Monday, August 17, 2015

List of "How-to's" Collected Over the Years (Items 101-200)

Last week I posted Part 1 of this 2 part post of "How-to" articles. I culled all of these articles from tweets I made since I started with Twitter in 2008. 

101. How To Keep The Time-Wasters From Taking Over Your Life (1- Step Guide)

102. How to Leave Your Ego at the Door

103. How to Leverage Increased Data Granularity in #ICD10

104. How to Limber Up B4 Golfing.

105. How to make an impact: It’s about channeling, packaging, and delivering your talent for others to consume it.

106. How to Make Team Meetings Less Painful Than a Root Canal

107. How to make the transition from IT to HIT

108. How To Make Work Matter - 5 Tips

109. How to Make Your Culture Work with #Agile, Kanban & Software Craftsmanship (Lots of good reference material too)

110. How to Make Your Medical Records Safer - ABC News

111. How to Make Your Wishes for End-of-Life Care Clear

112. How to Manage Conflict in Virtual Teams -conflict avoidance is a corrosive attribute of many company cultures

113. How to manage forced layoffs of good employees

114. How to manage healthcare social media risk

115. How to manage the Internet of (Your) Things, and those of your patients

116. How to Master a New Skill

117. How to Measure the Cost of #DataQuality Problems

118. How to measure the value of health IT | Healthcare IT News

119. How to meet interesting people

120. How to Monetize Your Social Media via Social Hubs

121. How to navigate growing number of health-related apps & meet patient demand for more connected care

122. How to Negotiate with Someone More Powerful than You [Need free login]

123. How to Outperform Competitors: Implement common IT platform, innovate ON that platform & propagate to all via platform

124. How to Participate in Healthcare Tweet Chats

125. How to Perform a Security Risk Assessment in Your [Medical] Practice

126. How to pick a health insurance plan: 3 most important questions you need to ask

127. How to Present to a Small Audience

128. How to Prevent Experts from Hoarding Knowledge (need free login)

129. How to promote yourself, when you hate attention:

130. How to Protect Patient Data in an Increasingly Social Healthcare Industry

131. How to protect your personal & business information from identity theft:

132. How to read a room

133. How to Read Your Hospital Bill

134. How to rebrand 'Telehealth' (guest column)

135. How to recognize smart people (for your Startup team)

136. How To Recruit And Retain Health IT Talent

137. How to Reduce Healthcare Cost by Implementing Intelligent Information Technologies

138. How to Release Your Brilliance †A list of recommended reading materials

139. How to Report Once for 2014 Medicare Quality Reporting Programs

140. How to Report Your Income When You Apply for Financial Help from Your Health #Insurance Marketplace for 2015

141. How to revolutionize healthcare: get data scientists and app developers together

142. How To Run A Great Expert Panel In 13 Steps

143. How to Scare Your CFO

144. How To Search For Influencers: 4 Tips To Make It More Efficient

145. How to See the Big Picture & What to Do When There Is No More We Can Do

146. How to Select an EHR Product that Fits Your Needs (and Your Budget)

147. How To Send A Self-Destructing Message

148. How to set a table [infographic]

149. How to Share Your Stuff on Twitter

150. How to Spot a Troubled Project

151. How to stay connected to #mHealth13

152. How to stop #ICD10 from becoming a crisis

153. How to stop the brain drain †Guide, Questions & Templates.

154. How to talk your family out of bad consumer electronics purchases

155. How To Tell A Software Developer What You Want

156. How to Tell a Story: 10 Simple Strategies

157. How to tell your #digitalhealth startup's story in 3 minutes or less

158. How to tell your manager that your team's work quality sucks

159. How to Thrive in the World of Accountable Care (Bundled payments in gastroenterology)

160. How to Undo the Damage of a Desk Job

161. How to use #RVU to track productivity in your medical practice

162. How to use digital tools in patient care

163. How to Use Google Search More Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC]

164. How to use social media to detect healthcare fraud

165. How to Use The Searchable #Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS)

166. How to Use Token Parsing & UML for Discovery, Assessment & Tactical Remediation of #ICD10 Software Components

167. How to use Twitter and join #edchats. Get your friends onto Twitter

168. How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Medical Market Research and Marketing

169. How to use Twitter in science (Healthcare is a science. right?)

170. How to Verify a Physician's License in California

171. How to Win the #HIT100 and Become a #HITSM Superstar in Your Own Mind

172. How to Work with an Analyst Firm (Thou Shall Not Shill)

173. How to work with healthcare #payers during the #ICD10 transition

174. How to Work With Your Clearinghouse to Test & Remediate icd-10

175. How to Write an In-Depth Post in Less Than Two Hours

176. How To: Hire a Software Designer or Developer

177. How Top-Ranked MA Plans Earn Their Stars

178. Indian hospitals could show U.S. hospitals how to save money without cutting quality

179. New IDC Health Insights Report Examines How to Engage Consumers in Post-Health Reform Market

180. Open Enrollment Season is Coming: Here’s how to be Prepared

181. Patient Engagement: How To Do It Right

182. Presentation Zen: How to Design & Deliver Presentations Like a Pro

183. Q-and-A: How to maximize Twitter's recruiting potential

184. Security Breaches in Healthcare: How To Protect Patient Data

185. Social media for medical professionals & how to counter the ill effects of Dr Google

186. Social media in medicine: How to be a Twitter rockstar and help your patients and your practice

187. Social Security: How to Track Down Your Benefits Statement

188. Some tips on how to share your stuff on Twitter (regardless of the topic)

189. The advantage of APIs: How to jump the information gap

190. Title - Missing this slot - hell if I'm going to renumber all the following. So I added #201 below for an even 200! :)

191. Top 3 Challenges Empowered Teams Face & How To Overcome Them

192. Top Medicare Part B Claim Errors and How to Avoid Calling the Contact Center

193. Twitter just made every public tweet findable ¦ here's how to delete yours

194. Using Twitter At Work: How to Get Started

195. Want to fix our health care system? Start by figuring out how to pay for better -- and more efficient -- care

196. What are Hierarchical Condition Categories? pg 6 (how to capture appropriate CMS-HCC codes?)

197. which employees have deepest knowledge, who last contributed & how to get in touch with them quickly

198. Why People With Long-Term Conditions Need To Be Empowered and How To Empower Them

199. Why the Analogies We Embrace Drive Success and Failure, and How to Choose Better Ones

200. Work/Life Separation Is Impossible. Here's How to Deal with It.

201. Working In Retirement: How To Be A Patient Advocate (aka. Enrollment Navigator)

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