Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Raw Data & Miscellaneous Analyses of 2015 #HIT99 Data

Today I posted an Excel workbook containing data and information from the 2015 #HIT99 event held last month. The file is located here and contains the following worksheets:

0. Definitions - List of all worksheets in the workbook and definition of fields where applicable.

1. Raw-Data-2015 - Raw data used to tally 2015 #HIT99 results

2. Raw-Data-2014 - Raw Data from 2014 #HIT100 event

3. Official-2015 - Official 2015 #HIT99 Rankings. Includes 2014 Rank if available

4. SocialBro - Data on each HIT99 Nominee from Socialbro

5. 2014 Rankings - Rankings from 2014 #HIT100 event - Unofficial

6. Pivots - Miscellaneous summaries of HIT99 data including the following:

    - Valid Votes by Day
    - Duplicates by Nominee
    - Duplicates by Nominator
    - Gender Distribution

7. Top 60 - List of people on evariants 60 Influential Healthcare Twitter Profiles to Follow and their 2015 HIT99 ranking

8. Entity Type - identification of Twitter Account Type - Companies

9. NomsbyNominee - List of HIT99 Nominees and who nominated the them. 

Here are the results of the 2015 #HIT99 event.

If you have any questions on these data, shoot me an email to shimcode@gmail.com

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