Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Top 38 Lists of Who to Follow on Twitter for Healthcare Information

Just like those billboards touting the “#1 Steakhouse,” there are lots of people and companies voted “top” and “best” to follow on Twitter for healthcare and related news and information. Most – if not all - of these lists are opinion-based. Here are some lists of people, companies and blogs to follow on Twitter for healthcare and related information. You decide.

People & Companies

20 Hospital and Health System Leaders to Follow on Twitter

5 CEOs of Healthcare IT Companies To Follow On Twitter

Top Healthcare CIOs to Follow on Twitter

My Twitter List of Hospitals & Health Systems on Twitter

News Organizations & Journalists
Miscellaneous Healthcare Topics

How to Find Your Own People and Companies to Follow

And if you want to find others to follow on Twitter, check out the following hashtags and tools

24 Twitter hashtags the healthcare industry needs to follow

Most Popular Hashtags For The Healthcare Industry

5 powerful health care Twitter hashtags to check out

Social listening in pharma - top 15 healthcare hashtags

Three Key Tools to Discover Healthcare Twitter Influencers

Of course you can also follow me on Twitter for ongoing information and news on healthcare, information technology and related topics.

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