Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Top Tweets from Day One of Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2017

The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2017 kicked off yesterday in Dallas, TX.  The tag line of this year's summit was Industry Interrupted: Delivering on the Promise of Change.  As is happening more and more at healthcare conferences and real-life events, the conference host and a number of attendees shared some of the highlights and commentary from the summit via their social media accounts.

The hashtag for the summit was #OWHIC and this post presents the most shared tweets and also those tweets having particular interest and content value (as perceived by me). :) 

Look for another summary of tweets from Day Two and Day Three of the summit later this week.

Top Tweets from Day One

Partha Bose @parthabose
1 in 9 people in the US work in Healthcare - most not in consumer facing jobs. Will AI change that?

GuideWell @_guidewell
Consolidation, net promoter score, #futureofwork @lsilverwoman challenges @AHIPCoverage’s MTavenner @Highmark’s DHolmberg to an #OWHIC game. https://t.co/Ac1sLOKjh1

Tawana Davis @tawanaldavis
Get to know more about the "bedless hospital" + how it can bridge us to #valuebasedcare h/t @RasuShrestha #xmed https://t.co/PumDrJMbb9

GuideWell @_guidewell
How money became the measure of everything, by @Peeloi https://t.co/cxkOYYqBkL

Thorsten Kampp @thorstenkampp
Success factors for accelerating #innovation through strategic partnerships @OWHealthEditor @fiercehealthcare https://t.co/mdwHDIZFep  https://t.co/TWXIlSRJWO

Select Tweets from Day One

Oliver Wyman Health @owhealtheditor
#OWHealth Journal: @color on how genetics can cut treatment costs by getting services to those most at risk. https://t.co/e2HdaWlu2v  https://t.co/s9nm9PANeo

Oliver Wyman Health @owhealtheditor
#OWHealth Journal: As one of the highest costs in HC, #pharma must develop a metric to explain pricing. https://t.co/tJSgoZrCoG  https://t.co/JUuesk8yVo

Niyum Gandhi @niyumgandhi
@Highmark CEO David Holmberg challenges insurance industry: “The days of aggregating lives and paying claims being enough are over”

Oliver Wyman Health @owhealtheditor
Health Innovation Journal: Perspectives on how healthcare could be reshaped & how to prepare https://t.co/oDihTHJCfg   https://t.co/zu4Bkn58vn

Oliver Wyman @oliverwyman
Heard at #OWHIC: "The Affordable Care Act is far beyond the exchanges." - @AHIPCoverage Marilyn Tavenner https://t.co/jWgb2pyMtT

Oliver Wyman @oliverwyman
Heard at #OWHIC: "We have to find a way for healthcare to be affordable for it to be sustainable." - @Highmark David Holmberg https://t.co/hTG85lKGXX

Oliver Wyman Health @owhealtheditor
Heard at #OWHIC: (On the #ACA) "It's not about how many people we cover, it's about changing the model." - @AHIPCoverage https://t.co/qzU070XfW2

Christie Hyde DeNave @christiesays
How do we integrate #AI into #healthcare when fax machines are still an integral part of it? @SamOnHealth shares his thoughts in @_GuideWell Insights Lounge at #OWHIC

Oliver Wyman @oliverwyman

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