Thursday, December 15, 2016

Collection of Predictions about Healthcare & Healthcare Technology in 2017

Here We Go Again!

It’s the time of year when all the industry leaders, professionals, consultants, prophets, clairvoyants, luminaries and doyens share their predictions on what to expect in healthcare and healthcare information technology for the following year. Since last year’s collection of predictions and trends was one of my more popular shares, I thought I’d do it again.

So here you are: a healthy sampling of what's predicted for the healthcare space in 2017. If I can scrounge up some time, I may go through last year’s predictions and see how many of those predictions for 2016 were spot on, partially achieved or not even close.

Note: I will update this post with new posts on 2017 trends and predictions as I find them.

Predictions & Trends for 2017

“2017 Healthcare IT Predictions – Part 1” Added: 2/4/17

“Predictions For an Unpredictable Year” Added: 2/4/17

“Five predictions for health tech and services in 2017” Added: 2/4/17

“6 Healthcare Predictions for 2017” Added: 2/4/17

Top 10 Predictions: Healthcare Industry Changes for 2017”  Added: 1/12/17

“4 Predictions for Health It in the Next Decade” Added: 1/12/17

“DirectTrust Outlines Five Health Information Technology Trends to Watch in 2017” Added: 1/12/17

“Predictions for the year ahead: healthcare IT suppliers on 2017” Added: 1/12/17

“Predictions for the year ahead: UK digital health leaders on 2017” Added: 1/12/17

9 Healthcare Predictions For 2017” Added: 1/7/17

“2017 Technology Trends to Watch in the Health Industry” Added: 1/7/17

“Health Care Predictions 2017: Preparing for another upheaval” Added: 1/7/17

“10 Predictions for Health IT in 2017” (Based on IDC list) Added: 1/7/17

“The Biggest, Boldest Health Predictions For 2017—Crowdsourced From You” Added: 1/7/17

“Eight digital health predictions for 2017” Added: 1/7/17

“SCIO Health Analytics Releases Predictions on 2017 Healthcare Market Trends” Added: 1/7/17

“Health Care Predictions 2017: Preparing for another upheaval” Added: 01/04/17

“Top 4 Healthcare IT Predictions for 2017”  Added: 01/04/17

“Healthcare Data 2017: Top 8 Predictions” Added: 01/04/17

“Top 5 Predictions for Mobile Health in 2017” Added: 01/04/17

“Eight digital health predictions for 2017” Added: 01/04/17

“5 of the top issues for the healthcare industry in 2017” Added: 01/04/17

2017 in Life Sciences: The Transition to Outcome Based Care Continues” Added: 12/29/16

“5 healthcare technology predictions for 2017 from Connexica” Added: 12/29/16

“2017 Healthcare Trends Forecast: Spok Leaders Weigh In” Added: 12/29/16

“2017 Predictions from Healthcare Leaders Across the Country” Added: 12/28/16

“10 Predictions for How the Healthcare Industry Will Change in 2017” Added: 12/22/16

“4 Business Trends to Watch in the Insurance Industry for 2017” Added: 12/22/16

“Post-Election Predictions for the Healthcare Industry” Added: 12/22/16

“7 (plus 1) predictions for healthcare IT in 2017” Added: 12/20/16

“5 Digital Health Predictions for 2017” Added: 12/20/16

“Predictions for 2017 in Physical Therapy & Healthcare” Added: 12/20/16

“Healthcare Winners and Losers for 2017” Added: 12/17/16

“2017 Predictions: Big Data, Digital, and Virtual Care Key to Engage Healthcare’s Empowered Consumer” Added: 12/17/16

“Coming Soon to Your Hospital: IoT, Cognitive Computing, Robots and More Ransomware” Added: 12/17/16

“Tom Main and Welltok’s Jeff Margolis Make Their 2017 Predictions”Added: 12/15/16

Originally Posted List Starts Here

“5 Healthcare IT Trends to Watch In 2017”

"Top health industry issues of 2017: A year of uncertainty and opportunity"

"Uncertainty. Opportunity. It'll all be there for healthcare in 2017, PwC says"

"Upcoming Trends and Innovations in Healthcare IT 2017"

"What to Watch: Health Care Trends for 2017"

"Healthcare Industry Trends to Watch"

“8 Health Tech Challenges and Opportunities in 2017”

"List Top 10 predictions for IT in 2017 and beyond"

"IDC releases top 10 predictions for healthcare and IT is in the driver's seat"

"Healthcare Technology Trends for 2017"

"These Trends Could Reshape Healthcare Tech in the Very Near Future"

"7 Bold Predictions for Healthcare in 2017"

"Healthcare CFOs weigh in on 2017 challenges, trends in latest surveys"

"5 healthcare technology trends taking center stage in 2017"

"Medical Cost Trend - 2017"

"How Consolidation Will Impact Hospitals and Health Systems in 2017"

"Healthcare Predictions for 2017"

“2017: A year of emerging technologies, partnerships and value-based care”

Following on "Marketing" is very interesting:
"3 Mega Trends for Healthcare Marketers to Leverage in 2017"

Is all of the above just a Fool's Errand?

Happy New Year!

As 2016 winds down, I’d like to thank those of you who’ve visited this blog, engaged with me via other digital channels and in real life, and who have followed me on Twitter. I wish you the best of health, wealth and happiness in 2017.

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