Monday, December 25, 2017

Top Healthcare & Healthcare Information Technology-Related Posts for 2017

At this time of year, the social sphere emits a seemingly unending list of predictions and trends to expect in the coming year. And summaries of what was popular over the past year. 

Keeping with this popular year-end approach of looking forward to the coming year and backward as the current year passes and the new year arrives, I’m sharing a list of my Top 10 blog posts from 2017.

The following are measured by unique hits. Each one of the following received over 1000 unique hits – the three at the top received 4500+, 2100+ and 1700+ respectively.

My Top Blog Posts of 2017

Newest List of Collections of Healthcare Data, Technology & Services-related Content (2/4/17)

What Do You Want #HIMSS17 Attendees to Share? And What's Your Single Most Important Takeaway? (2/14/17)

Top ‘Things’ HIMSS Conference Attendees Expect to Obtain with Sources and Tips for Getting Them (2/12/17)

70+ Bits of Wisdom on Healthcare Content Creation from HITMC Event (4/12/17)

ZDoggMD at the 14th Annual World Healthcare Congress - That's Two G's! (6/2/17)

Stand Out Topics, Technologies, Presentations & Exhibitors at #HIMSS17 (2/12/17)

Content, Insight, Opinions, Tips & a Bit of Wackiness from #HITMC (4/11/17)

Thoughts, Ideas, & Tips for ‘Pitching’ Healthcare Products & Services (4/12/17)

Anatomy of a Successful Customer Service Event Handled Via Social Media (3/21/17)

32+ Miscellaneous Thoughts on Marketing Healthcare IT Products & Services (4/13/17)

You can see that popular topics for 2017 were my posts about the long-running HIMSS Conference & Exhibition (#HIMSS), the relatively new Health IT Marketing & PR Community Conference (#HITMC) and my own thoughts, ideas, & tips on marketing healthcare IT products & services.

Stay Tuned. There's More to Come

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