Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What ICD-10 Consulting Services Might Providers and Payers Need Help With?

Here are some services I think those faced with assessing and remediating their core business assets to accommodate the ICD-10 mandate may want to engage outsiders to assist with: 
  1. Analyze and gain understanding of your core business and IT processes through interviews with business stakeholders and IT architects – uncolored by internal agendas.
  2. Work with your business and IT leadership to plan and integrate short- and long-term technology options into an overall ICD-10 solution strategy specific to your needs.
  3. Provide guidance and hands-on assistance with developing a balanced business technology strategy by leveraging knowledge in both technical and applied business areas.
  4. Define and validate an architectural governance model for ICD-10 and develop tools to enforce its adherence.
  5. Perform a gap analysis on any existing ICD-10 assessment solution strategy.
  6. Conduct “solutioning” sessions involving IT, vendors, business stakeholders and define ICD-10 implementation solutions deemed best compliant with specific, overall needs.
  7. Define “solutioning” approaches and assist with marshalling the approval of key project stakeholders in an objective, third-party fashion.
  8. Define technical implementation roadmaps for ICD-10 implementation - especially in the domain of verification and validation.
  9. Identify and participate in proof of concept creation and validation activities.
  10. Curate and socialize roadmaps and detailed implementation approaches to technology and business communities.
I suggest thinking hard about the above when you're planning and/or working on your ICD-10 project -whether you're on your own or thinking about engaging 3rd party assistance.

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