Monday, August 3, 2015

Some interesting, some insightful and some funny #HIT99 tweets

The 2015 #HIT99 event was held over the period of July 6th through July 27th with results published here. The following are a few tweets related to the #HIT99 event that I thought were interesting, insightful or funny.
The 100th Person

@boltyboy: @techguy You mean we finally got rid of that stupid #HIT100 and you had to not only start it up again, you had to diss one person! 

@thenerdynurse: I personally feel bad for that one person who makes it on #HIT100 but doesn't make #HIT99 

Guess who the 100th person was that @thenerdynurse was so worried about getting left out of the #HIT99? That’s right! @boltyboy!

What's to Like About #HIT99?

@ctrappe: Lists like #HIT99 help me connect with new people, stay connected to existing friends and show appreciation through nominations. 

@thenerdynurse: #HIT100 and #HIT99 help my identify thought leaders and trusted sources on news and opinions that matter to me right now #hitsm

@fqure: The value of a #HIT99 is not to see who made the list, rather how much list has changed year over year. Unchanged warns of an echo chamber.

@thenerdynurse: #HIT100 & #HIT99 are great resources for people who are new to the #HIT industry. Need though beacons to guide you. #hitsm

@erinhead_him: T1: #HIT99 is almost like the S&P500- know who to watch and what they are doing for success!

@healthiscool: Enjoy the discovery process for new connections via meaningful #HIT99 nominations – not so much the popularity aspect 

@ehrandhit: T1: I've often said that #HIT100 and #HIT99 were about social discovery and gratitude to me. I love both of those things. #HITsm

Keen Observations?

@boltyboy: Apparently #HIT99 & #hit100 lists are eating each other. Which from my anti-list view is amusing

@ehrandhit: I wonder if there are any people worthy of the #HIT99 that aren't on Twitter? Maybe active on LinkedIn or other social media.

What Would be Changed?

@ehrandhit: I'd like to see more "outliers" nominated to the #HIT100 #HIT99 as well. #HITsm 

@motorcycle_guy: I hate apparent rivalry b/w #HIT100 & #HIT99 founders that I've heard in a fairly 1-sided way via #HITsm. Hopefully that's done with #hitsm

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