Sunday, May 29, 2016

'A Medical Bill You Can Understand' - Coming Soon?

Image: BCBS of ND
At this year’s Health DataPalooza event, the HHS, AARP and the MadPow design agency announced a challenge to help design “A Bill You Can Understand." The challenge is intended to solicit new approaches and draw national attention to a common complaint with the health care system in the United States: medical bills and the financial information they contain are hard to understand and use.

In this post I'm providing information on this challenge and what I believe are some information of potential value to those interested in the challenge and/or who are intending to participate.

Official Information

Judges & Advisory Panel

Submissions will be accepted until August 10, 2016 and winners will be announced in September 2016. 

Reference Materials

100+ slides of great information for people who take up the “A Bill You Can Understand” challenge. REQUIRED READING FOR ALL Participants!

More Help

You can find more information by searching with the #abillyoucanunderstand hashtag.

I will continue to share additional information on this and other topics related to healthcare data, technology and services. Consider following me on Twitter to learn more.

If you have any specific questions, comments and/or other helpful information you would like to share, please comment here or contact me at


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Collection of Thought Leadership on Use of SMS Text Messaging in Healthcare


Here's a list of useful information on the topic of SMS Text Messaging within the healthcare space. 

Many of us have experienced some form of 'omnichannel customer service interaction' with one or more of those important commercial entities in our life: employers, banks, airlines, lenders, utility companies, investment firms, media companies and all the others; you know who you pay in a regular basis. These are rather predictable expenses. 

Many of us also have important, recurring and potentially high cost relationships with the primary care physicians, specialists, health plans, ancillary providers and others who serve our individual health needs and those health needs of our family. And there's government agencies and other 3rd parties wanting to ask and take from us. Hard earned income too.

Messaging - both simple plain text messages and multi-media MMS messages - are powerful means to ensure the most is gained from customer service interactions. 

Some research I've done.

Over the past 18 months, I've curated a range of information about 'text messaging in healthcare' topics, opportunities, benefits, challenges, requirements, implementation considerations and other practical information on leveraging text messaging in healthcare.

IMO, these curated links all provide some level of value for those leaders, health care customers, patients, physicians, ancillary providers, health plans, vendors - and others looking to leverage what many believe will ultimately be the primary means of "healthcare communications:" POPULAR and UBIQUITIOUS SMS Text Messaging!

Suggestion: Follow me on Twitter for more information and insight on the use of SMS Text Messaging. Contact me here if I may be of service in any way. 

Topic Sub-Topic Link to Artifact
General Appointments Headline: Why Telemedicine Needs to Redesign the Doctor’s A
General Chat  Chat - Core To The Promise Of Effortless Service
General Chat  Choose Your Chat Vendor From These 5 Categories
General eCommerce Nordstrom's new m-commerce: Shop by text
General Future Forget Apps, Now The Bots Take Over
General General R U Letting Docs Txt? (Like it or not, texting becoming com
General General Take Two Aspirin and Text Me in the Morning
General General Texting as a healthcare tool shows promise 
General General Texting The Patient Communication of the Future 
General General The Doctor Will Text You Now
General General Better Together: High Tech and High Touch
General General Digital Health Making Inroads in the Smartphone World
General General Startups are piggybacking on text messaging to launch servic
General General Text messages: The workhorse of mobile health?
General General Texting & E-mail with Patients 2016 - Conference on Texting 
General General The Doctor Won't Text You Now
General General The Role of Communication in a New Healthcare World 
General General Why Doctors Still Don’t Text or E-mail their Patients
General General Why texting is a dilemma in the health industry
General History Email, texting, & EHR's were all either not in existence or
General Innovation The Data-Driven Transformation of Healthcare: Direct secure
General Messaging Instant Messaging to Overtake Email as Biggest Digital Comm
General Messaging One Barrier Stands in Way of Secure Electronic Messaging
General Messaging Short Messaging Services Versus Instant Messaging: Value Ve
General Messaging University Health Systems CIO Talks Secure Messaging Future
General Messaging Introduction to SMS Data Collection with Magpi
General Messaging Messaging apps are eating software, so what's your chat stra
General Messaging Rethinking Healthcare Conversations with Text Messaging
General Messaging Secure E-mail and Texting
General Miscellaneous Considering the Nonprofit Uses of Text Messaging
General Physicians Opportunity to Improve Provider to Patient Communication wit
General Security Why Healthcare Secure Messaging, BYOD Should Be Considered
General Security
General Security Secure Texting Trends: Patients, Young & Old, Are Bullish on
General Social Media Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015
General Social Media Texting, Tweeting, and Talking: E-communicating with adolesc

Benefits Care Coordination 5 Ways Secure Messaging Can Improve Patient Care
Benefits Care Coordination Blackboard: An Architectural Pattern for Supporting Care Co
Benefits Care Coordination Care coordination begins with communication
Benefits Care Coordination Improving Patient Care Starts with Better Communication amo
Benefits Care Coordination SMS Technology Helping to Improve Patient Care and Retentio
Benefits Care Coordination Text Messaging in Care Management
Benefits Communication Bridging the Communications Gap Between Providers and Healt
Benefits Compliance How texting tools boost adherence rates
Benefits General Many organizations know that text-based service is the futu
Benefits General Text Messaging provides numerous benefits to Healthcare Pro
Benefits General 6 Ways Texting Can Help With Modern Healthcare
Benefits General Secure Texting Trends: The Benefits for Patients, Physicians
Benefits General Text Beats Talk: Phone Calls are Awkward, Unnatural, Interru
Benefits General The Advantages of Patient Texting
Benefits Results Why can’t patients receive blood results via text or use Sk
Benefits Transparency Consumerism Solution to Help Payers Target Member Renewals 



 How texting comes up short as a medical record
Challenges General Generation Text (Good insight into texting, issues & consid
Challenges General Texting is error-prone: clinical communication shouldn’t be
Challenges General Ways that standard "SMS" text messaging falls short


Electronic Health Records on Mobile Devices
Requirements Integration 3 Reasons Why your Secure Text Messaging App Needs to Talk 
Requirements Security Texting Patient Information: Risks and Strategies for Physic

Customer Experience

Effect of SMS, Mobile Health Technology on Patient Adherenc
CX General Customer Self-service: Speech vs. Text Automation
CX General Emerging Customer Service Channels and Contact Center Techn
CX General How eHealth used proactive customer engagement to meet call
CX General Leading-Edge Innovations in Patient-Provider Communications
CX General Texting with your doctor? UbiCare, Tea Leaves Health partne
CX General The Future of UI Design? Old-School Text Messages
CX General Interactive Text Response
CX Messaging Messaging Apps: Customer Service’s Next Frontier
CX Patient Experience 6 Ways Secure Texting & Mobile Patient Engagement Apps Impr
CX Readmissions Improving Patient Experience and Satisfaction by Extending 


MyCareText - Brochure
Marketing Examples MyCareText - Message Examples
Marketing General Know Your Audience: Predictors of Success for a Patient-Cen
Marketing General Roberts Health Foods & Services is offering 20% off your ne
Marketing General All ways to stay connected to healthyliving and health profe
Marketing General How to Get Customers to Text Your Business
Marketing Omnichannel U.S. Health Payers Will Adopt Omni-Channel Strategies to En
Marketing Omnichannel we’re already starting to see some services take up messagin


Care Coordination
Care Coordination Market to Reach 26.1% CAGR Between 2015 a
Stats General 45 Texting Statistics That Prove Businesses Need to Take SMS
Stats PhysTexting 57 percent of doctors at U.S. children’s hospitals said they
Stats PhysTexting 66% of #healthcare providers believe comm is a barrier to ef
Stats PhysTexting About 9 in 10 physicians under age 35 now own smartphones
Stats PhysTexting Physicians who use smart phone by age
Stats Survey Survey: 4 years ago 50% of baby boomers were interested in 
Stats 92% of Healthcare Institutions Using Non HIPAA-Compliant Mes
Stats By the Numbers: The Secure Text Messaging Market
Stats Mobile Health Isn't A Flash In The Pan - It's Here To Stay
Stats Survey: 58% of Patients Feel Technology Improves Patient Exp
Stats Survey: 64 percent of consumers say they can make more healt
Stats U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015


DC Medicaid payor will offer med adherence texting platform
Study Cancer A recent study illustrated texting can boost knowledge of ce
Study Cancer Study uses text messaging to help patients manage oral outpa
Study Cancer Texting proves beneficial in cervical cancer screening effor
Study Compliance Journal of Medical Internet Research Study Finds that Mobil
Study Compliance Text Messages Can Increase Compliance With Taking Medicatio
Study Compliance Text Message Intervention Designs to Promote Adherence to An
Study Diabetes Diabetic patients treated in the emergency department who w
Study Diabetes New Study Demonstrates Vital Role Of Communication Technolog
Study General Mobile phone messaging for facilitating self-management of 
Study General More Than 3,500 Amerigroup Washington Members Improve Healt
Study General Patient Use of Email for Health Care Communication Purposes
Study General Texting Could be Good for Your Health.
Study General Texting in the Healthcare Setting
Study General Text-message survey: Insured Californians like their care, 
Study General 2015 Mobile Messaging for Healthcare Institutions Study Find
Study General A text message a day may keep the doctor away
Study General Archiac Pagers and Lack of Secure Text Messaging Costs Avera
Study General Baby Boomers Text More than Ever
Study General Evaluating User Experiences of the Secure Messaging Tool on 
Study General Mobile health potential
Study General Mobile Text Messaging for Health: A Systematic Review of Rev
Study General Study finds that text messaging students significantly incre
Study General Survey on Medical Communications
Study General Survey: Seniors Want to Access Their Healthcare Online
Study General The Health Benefits of Texting
Study Heart Could a Texting App Help Your Heart?
Study Heart Large randomized controlled texting trial shows dramatic red
Study Heart Text Message and Internet Support for Coronary Heart Disease
Study Heart Text Reminders Help People Lower Cholesterol, Blood Pressure
Study Heart Texting Could Improve Cholesterol, Blood Pressure
Study Homeless The potential for health-related uses of mobile phones and 
Study Lifestyle Development of a Twitter-Based Intervention for Smoking Ces
Study Lifestyle In texting interventions for problem drinking, content tone
Study Lifestyle Text messaging connects people to healthier habits, researc
Study Lifestyle Texting Is More Effective Than Journaling for Losing Weight
Study Lifestyle A feasibility study of short message service text messaging 
Study Lifestyle Adaptation and uptake evaluation of an SMS text message smok
Study Lifestyle Doctors’ texts can spur patients to exercise
Study Lifestyle Effect of Lifestyle-Focused Text Messaging on Risk Factor Mo
Study Lifestyle Text-message reminders to improve sunscreen use: a randomize
Study Maternity Texting for Maternal Wellbeing: Use of Mobile Phones by CHWs
Study Medicaid mHealth startup’s study to evaluate text message coaching t
Study Medicaid Health Literacy By Bringing Mobile Healthcare To The Underse
Study Medicaid Study notes preference for texting among low-income urbanite
Study Medicaid Text Messaging Increases Patients Adherence In Medicaid Popu
Study Mental Health Perceptions, Attitudes, and Experience Regarding mHealth Am
Study Mental Health Texts Rather than Apps for Mental Health Care
Study Mental Health Texts Rather than Apps for Mental Health Care
Study Mental Health Acceptability, Language, and Structure of Text Message-Based
Study Mental Health Johns Hopkins Survey Finds Strong Potential for Text Message
Study Mental Health Review: Most text message health interventions were effectiv
Study Mental Health Social media 'rehab': Is a 24/7 texting helpline really the 
Study Messaging Can Text Messages Increase Empathy and Prosocial Behavior? T
Study Messaging Inside Secure Texting: Group & Picture Messaging in Action
Study Messaging mHealth text messaging for physical activity promotion in co
Study Miscellaneous Mhealth in Africa - Good images & text info
Study Miscellaneous Overview of the Florence Simple Telehealth text messaging sy
Study Miscellaneous SMS texting is helping solve Africa’s health infrastructure 
Study Physicians United States: "PhysTexting" Is Not Enough To Form A Patien
Study Physicians Could Social Media Join SMS in the World of Patient-Doctor C
Study Physicians Studies: Texting Between Providers and Patients Can Improve 
Study Physicians Text Messaging: Making Health Care Provider to Patient Commu
Study Physicians Texting a preferred data sharing tool among residents, despi
Study Prenatal Pilot taps text to deliver prenatal support for rural moms-t
Study Primary Care Clinical Innovation: ER Doc Sees Text Messages As Potential
Study Primary Care Patient Access to an Electronic Health Record With Secure M
Study Primary Care Automated Conversation System Before Pediatric Primary Care 
Study Primary Care More Pediatric Hospitalists Using Text Messaging to Communic
Study Public Health Texting for Public Health Emergency Communication, Health P
Study Readmissions Philadelphia hospital pilot reduces CHF readmissions 10 per
Study Reminders Study: Text reminders helped Amerigroup members book physic
Study Reminders Feedback on SMS reminders to encourage adherence among patie
Study Reminders Use of Mobile Phone Text Message Reminders in Health Care Se
Study Suicide How Crisis Text Line Founder Nancy Lublin Is Saving Lives, 
Study Surveys Texting Your Way to Better Patient Survey Score
Study Teens How texting is changing the way teenagers access healthcare
Study Teens Texting, Tweeting, and Talking: E-communicating with adoles
Study Teens Text Message-Based Behavioral Interventions for High-Risk Ad
Study Teens Text messaging, effective channel for adolescents' sexual he
Study Teens Texting program helps curb teen binge drinking


e–Communication with Patients: e–mail, texting, portals and
How-To General Managing The Risks And Costs Of Text Messaging (Electronic 
How-To General Texting While Treating: 5 Tips for Protecting Yourself When
How-To General Texting: 4 Etiquette Tips To Keep It Classy
How-To General Six Ways to Use Texting to Provide Patient-Centered Care
How-To Lifestyle How Can Doctors Tell Patients to Lose Weight Without Drivin
How-To Marketing 5 Tips for Using Text Messaging as a Healthcare Marketing Ch
How-To Reminders Steps health systems can to take to maximize their existing


Missing device policies. Implement policies and procedures w


Communicating with patients? Follow their preferences, not 
Policy Consent Have You Obtained Consumer Approval For Marketing Emails An
Policy Consent Obtaining Consent and Ensuring Privacy
Policy General Few physicians reported that their hospital had a policy for
Policy General What 5 clinicians think about the Joint Commission’s new sta
Policy Guidelines Guidelines For Developing a Text Messaging Policy
Policy HIPAA Can small texts pose huge security risks?
Policy HIPAA Doctors Who Text: Is This a HIPAA Violation?
Policy HIPAA HIPAA Compliance for Clinician Texting
Policy HIPAA HIPAA Compliant Texting Service from MedXcom now available 
Policy HIPAA HIPAA, e-mails, and texts to patients or others
Policy HIPAA How to Achieve Security While Helping Care Teams to Communi
Policy HIPAA Is Texting PHI (Protected Health Information) Allowed by HI
Policy HIPAA More info on HIPAA & Texting: 
Policy HIPAA Navigating The Compliance Maze of Secure Text Messaging in 
Policy HIPAA Should my text message be encrypted?
Policy HIPAA Communications compliance: are messaging applications leavin
Policy HIPAA Healthcare professionals who text message for work risk viol
Policy HIPAA HIPAA Compliance: Follow 5 Tips to Create Effective Texting 
Policy HIPAA HIPAA-Compliant Messaging
Policy HIPAA Resident Use of Text Messaging for Patient Care: Ease of Use
Policy HIPAA Security or HIPAA- Taking a Better Choice for Text Messaging
Policy HIPAA The CIO’s Guide to HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging 
Policy HIPAA To Text or Not To Text Patients? The Message from HIPAA.


FCC exemption opens debate on healthcare messaging
Legal General FCC TCPA Ruling Provides Guidance On Mobile App Messaging
Legal General New Jersey Bill To Prohibit Unsolicited Text Message Advert
Legal General Text Messages As Trial Evidence – Authentication
Legal General Text messaging with patients: Steps physicians must take to
Legal General The 21st Century Water Cooler: Discovery And Text Messages
Legal General United States: Top Three Problems With Text Messaging In He


Pager Connects You with On-Demand Doctors, Every Day, 8am to
Vendor Practice Unite Your Customizable, Mobile Platform for Delivering Real Time 
Vendor Study Patients' engagement with "Sweet Talk" - a text messaging su
Vendor Study Patients' engagement with "Sweet Talk" - Detailed Document
Vendor athenahealth Launches Free Texting Service
Vendor athenahealth Launches Secure Text Messaging App
Vendor CareMessage
Vendor DocHalo
Vendor Ease
Vendor Healthcare Messaging App” A Healthcare Messaging App Does M
Vendor HealthGrid: First ONC Certified Mobile Collaboration Platfo
Vendor HIPPA-compliant texting is KoolSpan's TrustText: 
Vendor IM Your Doc
Vendor Lilie Text
Vendor Medxcom
Vendor New York Digital Health Accelerator’s Sense Health Shows th
Vendor OneReach
Vendor Relatient 
Vendor Review of HIPAAChat, a secure messaging and telehealth plat
Vendor Secure Texting
Vendor Secure Texting & Collaboration
Vendor Sense Health
Vendor SmartLink
Vendor Southeast Alabama Community Health System Chooses TelmedIQ 
Vendor TeleVox
Vendor TelmedIQ
Vendor TextConnect: Connecting Patients and Providers
Vendor Texting for Better Care Toolkit
Vendor Tigertext 
Vendor TigerText Enables Box Users To Send PHI Docs Securely Via T
Vendor TigerText- Transform Healthcare Communication and Reduce Re
Vendor Top 5 HIPAA Compliant Mobile Apps for Physician Communicati
Vendor 10 Text Messaging Tools for Local Business Marketing
Vendor 9 Best Secure Texting App Features for Healthcare Organizati
Vendor Critical Alert Announces New Smartphone Application for Secu
Vendor FLO
Vendor From Flo to Annie: How Flo is being used in the USA
Vendor HealthKit Instruction Manual: everything you need to know
Vendor HeyWire
Vendor MyCareConnect
Vendor MyCareText
Vendor Natick company brings secure texting to hospitals
Vendor Pager gets $10.4M to take its house call app out of New York
Vendor Secure Healthcare Messaging Vendors Assessed by KLAS
Vendor SMS Polling Services Review: REVIEWS AND COMPARISONS
Vendor Telerx Introduces Texting Solution for Consumer Product Bran
Vendor Text Messaging in Healthcare Research Toolkit
Vendor What's the Cheapest and most reliable SMS API?