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Disrupting Thoughts from GuideWell Insights Lounge at Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2017

Source: GuideWell YouTube Video
The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2017 kicked off in Dallas, TX this past Monday, November 6th and, as has taken place at previous summits, the GuideWell Insights Lounge was interviewing summit keynoters, presenters and other healthcare thought leaders. From my rough count, GuideWell's Kate Warnock managed to complete 27 interviews in the two-and-a-half-day summit. 

While I haven’t watched all of them yet, G
uideWell’s videos range about 4 to 10 minutes in length and have always been great sources of insight with Kate keeping the speakers engaged and the tempo fluent. I highly recommend checking them out on GuideWell’s YouTube Channel. I like to queue up a bunch to watch while I give my wife a massage on the best Mother’s Day present she says she ever got from me: a massage table!

Here are some highlights from a hand full of videos that I watched earlier today. And yes, while giving providing masseuse duty.

Video: Helen Leis – Health & Life Sciences Partner at Oliver Wyman - @Helen_Leis  

Source: GuideWell YouTube Video

Will Payer Assets Be Relevant?

“Payers and provider today need to really be thinking: ‘are the assets and the capabilities that I have today going to be relevant? Are these assets still going to be able to create economic value in the future? Are they going to help me control the consumer relationship in the future?

"The question isn’t 'Am I close to the consumer. It’s, 'am I closer to the consumer than Amazon or Uber is?''”

Video: Dennis A. Robbins - Health Innovator, Thought Leader, and Activist

Source: GuideWell YouTube Video

Person-Centric Care – Not Patient-Centric Care

“Patients are passive, subservient, wounded, vulnerable, they’re often on unequal footing. Even the system often puts them in the situation of enforced hopelessness. Yet we want them to be adherent, we want them to change their behavior, we want them to change their life.”

“It’s never going to happen as a patient. Those things happen as a person. If something is sufficiently meaningful to us, if it matters, if it’s important enough to us, then and only then will we change. Person-centric isn’t about health – it’s about the way we live our lives.”

Video: Bob Moesta - CEO of Re-Wired Group - @bmoesta
Note: I especially enjoyed this interview and will have to listen to it at least one more time, probably a couple times because Bob is a rapid-fire thinker. 

"People don’t buy products or services, they hire them."

Tips for dealing with Amazon, Apple and Google

“Focus on the consumer struggling moments. The more you can focus on high-impact struggling moments, the faster you’ll be able to innovate.”

“Figure out how to prototype faster. Healthcare companies take way too long to do a rep (development cycle). Many times, you’ll need dozens of reps to get innovation right.”

On Addressing the Lower End of the Market

“By starting at the low end of the market, you can do a lot more a lot faster. Most people don't want to be at the low end of the market, when in fact, the low end of the market is the most under-served and actually the people who need the most progress. So, in a lot of cases, figuring out how to serve the lower end of the market is actually where I think the opportunity lies.”

QUESTION: What do you think of Bob's comment at (2:56-3:09) “make it (the product/service?) worse but it does it better” 

Check Out the GuideWell Insight Lounge 

GuideWell has great video interviews from the 2017 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit and other healthcare conference events. Be sure to check them out on YouTube.

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