled high touch care high care model

General Comments

Person - Handle

Reena Pande - @reena_pande
@SamOnHealth kicking things off at #OWHIC: 

"The ideas are great. But the system is broken. Can we trust one another and make things better?"

Tom Spann - @tomspann
@tgoetz : “Health plans can’t reach their members” 

@VentureValkyrie : “just pay their claims wrong”

Yep. @Accolade can reach them.

Sam Glick - @samonhealth
@TonyW of @Color: Don’t confuse cost savings with cost prevention. 

Mason Moore - @masonwmoore
“No more one size fits all in health care.” @Helen_Leis

Dave Chase - @chasedave
+1 @iorahealth is 80+; Health plans have lowest NPS of any industry (avg 5); Cleveland Clinic highest of established health systems (51)

Nina Kjellson - @nkjellson
In healthcare, NPS is new EPS. Amazon’s is 69.

Esteban López, MD - @drestebanlopez
Comment by Charles Boorady of HealthCatalystCapital: 

“I went to the #urgentcare for a cut on my finger and got upsold a tetanus shot”

Oliver Wyman - @oliverwyman
Dr. Krishna Yeshwant @gvteam: 

"We each approach healthcare from different silos. Not many approach it from multiple backgrounds."

Alignment Healthcare - @alignmenthealth
Is it possible to find harmony between high touch and high reach #healthcare models? Let’s discuss!

Reena Pande - @reena_pande
It doesn't matter how much you practice. It matters how you practice. Be thoughtful. @SamOnHealth

Reena Pande - @reena_pande
Nigel Harris from @QEDInvestors at #OWHIC: 

'We need healthcare. We just don't need it in the way it's being delivered today.'


Person - Handle

Grace Terrell - @gracet22
The real uncertainty isn’t the technology it is the human being.

Partha Bose - @parthabose
Think consumers. Don't focus on your process, technology. @QEDInvestor Nigel Morris advice from #FinancialServices for #healthcare

Alison Trinidad - @alisontrinidad
95% of people can be identified on just 4 locations they’ve visited. Customers of the future live a transparent existence.

Mason Moore - @masonwmoore
“90% of people 65+ want to age in place.” - Jo Ann Jenkins

Brandon Ballinger - @bballinger
80% of people over the age of 65 have a mobile device now. Important to discard outdated stereotypes about the elderly and health.

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
@SamOnHealth at #OWHIC: The combination of infrastructure & humanity is at the core of the conundrum we’ve run into in #healthcare.

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
Says @AARP’s CEO at #OWHIC: 

“We have a personal responsibility to start taking care of ourselves at a younger age.”

Reena Pande - @reena_pande
@SamOnHealth wisely asks:

"Why in healthcare 'the sequence of human judgments fundamentally impacts the outcome?"

Partha Bose - @parthabose
@JoAnn_Jenkins @AARP says only 25% of those with hearing issues do something about it

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
@SarahKrevans, CEO of @SutterHealth at #OWHIC: 

“There’s not enough discussion about whether the 18-year-old wants a different care model than the 80-year-old.”

stilenius - @stilenius
“At the end of the day, healthcare is a behavior business” from Jared at Google Verily

Esteban López, MD - @drestebanlopez
10,000 people/day turning 65! By 2060 25% of US pop >65. 1/3 folks turning 65 today will get to age 100 yrs! @JoAnn_Jenkins 

GuideWell - @_guidewell
Ambient #healthcare. Millennials =change agents. People as "pilots" of their own health. Catch our #OWHIC #InsightsLounge w/ @sklasko

Ivor Horn - @drivorhorn
Digital solutions are not just for millennials. @AARP

Jay Gerhart - @jaygerhart
Understanding consumer’s Job to be Done accelerates your journey away from one size fits all. @bmoesta

Social Determinants of Health

Person - Handle

Reena Pande - @reena_pande
@humananews's Busy Burr: 

"Factors outside our current healthcare system (e.g. social determinants) have a major impact on health"

Partha Bose - @parthabose
@VentureValkyrie: "Doctors when they meet patients don't ask 'do you make enough to be able to eat?'"
Reena Pande - @reena_pande
60% of impact on health outcomes from social, environmental, behavioral factors. Indeed.

Venture Capital

Partha Bose - @parthabose
@kyeshwant : in healthcare now not about finding the Instagram or Uber but about the next Cisco

Jacqueline DiChiara - @jacqueline_says
Krishna Yeshwant at #OWHIC:

“Companies are trying to be the Instagram or Uber of #healthcare. We’re still trying to get the basics down.”

GuideWell - @_guidewell
Not terrified by @amazon? You should be - @Helen_Leis @OliverWyman on the disruption to #health industry incumbents.

GuideWell - @_guidewell
Will @amazon be the new front door to #healthcare? @Helen_Leis @OliverWyman provides evidence at #OWHIC.

Oliver Wyman - @oliverwyman
Where does the #healthcare industry go from here? What's your take?

Oliver Wyman - @oliverwyman
#OWHIC speaker @VentureValkyrie of @GE_Ventures shared her VC predictions earlier this year. Read them here:  

AHIP - @ahipcoverage
Don’t miss the full recap of our CEO Marilyn Tavenner’s remarks

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