Monday, August 24, 2015

Today's #HealthCareChat - Using CRM Platforms in Healthcare

Today’s #HealthCareChat hosted by @EricDemers (CEO of Accreon) and @nextwaveconnect covered the topic of using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and processes in the healthcare space.

Here’s a semi-formatted transcript of the chat – courtesy of @Symplur.


@nextwaveconnect - Hi everyone! Let's give a warm welcome to @EricDemers We'll be discussing the many aspects of #CRM in healthcare

Topic #1: How can healthcare providers use a mix of digital tools for innovative care delivery and patient communications?

@drkdhoffman - Need to be where the people are...#mobile & #smartphones, I think

@awareseniorcare - Innovative tech coming out more and more every day. So many possibilities with mobile as far as patient data and care.

@awareseniorcare - Some apps coordinate care and manage caregiving schedules; only issue is working out the privacy concerns.

@rtoleti - People are addicted to their #smartphones. We have to meet them there

@ericdemers - Actively engaging providers and patients through mobile devices can improve the patient experience.

@carey_smith - All relevant info, such as patient encounters, care team notes, clinical results, etc, can be accessed in one location.

@visionwaremdm - Agree w/.@rtoleti 2 meet them where they are. ppl are also addicted to TV, healthcare needs to get into their living rooms!

@awareseniorcare - @Carey_Smith Possibility for true interoperability if managed/coordinated correctly.

@carey_smith - Agreed @rtoleti. Personalized communications when and where patients are.

@thenerdynurse - @AwareSeniorCare the apps need to be HIPAA compliant to work with patient data. Plain and simple. No HIPAA complaince no go

@steven_paul - <3 the idea of #PateintEducation between appointments. This is a big help for new parents and those with young children.

Topic #2: What is a #CRM and how can it help break down silos and integrate information?

@ericdemers - CRM integrates all your organization's data sources to create a single, holistic view of each patient.

@ericdemers - CRM and EHR functionality are merging with the potential for greatly enhanced customer service.

@visionwaremdm - #CRM = relationships. Know your customers, their relationships, likes, dislikes. oddly enough it's like dating

@awareseniorcare - @TheNerdyNurse There's always a "Wild West" side that needs to be tamed, for sure. Just because you doesn't mean you should

@thenerdynurse - CRMs could smash through the walls if all (that need to) have access. Often only certain people get these cool tools :(

@visionwaremdm - .@ericdemers absolutely big caveat is accuracy though. #CRM's lifeline = data accuracy.

@steven_paul - #CRM bring fast and effective organization to Patient management. Sorry manilla folders....I'm seeing someone else.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Did you miss yesterday's #HealthITChicks tweetchat? Here's a formatted transcript

The #HealthITChicks tweetchat always produces some good insight into a wide variety of healthcare information technology and related topics. Yesterday's chat hosted by Dr. Geeta Nayyar (@gnayyar) was no exception.  For those who may not have participated - and for those who did participate and would like a recap - I have culled out select tweets and arranged them by topic.

Let’s Get this Chat Started!

@gnayyar - Welcome to the chat! Let’s take a few minutes to introduce ourselves.

@gnayyar - I’m Dr. Geeta Nayyar, Chief Healthcare and Innovation Officer, @TopLineMD, and Huff Post Blogger.

@gnayyar - I also serve as Ass. Clinical Prof. of Medicine, Dept. of Rheumatology FIU & GW

@cmaer - By the way - in case we get any cross-pollination in competing chats today - #HITChicks meet #hcsmca - #hcsmca meet #HITChicks

T1: What New Apps Are On Your Radar?

@gnayyar - “Uber for healthcare” seems to be all the rage. What new apps are on your radar?

@virtualdbgal - Definite app that I'm liking is @carezone for linking caregivers and patients.

@erinewold - Any app that will allow patients to own their data and interaction with their hc provider! #Telemedicine

@nxtstop1 - T1 For MT @gnayyar: “Uber for healthcare” seems to be all the rage. What new apps are on your radar? ”

@mmaxwellstroud - Oh dear. I am so tired of "Uber for X"...

@daniellebyron - Skywriter MD service just came across my inbox. Interesting combo of high tech and old fashioned medical transcribers

@drstclaire - A1: #mHealth apps that integrate into the industry will be the most transformational. @CocoonCam looks promising :)

@jenndennard - SanFran-based @circlemd and their app seems interesting - house calls with full-time MDs (and they travel to appts via Uber!)

@btrfly12 - I've been working with @intakeme - product launch coming this fall.

@katmcdavitt - uber-style healthcare apps will gain momentum @chrissyfarr summed up the hc switching economy last week

@pattyldickerson - A1: I'm watching Yelp now that it includes hospital, post-acute data

@greg_meyer93 - Personal fav is still #iBlueButton. And hats off to @BettinaExperton for her mention in Forbes this week!

@sarahbennight - #1 struggling to find something that really works for me. The apps are very manual for now. Using Mango to remind me of my meds

@mmaxwellstroud - #carecoordination going to be big with the introduction of bundled payments...the question is who will get it right

@ehrandhit - What will it take for doctors to be excited about Uber style healthcare apps? Could it fill in cancelled appointments?

@erinewold - T1: I would app where I can take pictures on my phone of wound/injury & auto upload to my patient portal for my physician to see

@ebacon - I’m a rare Uber naysayer. How on earth can we guarantee safety & quality in *healthcare* from a peer/sharing economy perspective?

@mmaxwellstroud - One option we have been working on for #Carecoordination is @PinpointCare

@healthcora - @ehrandhit If it empowers providers, promotes efficiency, aligns with incentives... doctors will get on-board

@dkasim - @ehrandhit something needs to make it easier for #patients to make appts without long phone times

@healthcora - @techguy Drop-off for #wearables and #patientengagement feels high to me; are we using the right psychology?

@gnayyar - How do you engage beyond apps and patient portals?

@mmaxwellstroud - I worry that with the focus on interop and HIEs and #BigData that we forget that some users are still working on accurate data

@ebacon - The only meaningful “engagement” is to ignite intrinsic motivators. D. Pink says that’s autonomy - mastery - meaning.

@pattyldickerson - I still use the standard day of week pill box to help me keep track @techguy @sarahbennight

@janicemccallum - Will most apps be acquired or die? Accenture thinks so. See Zombie Startups report:

@nxtstop1 - Nursing Homes, Next:rate #telemedicine services @Yelp MT @PattyLDickerson: A1:watch Yelp now>includes hospital, postacute data ”

@ehrandhit - Is that naysaying or being realistic? In healthcare we need more vetting than they do w/ drivers.

@emaginekrystal - T1: THe IDdx app looks interesting. It helps diagnose difficult infectious diseases in patients.

@ebacon - Until all co’s truly support what UX means in practice (research, design, validation) then dhealth's UX will be THE issue

@techguy - I like the pill bottle that knows when you took the pill, but that's expensive and still not seamless.

@mmaxwellstroud - Engaging patients is not about software. It's about relationships, and communication

@jmcelio - .@gnayyar #UX is definitely an issue; what's intuitive to a millennial may not be intuitive to a senior

@techguy - The challenge was that it wasn't providing ongoing value to my wife. So, she stopped. True for many apps

@cnluken - @healthcora I recently signedUp 4 @patientslikeme! Been SUPER excited 2 start using it, just havent found the time yet

@healthcora - @DanielleByron @JennDennard @gnayyar Yes! Apps aren't just for patients but their advocates & medical reps

@mmaxwellstroud - When a software solution works correctly, it is part of the background, and the provider/patient relationship is in focus

@lynnthinksbig - @JennDennard @gnayyar Definitely see UX as a huge component of participation with all groups but especially seniors

@ehrandhit - I think we need to solve interoperability for the peer healthcare economy to happen.

@healthcora - @katmcdavitt @gnayyar Uber knows about all of my rides in any city; my Dr. doesn't always know I went to the ER in the same city

@jmcelio - If patient portal is app-based, makes info & HCP access that much more portable and efficient

@ehrandhit - Online banking wasn't a criteria either forever, but then it became a defacto standard.

@cdntcs_atlanta - @gnayyar But many people don't always know what choices they're deciding between. Tools to promote transparency are needed too.

@jmcelio - .@healthcora @gnayyar - @startweaving is a great app for professional matchmaking - it led me to my new job!

@jenndennard - @jslentzclifton Yep, the name of the husband/wife-led text-based app for mental health issues escapes me. Big room for potential!

@gnayyar - My FitBit is always with me.

T2: How do you see different generations (millennials, seniors, etc.) embracing digital health? Is #UX an issue?

@gnayyar - Next topic, shall we? How do you see different generations(millennials, seniors, etc.) embracing digital health? Is #UX an issue?

@healthcora - @gnayyar I've noticed how freely millenials give their data. Big opportunities in #healthdata & #bigdata, less focus on #privacy

@drstclaire - .@gnayyar @XeroxHealthcare #EHR survey revealed boomers like digital for logistics, while millennials enjoy convenience, access

@greg_meyer93 - T2: Absolutely. I still hate Instagram vs Facebook. UX still kills me. Call me gramps. #HITChicks.

@daniellebyron - @gnayyar Seniors are tech savy - just avoid that tiny font #UX

@consanomolly - T2: I think it's a different learning curve for each generation -- more education necessary if you haven't always "known" tech

@drstclaire - More information on generational differences here!

@sarahbennight - T2: My dad is a senior with a chronic degenerative disease. He won't embrance tech at all. He just shows up for doc appts.

@gnayyar - Millennials & technology are changing the way patients & Drs. interact - 71% of millennials would like their Dr. to use an app

@nursenadeen - Topic 2 Millenials will be doc shopping and doing pre-appt. research more than prev. generations did 4 sure @billians

@nxtstop1 - T2 MT @gnayyar: How do you see different generations(millennials, seniors, etc.) embracing digital health? Is #UX an issue? #HITchicks”

@emaginekrystal - T2: My father is pretty well! He is eager to learn the "latest and greatest" w/ technology. But some have a hard time.

@jenndennard - @gnayyar Thought it was interesting, tho that millenials also aren't totally averse to developing in-person relationship with PCP

@pattyldickerson - A2: Convenience for millennials seems to coincide with accessibility... don't need to see doctor face to face.

@erinewold - T2:Younger gen by far embrace digital health. But I think the lack of education all around has done disservice 2 digital health.

@gnayyar - 60% of millennials support the use of telehealth options

@emaginekrystal - T2 Cont: I like to help seniors learn new Digital Health apps. Some like to learn them!

@mightycasey - A2: Desire for relationship w/clinical team comes w/need. IOW, if you're healthy, convenience trumps relationship.

@gnayyar - What about this stats? 71% of millennials would like their Dr. to use an app

@pattyldickerson - Accessibility outside the office is key! MT @gnayyar 60% of millennials support the use of telehealth options

@lesliebrownatl - T2: As a millennial, I like the idea of having healthcare right when I need it, wherever I am. Drs being connected is ideal!

@mightycasey - A2: All it takes is one cancer, or epic-chronic, dx and you're ALL ABOUT relationship w/clinical partners, no matter your age.

@cnluken - @JennDennard @gnayyar I think that as the millennials start getting older, this will change. settle down-buy house-find close PCP

@nxtstop1 - T2 The issue w/ app uptake is developers working in vacuum>WITHOUT end users~The Best VCs complain re not answering pain points

@ebacon - Demographic divides aren’t as important as users' GOALS - shared goals tends to mean shared behaviors, thus feeding proper UX

@nxtstop1 - T2 When developers simply "divining" apps w/out intimately knowing the probs/pain points 2B addressed=recipe for 30 day wonder!

@mightycasey - A2: bottom line, most peeps think healthcare happens "over there" to "sick people," not to them. Another mind-shift.

@jmcelio - Yes, I helped a 6 y.o. address an envelope - he wrote the address on the very top. Makes sense, right? :)

T3: What have you taken away from the #ilooklikeanengineer / #ilooklikeasurgeon / #ilooklikeaurologist movements?

@gnayyar - Ready for Topic 3? What have you taken away from the #ilooklikeanengineer / #ilooklikeasurgeon #ilooklikeaurologist movements?

@lesliebrownatl - T3: Our appearances are different, but each of our brains is as capable as the next. #ilooklikanengineer

@jmcelio - You're absolutely right, and THAT is a shame! Still rely so much on patient self-report & self-caremgmt

@pattyldickerson - A3: I think these campaigns #Ilooklikeanengineer / #Ilooklikeasurgeion / etc.. are showing that we are making progress.

@healthcora - Loved seeing enthusiasm for careers in the #STEMfem & #HITchicks community; we're happy doing this work @gnayyar

@drstclaire - A3: I'm proud of the industry's #diversity, but wish we didn't still need to have the conversation. #ILookLikeAnEngineer

@jslentzclifton - T3 Seeing representation of folks like you make it seem more possible to achieve. Digging the msg!

@pattytsheridan - Q3: I love it! Women in STEM!

@dkasim - I look like my own #caremanager and do the same for my #parents - knew I should have gone to med school ?

@erinewold - A3:these campaigns help break the stereotypes that have been built around each and opens conversation about each

@nursenadeen - T3 I think these movements help women to connect and raise global awareness..don't let up!! @gnayyar @billians

@nxtstop1 - T3 MT @gnayyar: What have you taken away from the #ilooklikeanengineer / #ilooklikeasurgeon #ilooklikeaurologist movements? #HITchicks”

@drstclaire - Many of my colleagues joined in #ILookLikeAnEngineer:

@pattytsheridan - @jslentzclifton The representation is good but more diversity needed in the messaging and images

@emaginekrystal - T3: Fighting stereotypes in STEM fields is interesting #ilooklikeanengineer. The others I'll admit I have to do more research on.

@mightycasey - A3: One could be forgiven for motion sickness induced by "no women!" "too many women!" headlines re tech industry, IMO.

@gnayyar - Are you tapping other women in healthcare as mentors? Men? Who do you rely on?

@ebacon - T3: Like @drstclaire, I’m pretty depressed that we’re still having this conversation about different yet equal….

@emaginekrystal - T3 Cont: It is sparking great concern for Tech diversity!

@mightycasey - A3: I know PLENTY of women coders, developers, engineers, working their a$es off in many industries. Too busy to tub-thump.

@nxtstop1 - T3 The hashtags for women in various fields/metier ie engineers,surgeons ,all #STEM esp when the minority > marvelous outreach

@mightycasey - A3: Key is to make sure girls are encouraged to play with tool-toys at earliest age they want to. [yay Target, BTW]

@healthcora - @gnayyar Depends on the subject matter. For professional development, I go right to thought leaders & set up coffee chats

@nxtstop1 - T3 The #ILookLikeASurgeon was supported by so many male surgeons> both in positions "above" & " below" in "hierarchy~affirming!

@sarahbennight - I tap into all of the #HITchicks who inspire me every day :) Esp. @ErinEWold @JennDennard @MandiBPro and #HITbros

@mightycasey - A3: Anyone else here WAY more interested in hardware store vs. shoe store? << Guilty as charged. ~ Signed, Power Tool Maven

@gnayyar - Great #HITchicks to tap!

@nxtstop1 - Me too> love it MT @jslentzclifton: T3 Seeing representation of folks like U make it seem more possible to achieve.Dig the msg! #hitchicks”

@jslentzclifton - Been supported by men & women fortunately, but resonates more when another woman props you (me) up for some reason. Shares exp?

@pattyldickerson - I've had to find mentors outside my roles/ organizations. Haven't worked at to many places with structured mentorship programs.

@nxtstop1 - @gnayyar A huge point. Our nation & world is significantly lessened by lack of parity of women...w/parity>A MUCH better world imo

@mightycasey - A3: I pioneered in engineer role in a male-dominated industry (net TV) in early '80s. Show up, stay fierce. That's the ticket.

@drstclaire - T3: The definition of a leader may need to change. Pounding the table & speaking loudly isn't always leadership.

@emranswers - @gnayyar Resume, experience, references speak for themselves----with #HITChicks the entire process requires backup. = more time = $

@nxtstop1 - Prob Never MT @drstclaire: T3: The definition of a leader>change. Pounding the table & speaking loudly isn't always leadership.”

@mightycasey - In re leadership, follow "keep showing up" rule. We may not get in on the 1st try, or even the 20th. Be un-ignorable, present.

T4: How have you seen social media tools evolve alongside digital health? Any favorites?

@gnayyar - Time for topic 4 already: How have you seen social media tools evolve alongside digital health? Any favorites?

@lesliebrownatl - T4: Yelp has started to give hospital ER wait times and experiences/reviews

@nxtstop1 - Plans 2 Rate #Telemedicine Re #EHR connect/antibiotic MT @LeslieBrownATL: T4: @Yelp gives hospital ER wait times & exp/reviews

@pattyldickerson - A4: I like mapmyrun, fitbit, and garmin connect that use social media to connect with your friends/co-workers on fitness goals.

@gnayyar - Parents are more likely to seek medical answers online: 22% use Facebook and 20% use YouTube source: @Mashable

@pattytsheridan - Q4 Social media in digital health doesn't seem 2 include interoperability. Many great apps but not seeing them all work together.

@btrfly12 - T4 Rise of health-related twitter communities! :) @symplur #gyncsm #patientchat

@btrfly12 - T4 There are a ton of Facebook patient communities as well.

@pattytsheridan - Q4. I have lost interest in many of the apps first to market. What is the next great app for health management?

@virtualdbgal - Healthcare org leaders need to hold EHR vendors accountable in providing true interop solutions.

@gnayyar - True! A recent study found 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific Doc

@pattytsheridan - @VirtualDBGal Are EHR vendors even thinking beyond acute care and physician offices?

@nursenadeen - T4 I like #ChildhoodCancer and what @jhgivingback is doing globally around telehealth @jslentzclifton

@pattyldickerson - Social media integral to the research phase of the decision process, just now includes healthcare decision making @gnayyar

@mightycasey - @jslentzclifton @nxtstop1 @ckraemerPR @gnayyar Inconvenient truth: most industry-side data holders are SELLING deIDed pt data.

@lygeia - Use of social media generally can help bridge gender gaps in healthcare. Women use more than men

T5: It’s no secret women make majority of family HC decisions. How have you acted as a decision-maker lately?

@gnayyar - Topic 5: It’s no secret women make majority of family HC decisions. How have you acted as a decision-maker lately?

@lesliebrownatl - T5: Quick story: Dr confirmed with husband he was getting fasting labs, his response: "Idk I was just told to be here." :P

@pattyldickerson - A5: Yes, especially for me and husband. Have also become "influencer" for parents healthcare decisions.

@ebacon - A5: I think “woman as CEO of the household” for healthcare is about being primary secretary/scheduler vs. sole decision-maker

@sarahbennight - T5-Helping my mom take care of my dad with Parkinsons. And CMO of my own family. :)

@gnayyar - The good news is that the majority of women, over 65%, fully trust their physician. source: Harvard Business Review

@cnluken - T5: finding a new doc after looking thru apt notes on patient portal. Dont think the DR knew i could C what a mess the notes were #HITchicks

@katmcdavitt - I make all medical decisions for my family of four. It's a little scary sometimes!

@nxtstop1 - T5 After certain age (into adulthood)much less sway re healthcare direction/decisions regarding my family,ppl do what they want

@janicemccallum - T5: Been working w my mom to write down her #EOL wishes for her MOLST form. Not easy, esp given the way options are listed.

@btrfly12 - T5 hubs just sent all info to me re: his new job and picking health plan

@lygeia - T5: I scheduled eye exams 4 my child & husband--& got them fitted out w/glasses

@lesliebrownatl - Yep. Hubs got a yearly enrollment notice in mail. It should have been addressed to me, lol. MT @btrfly12 T5 hubs just sent all

@jslentzclifton - T5 Latest decision as healthcare HOH = pursuit of wellness: we joined the Y. Does that count? lol

Miscellaneous Tweets (Not entirely sure what topic these applied to)

@btrfly12 - When Startups Take on Gender Inequality, Women and Girls Win via @pointsoflight

@gnayyar - Those who are engaged as decision-makers in their care tend to be healthier and have better outcomes

@dkasim - #startups need to remember proof of #ROI #scalability to get #payers on board - they are the ones with the $

@gnayyar - Yes! Those who are engaged as decision-makers in their care tend to be healthier and have better outcomes

@ehrandhit - In fact, why should we be scheduling appointments mostly by phone still anyway?

@dkasim - Wish specialists who are notorious for running over schedule would do same!

@gnayyar - Those who are engaged as decision-makers in their care tend to be healthier and have better outcomes

@openhealthn - That's why our approach is 2 empower MDs Healthcare providers 2 create apps vs technologists!

@contineohealth - @gnayyar "Startups Vie to Build an Uber for #HealthCare" via @WSJ #mhealth

@gnayyar - Women make most of the family’s HC decisions. Why aren't they leading strategy more at HC companies?

@jenndennard - @MightyCasey You'll enjoy this article:

@ehrandhit - Such a good point. Lesson: You don't have to have all the data to provide value.

@greg_meyer93 - Will give props to @ReginaHolliday and the #BlueButton movement. Intertwined? Maybe

@ebacon - @gnayyar @drstclaire At our co, lots of women in strategy but excessive reliance on anecdotes & echo chamber means UX suffers

@ckraemerpr - Who knows more about your history- Uber or your MD? Join the #HITchicks tweet chat with @gnayyar

@ehrandhit - Twitter has a community for every chronic disease:

@ehrandhit - @Pattytsheridan @drstclaire I believe the next big mobile health innovation will be about packaging of other's innovations.

There’ a Few in Every Crowd!

@mswz - Yikes to the hashtag choice, folks. #HITCHICKS? @gnayyar @TopLineMD

@dkasim - @gnayyar #engagement is a #science and #art that #HIT can enable but not lead

@mightycasey - @JennDennard A-F***ING-MEN, baby. I hate pink. Truth be told, don't love blue much either. GREEN and PURPLE. Now we're talkin' =)

@jenndennard - I can't even keep up with the #HITchicks chat - @gnayyar is doing fab job + so many smart #healthIT peeps chiming in!

@jenndennard - @MMaxwellStroud @LynnThinksBig @MightyCasey So ... any company out there want to sponsor the #HIMSS16 #HITchicks shirts?

@greg_meyer93 - In male terms, we call this guy a genius. :)

@lynnthinksbig - @MMaxwellStroud @JennDennard @MightyCasey Really digging this t-shirt idea! Must have! We should do it!

@jenndennard - @MMaxwellStroud @LynnThinksBig @MightyCasey I think we officially had 50 last year, plus a few more non-registered

@nursenadeen - Hope #HITchicks can join @JennDennard and @billian in Boston 9/22 with @VecnaInc CEO @jslentzclifton @MandiBPro

@jenndennard - Any #HITchicks / #HITbros gonna be in Boston on 9/22? Join me for an event on Health Data Equity

That's all folks!!!

@daniellebyron - Thanks everyone - my head is swimming a bit from all the fast & furious conversation.

@pattyldickerson - My mom taught me a lot about what to ask, how to be engaged too! MT @btrfly12 Lucky that my mom is an super engaged patient...

@drstclaire - What great fun in today's #HITchicks chat! Thank you for hosting, @gnayyar @JennDennard

@jenndennard - Thanks @gnayyar for a great #HITchicks chat today!

@toplinemd - Important stats shared from @gnayyar today during the #HITchicks Twitter chat!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Select Tweets from Day 1 of the IHT2 Health IT Summit in Seattle, WA

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The 2015 IHT2 Health IT Summit began today in Seattle, WA.  As is often the case, some of the attendees shared some information, insight and ideas via Twitter.  This post contains what I thought were some of the interesting tweets. Special thanks to Paulo Machado (aka @pjmachado) and Andy De (@HITStrategy) for their copious tweets.


@iht2 Welcome to Seattle! We're so happy to see you! Share your experience by using the hashtag!

@hitstrategy “Why is demand in #healthcare a crisis while demand in any other industry an opportunity”?

@hitstrategy The Triple Aim for #Healthcare - an intuitive framework being adopted 4 #populationhealth mgmt!

@hitstrategy Does HC know #patients as well as #retailers know #customers?!

@hitstrategy Customers and Patients are drivers of change and empowerment in HC!

@pjmachado In US, focus on improving #health is via #medical interventions-need to focus on social issues-food etc

@hitstrategy “Crawl, Walk, Run” with the flexibility to course correct will assure success vs. ‘big bang’!

Policy Matters

@pjmachado Public policy needs to be aligned with #health - current policy supports unhealthy lifestyles & status quo #healthcare delivery

@pjmachado Public policy is now being influenced by the 
#digitalhealth data that is emerging-will take awhile

@pjmachado Full #healthcare data transparency & liquidity is critical & LONG way off for consumers & providers! Need policy & aligned incentives!

Analytics & Big Data

@hitstrategy “A 360 degree view of the Patient” in the current state is necessary before taking on predictive analytics” 

@hitstrategy Clinical Decision Support + Analytics enables 'correction of Care Delivery at the Point of Care', hence critical 2 #pophealth

@hitstrategy Is #healthanalytics the #CIO secret sauce 2 drive ROI from their #healthIT investments?

@hitstrategy 360 view of #Patients & socio economic needs critical but not provided by #EMRs today - more needed 4 #pophealth mgmt

@hitstrategy “Data should be freed from silos and pushed out to users; they should not have 2 struggle 2 pull data they need”!

@hitstrategy Bringing #bigdata analytics 2 Docs, Nurses & Clinicians at the Point-of-Care (POC) is key to quality outcomes

@hitstrategy Segmentation done well, delivers measurable results for #retail & for #populationhealth mgmt! #bigdata

@pjmachado Amazing shift from data paucity to data abundance in the last decade! Can't improve what you can't measure!

@hitstrategy Best Practice:Self Service Analytics at Nursing Unit level drives Quality Outcomes at NY Presbyterian

@hitstrategy Best Practice: BI+Analytics key to lowering LOS - check out Piedmont HC case study

@hitstrategy #wearables & #mhealth devices will trigger ‘Data Tsunami’ for HC CIOs!

@hitstrategy #HealthcareAnalytics will be a key enabler of #precisionmedicine - nice blogpost

@hitstrategy Focus on the most critical use cases 4 #HealthAnalytics that will have impact rather than how 2 use #BigData the technology!

@hitstrategy #patientdata is the new bonanza 4 credit card hackers-worth 10X more!

@hitstrategy Managing the 4 Vs of #Big Data - Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity is easier said than done today in HC! 

@hitstrategy Physician Performance Transparency - ideal for #Patients, but are #Physicians ready 2 be score-carded +benchmarked?!

@hitstrategy Is there a ‘Data Analytics Maturity Model’ that is being widely adopted today in HC?

@pjmachado Need next gen infrastructure so maintenance cost drop enough to invest in #innovation #digitalhealth

@hitstrategy “Data should be freed from silos incl. #EHRs and pushed out to users; they should not have 2 struggle 2 pull data they need”!

@hitstrategy ‘Big Data Analytics’ is a voyage not a destination, with pitfalls and milestones on the way!

@hitstrategy ‘Big Data Analytics’ is a journey of transformation 4 the persistent and not 4 the faint-at-heart!

@hitstrategy Like HC, #BigData Analytics needs to be personalized for the user and deliver relevant and actionable insights!

@hitstrategy #Healthcare #BigData #Analytics is all about the #Patient, stupid!

@hitstrategy ‘Lack of a single platform with common data definitions+a single version of the truth’ with aligned incentives a huge challenge today!

@hitstrategy “Bringing Simplicity to #BigData Analytics is really hard and pays off big if accomplished!” David Delafield, CFO, Providence Health

Care Coordination

@hitstrategy Empowering doctors, clinicians and nurses at the point of care (POC) to impact outcomes is imperative!

@hitstrategy Quality, Safety, Care Coordination, Cost - the 4 Pillars for 'Managing 2 Value’ in HC!

@pjmachado Effective #provider referral critical for #carecoordination - @VIIAD

Population Health

@hitstrategy From Patient to #PopHealth Mgmt is the most significant paradigm shift in HC!

@hitstrategy Data and insights need to be actionable, to be valuable for primary care physicians and smaller practices!

@hitstrategy #BigData needs 2 be the ‘invisible enabler of #Healthanalytics innovation’ without getting in the way, IMHO!

@hitstrategy “The right data in the right format in the right hands at the right time” securely, is the #HealthAnalytics opportunity!

@pjmachado Actionable insight at the point of decision is critical for #pophealth

@hitstrategy #pophealth mgmt is arguably the biggest cultural shift in HC in this country in decades!

@pjmachado #LifeFlow & #healthcare #workflow need to be interwoven for #pophealth to be effective #digitalhealth enables!

@hitstrategy “Pop Health Mgmt will evolve from a conversation today to an ‘Outcomes centric Story’ in 5 years!” Are we positioned 2 make it happen?

@pjmachado Evidence based precision medicine will enable best practice at individual level

@hitstrategy Can #populationhealth mgmt learn from Amazon?! #healthanalytics #bigdata #HealthIT #ACO

@hitstrategy Clinical Decision Support enables 'correction of Delivery of Care at the Point of Care', hence critical 2 #pophealth

@pjmachado MUST have reimbursement align w/ #health outcomes in order for #pophealth to work this time...

@hitstrategy Banks can teach HC a thing or two about #Interoperability per Advocate HC! #healthIT #pophealth #HITsm

@pjmachado #healthcare is for profit industry that is up against consumer goods industry that is not focused on #health

@hitstrategy Are Providers + Payers ready to evolve to ‘Payviders’ given the cost and efficiency pressure imposed by #ACOs?

@hitstrategy #HACs are the third leading cause of Death in the US - 400 K Deaths per Year!

@hitstrategy Over two thirds of US seniors want #HealthIT and #mHealth tools 4 Personal Health Mgmt per survey #HITsm #IHT2

@hitstrategy 80% of #HIT budgets today invested for infrastructure + maintenance and only 20% for new tech! Needs 2 be reversed, IMHO!

@hitstrategy 50% of all the data in #EHRs is unstructured data that needs 2 be mashed up with structured data 4 meaningful insights!

@hitstrategy Applying #Genomics and #VisualAnalytics for #PrecisionMedicine - Best Practices at Inova Health

@pjmachado Personalization is great as long as focused #health outcomes - Heath is not a normal consumer good

@hitstrategy Agree, given the disparity of our genomic profiles as individuals, personalization in HC is far more critical!

@hitstrategy #PatientPortals, #telehealth & #mhealth solutions of choice 4 personal health mgmt 4 Seniors

@pjmachado Less than half the crowd has a consumer engagement program in place...

Miscellaneous Reference

@hitstrategy HBR article on simplifying your analytics strategy with self-service analytics - good reading! #HCAnalytics

@hitstrategy Check out the 2015 #GartnerMQ to make the right #healthanalytics choice!

@hitstrategy Report: ACOs Continue to Grow, Now Serve 16% of 
U.S. Population #ACO #populationhealth #healthIT

@hitstrategy Why #patientengagement may just save your life.

@hitstrategy HBR article on simplifying your analytics strategy with self-service analytics - good reading!


@hitstrategy Automated Quality Monitoring, Notification and Exception Management - Innovation Idea #1

@hitstrategy Real-time Physician Referral Monitoring and Analytics - #Innovation idea at IHT2

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #1: Patient Monitoring & Notification #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #2: Consumer & Provider Search #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #3: Online Appointment Scheduling #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #4: Real-time Physician Referral Monitoring #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #5: The Big Data Enabled ACO #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #6: Physician Performance Transparency #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #7: Consumer Oriented Data Visualization #SexAppeal (?) #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

Cambia Health Solutions

@hitstrategy Only 7% of Hospitals rated 5 star for customer service by Modern Healthcare - CEO of Cambia Health Solns

@hitstrategy Humanity needs to be a cornerstone of Innovation in HC- not happening at the current time! CEO, Cambia Health

@pjmachado @Cambia total #health solution approach-partner w/best of breed solutions that consumer chooses #digitalhealth

@pjmachado Ganz @Cambia 8 C's - #healthcare transformation is all about knowing and living our stories... #iht2 #pophealth

@stephwettstein Speaking now on healthcare innovation based on humanity at #iHT2 is @Cambia President and CEO Mark Ganz

@pjmachado Ganz comparing Comcast customer experience model to #healthcare -tell consumers what they can have & do..

@GG HC needs to offer a ‘Personalized HC Experience’ like Nordstrom, Starbucks and Apple!”- CEO, Cambia Health

An IT Guy's Take on Why Your Social Media Efforts are Not Paying Off

Over the years I’ve had many opportunities to see the social media presence of small and large companies evolve over time. Whether right off the bat or slowly over time, some companies really get the basics and have developed what appears to be a meaningful presence. Other companies, not so much.

The following are some quick, off the cuff reasons and ideas as to why I think some company’s social media presence on Twitter is not all it could be.

No Hashtag or Wrong Hashtag

They don’t use hashtags or they use less than optimal tags. There are plenty of tools to help you determine a good hashtag to use. Here’s an article on How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags

Tweet is Too Long

Tweets are often times too long and the length makes it a hassle or impossible to RT. Suggest keeping your tweet to no more than 110-120 characters long at the most. A person shouldn’t have to play with your tweet and perform major editing to get it to fit the 140 character limit.

Little Interaction

The team rarely responds to those who RT or tweet at their account. Even a “Thanks for the RT” or “Thanks for sharing/commenting” can help promote the brand. And many almost never 'engage' by responding to a direct tweet; even if to just say "I agree" or "Tell me more."

No Participation in Tweetchats

I don’t see any participation in tweetchats. There are lots of chats that could be used to promote just about any brand, learn about any topic and/or share any information, ideas or opinions.

Not Leveraging Influencers

I don’t see much – or any - content from influencers being shared. And I don’t see many influencers sharing or referencing their content.

No Pictures or Graphics

It’s been proven over and over that tweets with an image get more attention and RT’s than those without an image. There are plenty of sites that offer free and low-cost images. Suggest using them.

Lack of Useful Content

They don’t often share content that can actually help people – I think the “How to” and “Top 10 things” type tweets are good and I don’t often see these types of content emitting from many accounts. Companies should be developing and sharing content about their industry, helping others understand key issues and topics a person in their industry needs to be aware of, etc.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

I don’t think they differentiate the content for different 'end users.' A customer or prospect is way different than a Thought Leader which is way different than an Employer HR Person which is way different than a vendor or possible business partner. 

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Monday, August 17, 2015

List of "How-to's" Collected Over the Years (Items 101-200)

Last week I posted Part 1 of this 2 part post of "How-to" articles. I culled all of these articles from tweets I made since I started with Twitter in 2008. 

101. How To Keep The Time-Wasters From Taking Over Your Life (1- Step Guide)

102. How to Leave Your Ego at the Door

103. How to Leverage Increased Data Granularity in #ICD10

104. How to Limber Up B4 Golfing.

105. How to make an impact: It’s about channeling, packaging, and delivering your talent for others to consume it.

106. How to Make Team Meetings Less Painful Than a Root Canal

107. How to make the transition from IT to HIT

108. How To Make Work Matter - 5 Tips

109. How to Make Your Culture Work with #Agile, Kanban & Software Craftsmanship (Lots of good reference material too)

110. How to Make Your Medical Records Safer - ABC News

111. How to Make Your Wishes for End-of-Life Care Clear

112. How to Manage Conflict in Virtual Teams -conflict avoidance is a corrosive attribute of many company cultures

113. How to manage forced layoffs of good employees

114. How to manage healthcare social media risk

115. How to manage the Internet of (Your) Things, and those of your patients

116. How to Master a New Skill

117. How to Measure the Cost of #DataQuality Problems

118. How to measure the value of health IT | Healthcare IT News

119. How to meet interesting people

120. How to Monetize Your Social Media via Social Hubs

121. How to navigate growing number of health-related apps & meet patient demand for more connected care

122. How to Negotiate with Someone More Powerful than You [Need free login]

123. How to Outperform Competitors: Implement common IT platform, innovate ON that platform & propagate to all via platform

124. How to Participate in Healthcare Tweet Chats

125. How to Perform a Security Risk Assessment in Your [Medical] Practice

126. How to pick a health insurance plan: 3 most important questions you need to ask

127. How to Present to a Small Audience

128. How to Prevent Experts from Hoarding Knowledge (need free login)

129. How to promote yourself, when you hate attention:

130. How to Protect Patient Data in an Increasingly Social Healthcare Industry

131. How to protect your personal & business information from identity theft:

132. How to read a room

133. How to Read Your Hospital Bill

134. How to rebrand 'Telehealth' (guest column)

135. How to recognize smart people (for your Startup team)

136. How To Recruit And Retain Health IT Talent

137. How to Reduce Healthcare Cost by Implementing Intelligent Information Technologies

138. How to Release Your Brilliance †A list of recommended reading materials

139. How to Report Once for 2014 Medicare Quality Reporting Programs

140. How to Report Your Income When You Apply for Financial Help from Your Health #Insurance Marketplace for 2015

141. How to revolutionize healthcare: get data scientists and app developers together

142. How To Run A Great Expert Panel In 13 Steps

143. How to Scare Your CFO

144. How To Search For Influencers: 4 Tips To Make It More Efficient

145. How to See the Big Picture & What to Do When There Is No More We Can Do

146. How to Select an EHR Product that Fits Your Needs (and Your Budget)

147. How To Send A Self-Destructing Message

148. How to set a table [infographic]

149. How to Share Your Stuff on Twitter

150. How to Spot a Troubled Project

151. How to stay connected to #mHealth13

152. How to stop #ICD10 from becoming a crisis

153. How to stop the brain drain †Guide, Questions & Templates.

154. How to talk your family out of bad consumer electronics purchases

155. How To Tell A Software Developer What You Want

156. How to Tell a Story: 10 Simple Strategies

157. How to tell your #digitalhealth startup's story in 3 minutes or less

158. How to tell your manager that your team's work quality sucks

159. How to Thrive in the World of Accountable Care (Bundled payments in gastroenterology)

160. How to Undo the Damage of a Desk Job

161. How to use #RVU to track productivity in your medical practice

162. How to use digital tools in patient care

163. How to Use Google Search More Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC]

164. How to use social media to detect healthcare fraud

165. How to Use The Searchable #Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS)

166. How to Use Token Parsing & UML for Discovery, Assessment & Tactical Remediation of #ICD10 Software Components

167. How to use Twitter and join #edchats. Get your friends onto Twitter

168. How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Medical Market Research and Marketing

169. How to use Twitter in science (Healthcare is a science. right?)

170. How to Verify a Physician's License in California

171. How to Win the #HIT100 and Become a #HITSM Superstar in Your Own Mind

172. How to Work with an Analyst Firm (Thou Shall Not Shill)

173. How to work with healthcare #payers during the #ICD10 transition

174. How to Work With Your Clearinghouse to Test & Remediate icd-10

175. How to Write an In-Depth Post in Less Than Two Hours

176. How To: Hire a Software Designer or Developer

177. How Top-Ranked MA Plans Earn Their Stars

178. Indian hospitals could show U.S. hospitals how to save money without cutting quality

179. New IDC Health Insights Report Examines How to Engage Consumers in Post-Health Reform Market

180. Open Enrollment Season is Coming: Here’s how to be Prepared

181. Patient Engagement: How To Do It Right

182. Presentation Zen: How to Design & Deliver Presentations Like a Pro

183. Q-and-A: How to maximize Twitter's recruiting potential

184. Security Breaches in Healthcare: How To Protect Patient Data

185. Social media for medical professionals & how to counter the ill effects of Dr Google

186. Social media in medicine: How to be a Twitter rockstar and help your patients and your practice

187. Social Security: How to Track Down Your Benefits Statement

188. Some tips on how to share your stuff on Twitter (regardless of the topic)

189. The advantage of APIs: How to jump the information gap

190. Title - Missing this slot - hell if I'm going to renumber all the following. So I added #201 below for an even 200! :)

191. Top 3 Challenges Empowered Teams Face & How To Overcome Them

192. Top Medicare Part B Claim Errors and How to Avoid Calling the Contact Center

193. Twitter just made every public tweet findable ¦ here's how to delete yours

194. Using Twitter At Work: How to Get Started

195. Want to fix our health care system? Start by figuring out how to pay for better -- and more efficient -- care

196. What are Hierarchical Condition Categories? pg 6 (how to capture appropriate CMS-HCC codes?)

197. which employees have deepest knowledge, who last contributed & how to get in touch with them quickly

198. Why People With Long-Term Conditions Need To Be Empowered and How To Empower Them

199. Why the Analogies We Embrace Drive Success and Failure, and How to Choose Better Ones

200. Work/Life Separation Is Impossible. Here's How to Deal with It.

201. Working In Retirement: How To Be A Patient Advocate (aka. Enrollment Navigator)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

List of "How-to's" Collected Over the Years (Items 1-100)

I've been on Twitter since early 2008. Over that time, I've found and shared quite a few "how-to" articles. I got to thinking it might be good to share them again in a list format. So I got my tweets using Twitters export service and tagged each item containing the phrase "how to." 

Here's the first half of the result set. I'll share the second half in a future post.

1. 5 Reasons You Should Work Standing Up (And How To Start): 

2. 8 Tips to Protect Your Medical Privacy (How to begin the process)

3. 9 Steps About How to Disappear From The Internet

4. A Medical Practice’s Intellectual Capital: How to Identify, Document, and Protect It

5. ABC’s of DRG’s: The European Experience - How to calculate costs and set prices fairly.

6. Advice for physicians on how to handle “rate my doctor” websites

7. API lesson from Amazon: How to use an API-based approach to collect, analyze, improve & distribute valuable data

8. Building a Social Media Team: Where to Start, What to Consider, How to get Organized

9. CDC’S guide to writing for social media - How to Write for Twitter, Facebook, etc.

10. CMS Puts Away Carrot & Brandishes Stick: How to Plan in 2015 to Protect Your 2017 Income from CMS Penalties

11. Government paid me to learn how to eavesdrop. And now we make big money on that.

12. Health Insurance 101: How to understand deductibles and their impact on premiums

13. Health Reform 2.0: What to Expect, How to Prepare

14. Healthcare Providers: How to Select the Way Health Insurers Pay You

15. Healthcare Social Media: How to put it to work for you

16. Healthcare startup strategy: How to market and sell in the era of reform

17. Hiring tips: How to pick software pros without making mistakes

18. How to Access (Get a Copy of) Your Medical Records

19. How to Ace the Impromptu Speech

20. How to Achieve Cost Reduction + High Quality Care (See pg 19)

21. How to Achieve Physician Engagement in Your Hospital

22. How to Apply Key Coding Concepts in Establishing a Principal #Hospice Diagnosis

23. How to approach a #HIPAA risk assessment | Medical Practice Insider

24. How to Approach an A-Lister at a Conference Like if you see @TechGuy or Bill Clinton.

25. How to argue across cultures (Approach depends if you’re perspective is from East or West) [Need login]

26. How to argue across cultures (Great advice †especially for those working in IT) [Need login]

27. How to assess the costs of dual coding

28. How to Automate Your Phone for Every Room in the House with NFC Tags

29. How to Avoid Virtual Miscommunication (Going to share at today’s sprint retro)

30. How to Balance Information Sharing With Patient Data Protection in the Supply Chain

31. How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary

32. How To Be a Slave

33. How to Be a Software Testing Rock Star

34. How to be a successful Twitter manager

35. How to Be More Likeable: 10 Things to Do Today

36. How To Be Productive In A Distracting Environment

37. How to Be the Most Memorable Person in the Room

38. How To Become A Newsletter Superstar

39. How To Become A Thought Leader

40. How to Become An Awesome Brogrammer in 10 Easy Steps (A guy thing)

41. How to build a DRG

42. How to Build a Health Plan from Scratch

43. How to Build a Mountain of Patient Data: Don’t Ask for Permission This HAS to backfire at some point.

44. How To Build A Social Recruiting Platform On Twitter

45. How to Build the Perfect Tweet

46. How To Calculate & Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

47. How to Calculate the Value of a Like (or Follower)

48. How to capture legally-defensible proof of what appears on a healthcare insurance exchange at any point in time

49. How to capture the value of #palliative care

50. How to Change Medicine Step 7 & Incentivize Frugal Innovation

51. How to Close the IT Talent Gap

52. How to Connect With Your Audience by Moving Closer

53. How to continually evolve your information architecture

54. How to Create a Dysfunctional Culture Where Employees & Customers Are Unhappy

55. How to create a rock solid Social Media plan to fuel your [health care] Social Media Marketing activities.

56. How To Create Amazing Graphics With Phone Apps

57. How to create successful #socialmedia content

58. How to create the right plan for your organization.

59. How to Criticize Your (IT Industry) Boss

60. How to deal with the brilliant jerks you work with

61. How to De-Identify Protected Health Information #privacy

62. How to Deliver Patient-Centered Care: Learn from Service Industries

63. How to de-personalize your searches in Chrome (Unadulterated results - not what Google thinks you want)

64. How to Design a Bundled Payment Around Value (Need free login]

65. How to Design Next-Generation EHR Data Models

66. How to Destroy Your Productivity [Infographic]

67. How to develop a great workflow for managing your Twitter community:

68. How to Disagree with Your Boss

69. How to do a background check on your doctor

70. How To Eliminate Performance Reviews In Your Organization

71. How to ensure new IT systems in healthcare are a success

72. How to ensure strong communication between patient visits

73. How to estimate the total cost of healthcare and why metal levels are useless (Great read)

74. How to evolve from writing all the code to managing people who write the code

75. How to Explain Content Marketing to Non-Content People

76. How to Explain Healthcare Content Marketing to Your Executives

77. How to find -- and hire -- data scientists

78. How to Find the CPT Code for Your Lab Test

79. How To Find Your First Tweet In 7 Easy Steps: Take a tweet down memory lane.

80. How to Focus in the Age of Distraction

81. How to follow congress daily Acts, Clotures, Amendments. with detailed votes

82. How to form trust with engineers.

83. How to Get Better Value from a Request for Services

84. How to Get More Social With Your Next Presentation

85. How to Get Noticed by Upper Management & Git R' Done! Makes sense - at least to PM/BA and other techies

86. How to get started with a telehealth program

87. How to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved

88. How to handle the ROI conversation as a community manager

89. How to Have a Year that Matters

90. How to Help Others Get to Know You: Sharing Abilities and Disabilities

91. How to help switch off from work

92. How to hire a designer & Why to hire a designer (for #mhealth apps)

93. How to hire an IT director for your medical practice =& Cognative Testing -Do IT:

94. How to identify a fishy American

95. How to improve communication among healthcare providers and HIEs?

96. How to Improve Meetings When You're Not in Charge

97. How to increase your salary without becoming a manager

98. How to Inspire a Healthy and Happy #IT Department

99. How to keep abreast with the unique healthcare technologies of modern era?

100. How To Keep Health Data Exchanges Going

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Raw Data & Miscellaneous Analyses of 2015 #HIT99 Data

Today I posted an Excel workbook containing data and information from the 2015 #HIT99 event held last month. The file is located here and contains the following worksheets:

0. Definitions - List of all worksheets in the workbook and definition of fields where applicable.

1. Raw-Data-2015 - Raw data used to tally 2015 #HIT99 results

2. Raw-Data-2014 - Raw Data from 2014 #HIT100 event

3. Official-2015 - Official 2015 #HIT99 Rankings. Includes 2014 Rank if available

4. SocialBro - Data on each HIT99 Nominee from Socialbro

5. 2014 Rankings - Rankings from 2014 #HIT100 event - Unofficial

6. Pivots - Miscellaneous summaries of HIT99 data including the following:

    - Valid Votes by Day
    - Duplicates by Nominee
    - Duplicates by Nominator
    - Gender Distribution

7. Top 60 - List of people on evariants 60 Influential Healthcare Twitter Profiles to Follow and their 2015 HIT99 ranking

8. Entity Type - identification of Twitter Account Type - Companies

9. NomsbyNominee - List of HIT99 Nominees and who nominated the them. 

Here are the results of the 2015 #HIT99 event.

If you have any questions on these data, shoot me an email to