Wednesday, August 12, 2015

List of "How-to's" Collected Over the Years (Items 1-100)

I've been on Twitter since early 2008. Over that time, I've found and shared quite a few "how-to" articles. I got to thinking it might be good to share them again in a list format. So I got my tweets using Twitters export service and tagged each item containing the phrase "how to." 

Here's the first half of the result set. I'll share the second half in a future post.

1. 5 Reasons You Should Work Standing Up (And How To Start): 

2. 8 Tips to Protect Your Medical Privacy (How to begin the process)

3. 9 Steps About How to Disappear From The Internet

4. A Medical Practice’s Intellectual Capital: How to Identify, Document, and Protect It

5. ABC’s of DRG’s: The European Experience - How to calculate costs and set prices fairly.

6. Advice for physicians on how to handle “rate my doctor” websites

7. API lesson from Amazon: How to use an API-based approach to collect, analyze, improve & distribute valuable data

8. Building a Social Media Team: Where to Start, What to Consider, How to get Organized

9. CDC’S guide to writing for social media - How to Write for Twitter, Facebook, etc.

10. CMS Puts Away Carrot & Brandishes Stick: How to Plan in 2015 to Protect Your 2017 Income from CMS Penalties

11. Government paid me to learn how to eavesdrop. And now we make big money on that.

12. Health Insurance 101: How to understand deductibles and their impact on premiums

13. Health Reform 2.0: What to Expect, How to Prepare

14. Healthcare Providers: How to Select the Way Health Insurers Pay You

15. Healthcare Social Media: How to put it to work for you

16. Healthcare startup strategy: How to market and sell in the era of reform

17. Hiring tips: How to pick software pros without making mistakes

18. How to Access (Get a Copy of) Your Medical Records

19. How to Ace the Impromptu Speech

20. How to Achieve Cost Reduction + High Quality Care (See pg 19)

21. How to Achieve Physician Engagement in Your Hospital

22. How to Apply Key Coding Concepts in Establishing a Principal #Hospice Diagnosis

23. How to approach a #HIPAA risk assessment | Medical Practice Insider

24. How to Approach an A-Lister at a Conference Like if you see @TechGuy or Bill Clinton.

25. How to argue across cultures (Approach depends if you’re perspective is from East or West) [Need login]

26. How to argue across cultures (Great advice รข€ especially for those working in IT) [Need login]

27. How to assess the costs of dual coding

28. How to Automate Your Phone for Every Room in the House with NFC Tags

29. How to Avoid Virtual Miscommunication (Going to share at today’s sprint retro)

30. How to Balance Information Sharing With Patient Data Protection in the Supply Chain

31. How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary

32. How To Be a Slave

33. How to Be a Software Testing Rock Star

34. How to be a successful Twitter manager

35. How to Be More Likeable: 10 Things to Do Today

36. How To Be Productive In A Distracting Environment

37. How to Be the Most Memorable Person in the Room

38. How To Become A Newsletter Superstar

39. How To Become A Thought Leader

40. How to Become An Awesome Brogrammer in 10 Easy Steps (A guy thing)

41. How to build a DRG

42. How to Build a Health Plan from Scratch

43. How to Build a Mountain of Patient Data: Don’t Ask for Permission This HAS to backfire at some point.

44. How To Build A Social Recruiting Platform On Twitter

45. How to Build the Perfect Tweet

46. How To Calculate & Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

47. How to Calculate the Value of a Like (or Follower)

48. How to capture legally-defensible proof of what appears on a healthcare insurance exchange at any point in time

49. How to capture the value of #palliative care

50. How to Change Medicine Step 7 & Incentivize Frugal Innovation

51. How to Close the IT Talent Gap

52. How to Connect With Your Audience by Moving Closer

53. How to continually evolve your information architecture

54. How to Create a Dysfunctional Culture Where Employees & Customers Are Unhappy

55. How to create a rock solid Social Media plan to fuel your [health care] Social Media Marketing activities.

56. How To Create Amazing Graphics With Phone Apps

57. How to create successful #socialmedia content

58. How to create the right plan for your organization.

59. How to Criticize Your (IT Industry) Boss

60. How to deal with the brilliant jerks you work with

61. How to De-Identify Protected Health Information #privacy

62. How to Deliver Patient-Centered Care: Learn from Service Industries

63. How to de-personalize your searches in Chrome (Unadulterated results - not what Google thinks you want)

64. How to Design a Bundled Payment Around Value (Need free login]

65. How to Design Next-Generation EHR Data Models

66. How to Destroy Your Productivity [Infographic]

67. How to develop a great workflow for managing your Twitter community:

68. How to Disagree with Your Boss

69. How to do a background check on your doctor

70. How To Eliminate Performance Reviews In Your Organization

71. How to ensure new IT systems in healthcare are a success

72. How to ensure strong communication between patient visits

73. How to estimate the total cost of healthcare and why metal levels are useless (Great read)

74. How to evolve from writing all the code to managing people who write the code

75. How to Explain Content Marketing to Non-Content People

76. How to Explain Healthcare Content Marketing to Your Executives

77. How to find -- and hire -- data scientists

78. How to Find the CPT Code for Your Lab Test

79. How To Find Your First Tweet In 7 Easy Steps: Take a tweet down memory lane.

80. How to Focus in the Age of Distraction

81. How to follow congress daily Acts, Clotures, Amendments. with detailed votes

82. How to form trust with engineers.

83. How to Get Better Value from a Request for Services

84. How to Get More Social With Your Next Presentation

85. How to Get Noticed by Upper Management & Git R' Done! Makes sense - at least to PM/BA and other techies

86. How to get started with a telehealth program

87. How to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved

88. How to handle the ROI conversation as a community manager

89. How to Have a Year that Matters

90. How to Help Others Get to Know You: Sharing Abilities and Disabilities

91. How to help switch off from work

92. How to hire a designer & Why to hire a designer (for #mhealth apps)

93. How to hire an IT director for your medical practice =& Cognative Testing -Do IT:

94. How to identify a fishy American

95. How to improve communication among healthcare providers and HIEs?

96. How to Improve Meetings When You're Not in Charge

97. How to increase your salary without becoming a manager

98. How to Inspire a Healthy and Happy #IT Department

99. How to keep abreast with the unique healthcare technologies of modern era?

100. How To Keep Health Data Exchanges Going

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