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Select Tweets from Day 1 of the IHT2 Health IT Summit in Seattle, WA

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The 2015 IHT2 Health IT Summit began today in Seattle, WA.  As is often the case, some of the attendees shared some information, insight and ideas via Twitter.  This post contains what I thought were some of the interesting tweets. Special thanks to Paulo Machado (aka @pjmachado) and Andy De (@HITStrategy) for their copious tweets.


@iht2 Welcome to Seattle! We're so happy to see you! Share your experience by using the hashtag!

@hitstrategy “Why is demand in #healthcare a crisis while demand in any other industry an opportunity”?

@hitstrategy The Triple Aim for #Healthcare - an intuitive framework being adopted 4 #populationhealth mgmt! http://t.co/181AL9G2A0

@hitstrategy Does HC know #patients as well as #retailers know #customers?! http://t.co/5UnwAtTwZ2

@hitstrategy Customers and Patients are drivers of change and empowerment in HC!

@pjmachado In US, focus on improving #health is via #medical interventions-need to focus on social issues-food etc

@hitstrategy “Crawl, Walk, Run” with the flexibility to course correct will assure success vs. ‘big bang’!

Policy Matters

@pjmachado Public policy needs to be aligned with #health - current policy supports unhealthy lifestyles & status quo #healthcare delivery

@pjmachado Public policy is now being influenced by the 
#digitalhealth data that is emerging-will take awhile

@pjmachado Full #healthcare data transparency & liquidity is critical & LONG way off for consumers & providers! Need policy & aligned incentives!

Analytics & Big Data

@hitstrategy “A 360 degree view of the Patient” in the current state is necessary before taking on predictive analytics” 

@hitstrategy Clinical Decision Support + Analytics enables 'correction of Care Delivery at the Point of Care', hence critical 2 #pophealth

@hitstrategy Is #healthanalytics the #CIO secret sauce 2 drive ROI from their #healthIT investments? http://t.co/5MfSf9Wy0X

@hitstrategy 360 view of #Patients & socio economic needs critical but not provided by #EMRs today - more needed 4 #pophealth mgmt

@hitstrategy “Data should be freed from silos and pushed out to users; they should not have 2 struggle 2 pull data they need”!

@hitstrategy Bringing #bigdata analytics 2 Docs, Nurses & Clinicians at the Point-of-Care (POC) is key to quality outcomes

@hitstrategy Segmentation done well, delivers measurable results for #retail & for #populationhealth mgmt! #bigdata http://t.co/5UnwAtTwZ2

@pjmachado Amazing shift from data paucity to data abundance in the last decade! Can't improve what you can't measure!

@hitstrategy Best Practice:Self Service Analytics at Nursing Unit level drives Quality Outcomes at NY Presbyterian http://t.co/JVAZ7EmkaZ

@hitstrategy Best Practice: BI+Analytics key to lowering LOS - check out Piedmont HC case study http://t.co/dJIrmBkyTe

@hitstrategy #wearables & #mhealth devices will trigger ‘Data Tsunami’ for HC CIOs! http://t.co/xzPW14xfeV

@hitstrategy #HealthcareAnalytics will be a key enabler of #precisionmedicine - nice blogpost http://t.co/snwXlybyIg

@hitstrategy Focus on the most critical use cases 4 #HealthAnalytics that will have impact rather than how 2 use #BigData the technology!

@hitstrategy #patientdata is the new bonanza 4 credit card hackers-worth 10X more! http://t.co/Jm48Su9vo7

@hitstrategy Managing the 4 Vs of #Big Data - Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity is easier said than done today in HC! 

@hitstrategy Physician Performance Transparency - ideal for #Patients, but are #Physicians ready 2 be score-carded +benchmarked?!

@hitstrategy Is there a ‘Data Analytics Maturity Model’ that is being widely adopted today in HC?

@pjmachado Need next gen infrastructure so maintenance cost drop enough to invest in #innovation #digitalhealth https://t.co/EawOPTPGlq

@hitstrategy “Data should be freed from silos incl. #EHRs and pushed out to users; they should not have 2 struggle 2 pull data they need”!

@hitstrategy ‘Big Data Analytics’ is a voyage not a destination, with pitfalls and milestones on the way!

@hitstrategy ‘Big Data Analytics’ is a journey of transformation 4 the persistent and not 4 the faint-at-heart!

@hitstrategy Like HC, #BigData Analytics needs to be personalized for the user and deliver relevant and actionable insights!

@hitstrategy #Healthcare #BigData #Analytics is all about the #Patient, stupid!

@hitstrategy ‘Lack of a single platform with common data definitions+a single version of the truth’ with aligned incentives a huge challenge today!

@hitstrategy “Bringing Simplicity to #BigData Analytics is really hard and pays off big if accomplished!” David Delafield, CFO, Providence Health

Care Coordination

@hitstrategy Empowering doctors, clinicians and nurses at the point of care (POC) to impact outcomes is imperative!

@hitstrategy Quality, Safety, Care Coordination, Cost - the 4 Pillars for 'Managing 2 Value’ in HC!

@pjmachado Effective #provider referral critical for #carecoordination - @VIIAD

Population Health

@hitstrategy From Patient to #PopHealth Mgmt is the most significant paradigm shift in HC!

@hitstrategy Data and insights need to be actionable, to be valuable for primary care physicians and smaller practices!

@hitstrategy #BigData needs 2 be the ‘invisible enabler of #Healthanalytics innovation’ without getting in the way, IMHO!

@hitstrategy “The right data in the right format in the right hands at the right time” securely, is the #HealthAnalytics opportunity!

@pjmachado Actionable insight at the point of decision is critical for #pophealth https://t.co/JDPehLfU5h

@hitstrategy #pophealth mgmt is arguably the biggest cultural shift in HC in this country in decades!

@pjmachado #LifeFlow & #healthcare #workflow need to be interwoven for #pophealth to be effective #digitalhealth enables! https://t.co/6muUtJgbIH

@hitstrategy “Pop Health Mgmt will evolve from a conversation today to an ‘Outcomes centric Story’ in 5 years!” Are we positioned 2 make it happen?

@pjmachado Evidence based precision medicine will enable best practice at individual level

@hitstrategy Can #populationhealth mgmt learn from Amazon?! #healthanalytics #bigdata #HealthIT #ACO http://t.co/5UnwAtTwZ2

@hitstrategy Clinical Decision Support enables 'correction of Delivery of Care at the Point of Care', hence critical 2 #pophealth

@pjmachado MUST have reimbursement align w/ #health outcomes in order for #pophealth to work this time... https://t.co/YdIaUe67Ea

@hitstrategy Banks can teach HC a thing or two about #Interoperability per Advocate HC! #healthIT #pophealth #HITsm http://t.co/nJydaTEuSO

@pjmachado #healthcare is for profit industry that is up against consumer goods industry that is not focused on #health https://t.co/6fMl7qasnF

@hitstrategy Are Providers + Payers ready to evolve to ‘Payviders’ given the cost and efficiency pressure imposed by #ACOs?

@hitstrategy #HACs are the third leading cause of Death in the US - 400 K Deaths per Year!

@hitstrategy Over two thirds of US seniors want #HealthIT and #mHealth tools 4 Personal Health Mgmt per survey #HITsm #IHT2 http://t.co/t96ZsMLBan

@hitstrategy 80% of #HIT budgets today invested for infrastructure + maintenance and only 20% for new tech! Needs 2 be reversed, IMHO!

@hitstrategy 50% of all the data in #EHRs is unstructured data that needs 2 be mashed up with structured data 4 meaningful insights!

@hitstrategy Applying #Genomics and #VisualAnalytics for #PrecisionMedicine - Best Practices at Inova Health http://t.co/TpceyGlD77

@pjmachado Personalization is great as long as focused #health outcomes - Heath is not a normal consumer good https://t.co/1FQObC68U3

@hitstrategy Agree, given the disparity of our genomic profiles as individuals, personalization in HC is far more critical! https://t.co/coW85vzyjP

@hitstrategy #PatientPortals, #telehealth & #mhealth solutions of choice 4 personal health mgmt 4 Seniors http://t.co/iKs6oZAEXq

@pjmachado Less than half the crowd has a consumer engagement program in place...

Miscellaneous Reference

@hitstrategy HBR article on simplifying your analytics strategy with self-service analytics - good reading! #HCAnalytics http://t.co/T7B1q1YWoq

@hitstrategy Check out the 2015 #GartnerMQ to make the right #healthanalytics choice! http://t.co/OiZafi5G3U

@hitstrategy Report: ACOs Continue to Grow, Now Serve 16% of 
U.S. Population #ACO #populationhealth #healthIT http://t.co/2xfG7wvkgD

@hitstrategy Why #patientengagement may just save your life. http://t.co/IbBuYvtIPZ

@hitstrategy HBR article on simplifying your analytics strategy with self-service analytics - good reading! http://t.co/T7B1q1HlwS


@hitstrategy Automated Quality Monitoring, Notification and Exception Management - Innovation Idea #1

@hitstrategy Real-time Physician Referral Monitoring and Analytics - #Innovation idea at IHT2

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #1: Patient Monitoring & Notification #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #2: Consumer & Provider Search #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #3: Online Appointment Scheduling #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #4: Real-time Physician Referral Monitoring #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #5: The Big Data Enabled ACO #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #6: Physician Performance Transparency #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

@hitmanzac @MDInsiderCEO Idea #7: Consumer Oriented Data Visualization #SexAppeal (?) #IHT2 #SevenIdeasInSevenMinutes

Cambia Health Solutions

@hitstrategy Only 7% of Hospitals rated 5 star for customer service by Modern Healthcare - CEO of Cambia Health Solns

@hitstrategy Humanity needs to be a cornerstone of Innovation in HC- not happening at the current time! CEO, Cambia Health

@pjmachado @Cambia total #health solution approach-partner w/best of breed solutions that consumer chooses #digitalhealth

@pjmachado Ganz @Cambia 8 C's - #healthcare transformation is all about knowing and living our stories... #iht2 #pophealth http://t.co/qlmz8Ih5EQ

@stephwettstein Speaking now on healthcare innovation based on humanity at #iHT2 is @Cambia President and CEO Mark Ganz http://t.co/OyDwUfxFf5

@pjmachado Ganz comparing Comcast customer experience model to #healthcare -tell consumers what they can have & do..

@GG HC needs to offer a ‘Personalized HC Experience’ like Nordstrom, Starbucks and Apple!”- CEO, Cambia Health

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