Wednesday, January 9, 2013

14 Great Articles & Whitepapers on ICD-10 Testing

Here are some great sources of information on ICD-10 testing.  I’m sure each one will provide you with good information, techniques and tips you can use in your ICD-10 project; whether you’re a provider, payer or vendor organization.

Creating ICD-10 Test Data

ICD-10 and the Industry

ICD-10: End-to-End Testing Challenges

Medicaid ICD-10 Testing

ICD-10 QA & Testing: A Pragmatic Approach

ICD-10 Testing Prescribed Roadmap

Pilot for End-to-End Testing of Compliance with Administrative Simplification
Preparing and Implementing a Comprehensive ICD-10 TestingStrategy

10 Areas of Provider Processes to Consider Testing Now for ICD-10

ICD-10: Scenario Based Testing

I hope these are useful to you.  I've posted other information about ICD-10 testing elsewhere in this blog. And for more information on ICD-10 in general, be sure to Follow Me on Twitter.  And consider checking out My Profile on LinkedIn.

Happy New Year!

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