Wednesday, October 8, 2014

9 Blog Posts Covering ICD-10 Testing Topics

At this time, most organizations whose ICD-10 implementation project doesn't solely entail writing their congressman to kill the ICD-10 mandate should be pretty far along with their ICD-10 implementation; hopefully well into the testing phase. Towards that end, here’s a collection of some previous blog posts I made on ICD-10 testing.

14 Great Articles & Whitepapers on ICD-10 Testing

6 Considerations for Verifying ICD-10 Operational Neutrality

Validating and Verifying Your ICD-10 Remediation Efforts

Leverage Your 5010 Testing for ICD-10 Testing? I think not…

ICD-10 Application Integration Testing Considerations & Tips

11 Areas to Consider When Testing ICD-10 Impact to Payer Business Processes

Identifying and Categorizing ICD-10 Test Cases - 6 Key Elements

Testing ICD-10 is NOT like Testing 5010: Enabling Tests vs. Logic Tests

ICD-10 Medical Testing Scenarios – Be Happy in the Morning – Not Mourning

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