Tuesday, November 8, 2016

22 Notable Tweets from Day Two of the 2016 Healthcare Internet Conference

Billed as “Healthcare’s Most Forward-Thinking Conference on Marketing and Internet Technology,” the 2016 Healthcare Internet Conference held November 7-9 at at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas appears to be a popular event for healthcare marketing and communications professionals – and wanna-be’s.

I say this because the #HCIC16 hashtag was all over my Twitter stream today. I recognized a number of the people and companies tweeting and pulled out 22 tweets that stood out in the first couple hours to Day 2. Here they are:

Good reminder on content layout and page structure to deliver what's important immediately to the user!
Always quotable @bladelink "only difference between a vision and a hallucination is how many people can see it"
Do you remember the first time you logged onto the internet? - Mine was good old 
Motivation for being online is 'What are we looking for?" Email once exciting. Not anymore!
We have to stop reacting and start planning.  #manbun
Do you have a @Myspace page? What are you, a freak show? LOL'ing in the morning with  @unmarketing and his beautiful #MANBUN at #HCIC16
51 million people daily still use Myspace. What?!
Grasping at all new social media isn't real time marketing, it's reactive marketing, and there is no strategy.
On chasing social trends, "It's not real marketing, it's reactive marketing" - Scott Stratten
#HCIC16 Context of the platform matters as much as context of the message. Yes! 
The millennials are coming, The millennials are coming!
When we say millennials we don't even know what we mean. We just fear youth.
Millennials have something we don't have. Hope!
Dear millennials: pencil joke refers to how we had to manually rewind cassettes. You're welcome. :)
We forget that we are in healthcare, an industry that changes lives daily.
We are in an industry that affects lives. Most others have to find motivation elsewhere.
But for real: good take on generations, how to reach them and planning vs. being reactive from
We get very territorial about how we communicate. Should be finding out who our audiences are & be there with an open ear.
The only communication that matters is the one that is for the customer that needs it.
It shouldn't be "this is how you reach us," rather, "how do you want to be reached?" Only the patients' preferred channel matters.

19 quotes and paraphrased interpretations of comments made by Scott Stratten of @unmarketing

The following were culled from tweets shared during Scott's session titled: Everything Has Changed and Nothing is Different.

“If we can't trust the exosystem of the Internet, then the system doesn't work. @unmarketing on paid fake reviews at #HCIC16”

“Integrity is not a renewable resource. You don't get it back quarterly.”

“It's not about what the hospital wants; it's about what consumers want. Need to focus on how pts want to communicate.”

“Match the communication preference of the customer, not your communication preference”
“Negative reviews are solved simply by one thing. Response. People want validation that they were heard”

“Not every metric is a good metric. It's our job to avoid vanity metrics. They sound good but amount to nothing.” 

“We are creating a stereotype with millennials and it's not fair.”

"Can we stop stealing stuff and sharing it in hopes it goes viral for a vanity metric that doesn't matter" 

"I saw a blog post that says millennials don't like meetings." @unmarketing "What? Nobody likes meetings!" 

"The worst kind of patient complaint is the one you don't hear."  Participate and respond. 

 “Video can actually hurt your brand - due to the unforgiving nature of video, not to mention live video.” 

“What are we trying to say and does it make sense to say it through this medium? Content context matters. “ 

"You guys are lucky. You are in an organization that changes lives." Not everyone has that.”

“We are in an industry that affects lives. Most others have to find motivation elsewhere. “

“The worst kind of patient complaint is the one you cannot hear. Your brand becomes unanswered complaints” 

“We trust strangers' reviews before an organization's. Ethics matters. “ 

“Your brand is whatever words come out of a person’s mouth“

“If we're not going to do it very well, then why are we doing it? @unmarketing on live video, 360 cameras, VR and AR”

“If you're in patient care, then care. @unmarketing #nof1”

That's All Folks!

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