Monday, December 28, 2015

Collection of Top Healthcare Technology-related News Stories of 2015

Just like with making predictions about the coming year, this is the time of year when all the media outlets come out with their list of "top stories" for the year. I've gathered up a bunch of these top stories of 2015 lists and present them here for your ease of reading and pleasure.

Top 10 Modern Healthcare stories for 2015

(Via @Modrnhealthcr*added 12/30/15

Top 10 Most Read HDM Stories of 2015
(Via @HDMmagazine) *added 12/30/15

The Best of the Best: HCI’s Top 10 Health IT Stories of 2015

(Via @HCInformatics) *added 12/29/15

Top HealthIT Stories of 2015 Top 10 stories of 2015 

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