Saturday, July 28, 2012

And the Survey Asks: “What do you mean by ‘prepared for ICD-11?’”

Healthcare IT News recently asked its readers if they would be prepared to head straight for ICD-11, bypassing ICD-10. Of the 200 respondents, about half said “Yes! We’d be prepared to skip ICD-10 and go straight to ICD-11.”

Go straight to ICD-11? Do not stop for ICD-10? No hard labor on the way?

Supposedly these were industry groups, hospitals, “organizations” and individuals voting in this poll. What do these respondents think it means to “be prepared for ICD-11?” When do they think ICD-11’s Clinical Modification will be ready for use in the United States? I’d like to see a poll on that latter question.

So in my opinion, without an answer to the two questions I posit above and more details as to the knowledge level, authority and actual organization/title of these respondents, I call bullshit! I’d say these respondents just want more delay; they’d probably vote for going straight to “code assignment by telepathy” where the diagnosis code assigned to the patient encounter is “automagically” defined based on whatever the creator wants it to be; and whenever they want it to be assigned.

Surveys results can be funny; and also reflective of ignorance.

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  1. Steve, you raised an issue I should have thought of but hadn't; that we may have to think back from 10 to 9 as we look at things historical, and might have to convert all 9's prior to conversion up to 10's. I had just figured that on the chosen day you just switched. Even though there is a date for the end of 9, I gather that some insurance companies could go to 10 earlier?


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