Saturday, July 16, 2011

ICD-10 Considerations Payers & Providers Oughta Think About

Here are some specific areas payers and providers may want to consider:
  1. Application Inventory & Identification of Software Changes (Data, Logic & UI)
  2. Identifying Impacts to Core System Setup, Administration & Reporting
  3. Utilizing Methodologies, Best Practices, Checklists, Tools, and Templates
  4. Identifying, Communicating, Managing & Validating Impact of External Entities
  5. Remediation: Design Specs, Construction, Validation & Implementation
  6. Leveraging ICD-10 Investment Beyond October 2013
  7. What’s the Difference Between Mapping, Crosswalks & General Equivalencies?
  8. Marrying Business & Conversion Strategies – Pre & Post October 2013
  9. Financial Neutrality: Medical Loss Ratio, Predictability & Profitability
  10. Impacts to Actuarial, Underwriting, Contracting and Reimbursement
  11. ICD-10's Impact to Medical Policy, Care Management & Disease Management Programs
  12. Fraud & Abuse: Challenges and Opportunities from Increased ICD-10 Granularity
  13. Understanding Impacts to DRG’s, HCC’s, Case Rates, APG’s, Carve Outs & Other Groupings
  14. How Might/Could/Will ICD-10 Impact P4P, ACO’s, Meaningful Use & Other Reforms?
  15. Bridging the Digital Divide & Data Fog Due to the ICD-9 & ICD-10 Transition Period
  16. Considerations and Impacts Related to Dual Processing of I-9’s and I-10’s
  17. Contingency Planning for Nov 2013 – Preparing to Avoid the Hangover Effect
I'm ready to help those who ask me to expound on any of the above.


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