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Collection of Predictions and Trends About Healthcare & Healthcare Information Technology in 2018

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I've added dozens of additional lists since original post was made on 11/17/17

Have you noticed the recent uptick in predictions and trends about healthcare and healthcare information technology in 2018?

It's the time of year when Christmas decorations invade retail stores and healthcare executives, thought leaders, media pundits, consultants, technology profits (er... prophets,) clairvoyants, pundits and dozens of doyens release their annual predictions and trends about healthcare and healthcare information technology for the following year.

As I've shared in 2015 and 2016, I'm now sharing a post summarizing all the Healthcare Predictions and Trends that I can find for 2018. At least all those that I think have value to the executives, thought leaders and others who typically make the strategic, tactical and operational decisions to ensure the survival of their company in 2018 and beyond. 

My posts from 2016 & 2015 were among my most 'popular' posts of all time, so I thought" "Why not continue a good service?" I hope you find this centralized collection of posts useful. Feel free to comment and share any I've missed.

More To Come

As in previous posts, I’ll update this post with new information as it's released and as I find it.  Unlike the likelihood of many of these predictions, I'm 100% sure there'll be many more predictions coming our way soon. So bookmark this page – or better yet – subscribe to this blog so you’re easily kept in the loop on what to expect in 2018 and beyond.

General Healthcare Predictions & Trends for 2018

5 Important Healthcare Predictions For 2018

Healthcare Predictions 2018

Six Trends Shaping Healthcare in 2018

The Future Awakens: Life Sciences and Health Care Predictions 2022

Top 10 Health Industry Predictions

7 Shocking Healthcare Predictions for 2018 You Need to Know (Added 11/16/17)

Worldwide Health Industry 2018 Predictions (Added 11/16/17)

5 payer trends to watch in 2018 (Added 12/1/17)

Back to the Crystal Ball: Our 2018 Healthcare IT Market Predictions (Added 12/15/17)

Top health industry issues of 2018 (Added 12/15/17)

2018 predictions: Insurance mergers, healthcare consolidation and new pharmacy rules (Added 12/15/17)

4 most important healthcare trends in 2018 
(Added 12/21/17)

2018 Global Healthcare Market Predictions 
(Added 12/21/17)

7 Shocking Healthcare Predictions for 2018 You Need to Know (Added 12/21/17)

10 Trends You Can Expect from Healthcare in 2018 (Added 12/30/17)

Healthcare Predictions 2018 
(Added 12/30/17)

From premiums to politics: 5 predictions for the health insurance industry in 2018 (Added 1/5/18)

10 Predictions For A Global Healthcare Market Set To Cross The $1.85 Trillion Mark In 2018 (Added 1/5/18)

2018 Predictions from Healthcare Leaders Across the Country (Added 1/5/18)

Seven Healthcare Predictions for 2018 (Added 1/5/18)

Healthcare Information Technology Predictions & Trends for 2018

10 Health IT predictions for 2018: Al, blockchain, robotics and a $100 million class-action suit

4 Trends In Digital Health To Keep An Eye On In 2018

What's next for Health IT - Trends for 2018

4 Trends in Digital Health to Keep an Eye On in 2018 (Added 12/1/17)

Top U.S. Health Systems in 2018: Health IT Trends (Added 12/15/17)

2018 Health IT Predictions (Added 12/15/17)

2018 Healthcare Technology Predictions (Added 12/15/17)

4 predictions for health care IT 2018: steady as she goes (Added 12/15/17)

5 Expert Health Tech Predictions for 2018 (Added 12/15/17)

Top 10Technology Trends in Health Insurance: 2018 (Added 12/21/17)

18 Technology Predictions for 2018 from PARC Researchers (Added 12/30/17)

2018 industry predictions from women in health IT leaders (Added 1/5/18)

2018 Will Be the Year of Hypercompetition and Disruption In Healthcare Tech (Added 1/5/18)

5 Digital Health Innovation Trends That Will Matter in 2018 (Added 12/15/17)

5 health IT predictions for 2018: Telemedicine's final push,EHRs remain in the legal crosshairs (Added 1/5/18)

Three rising technologies that will impacthealthcare in 2018 (Added 1/5/18)

Déjà vu All Over Again – Trends in Health IT and Information Exchange for 2018 Part 1 (Added 1/5/18)

Déjà vu All Over Again – Trends in Health IT and Information Exchange for 2018 Part 2 (Added 1/5/18)

Predictions from HIMSS: 2018 Expected to be a Year of Value (Added 1/14/18) 

6 digital health predictions for 2018 (Added 1/18/18)

What’s ahead for digital health in 2018? (Added 1/19/18) 

2018 Will Be the Year of Hyper-Competition and Disruption in Healthcare Tech (Added 1/19/18) 

What to Expect From Digital Health In 2018? (Added 1/19/18)

15 top healthcare information technology trends for 2018 (Added 1/19/18)

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Related Predictions & Trends for 2018

General Technology Predictions & Trends

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