Monday, February 4, 2013

It’s Half-Time in the ICD-10 Super Bowl

Given the recent one year delay in the ICD-10 implementation date, I’d say we are right at half-time in the ICD-10 Super Bowl. Regardless as to whether you’re on a team that worked hard, focused on basic blocking and tackling, and gained some points in the first half or you’re on a team that made excuses for not trying, hoped ICD-10 would go away and that the lights will not come back on, this half-way point should be used as a time of reflection on how to best to return your team to battle and win the ICD-10 implementation game.

Take a short break

Use this time to gather your thoughts, think about what you’ve accomplished, and discuss matters with your assistants, coordinators and special team leads.

(Pretend) to be a raging bull

Half-time is emote-time. Recap what your team did well and not so well in the first half. Share your successes but also address your weak spots and/or failures.  Deliver criticism to the team as a group first and, if individual players warrant attention, consider how best to motivate them publically and/or privately on using the second half to turn things around.

Confirm your strategy and make adjustments if necessary

While you have your player’s attention, revisit goals and objectives that must be achieved in the second half leading up to October of 2014. Besides ensuring everyone understands their individual role and responsibilities, it’s important that all your players understand what’s needed to win the game. Spend a little time to reflect on what's working and what isn’t – and make changes accordingly.

Keep the Drive Alive and Avoid the Hail Mary Pass

There are all kinds of testosterone-laced clichés one could invoke at half-time to inspire the brute strength many think is needed to pull off a convincing ICD-10 Super Bowl victory.  Just don’t forget that finesse, agility, team work and strategy are also requisites for success; teams often live and die solely on how well they work together.

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