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What Do You Want #HIMSS17 Attendees to Share? And What's Your Single Most Important Takeaway?

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This year's annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition will likely be the largest HIMSS Conference ever held and is certain to be a HUGE event that may easily overwhelm the most seasoned conference attendee.

In an effort to help people with Maximizing the #HIMSS17 Experience – Whether Attending Physically or Virtually," I hosted the most recent #HITsm tweet chat to solicit ideas, tips and suggestions.  

Since Friday's #HITsm chat, I've shared three posts:

"Stand Out Topics, Technologies, Presentations & Exhibitors at #HIMSS17"

"Live-Streaming, Live-Tweeting, and Internet Services at Conferences Like #HIMSS17"

In this post I’ll share responses from Topic #4 & Topic #5:

Topic #4: What type of content, info, and/or media do you want those attending the #HIMSS17 conference to share via their social channels?

Anything that may be of general interest to a wide range of people that is not readily available to everyone.  
Content I look for are workflow editors. Great to see a drawing of workflow, then it being executed by workflow engine: powerful!  
My goals are to find colleagues who fully understand #patientengagement + its potential to transform #healthcare  
What are you wow'd about??? Anything - could be a person, speaker, session, product, booth, event, Disney ride...  #wow  
Content is King
Support articles for talks/sessions that dive deeper into the topic! I love a good research read after an inspirational talk!  
Hard to narrow down, but summaries of conversations/meetings be good. Share what's actually happening, not just hype.  
Tweet-style "book" reports So much information - so little time! I'd like to see what's going on @ sessions I can’t attend.  
Elevate poignant themes surprises in key areas, love links/videos – looking forward to follow up sessions to continue sharing 
Snippets on most compelling content from thought ldrs: #Interoperability, #digitalhealth, care del redesign, VBP, CDS tools, #AI  
Results-oriented content that conveys a proven value proposition with measurable outcomes  
Shiny Objects Get Attention? (A pic is worth how many words?)
(1) Anything that strikes them as something they have never seen or heard before. 2) Pictures/Memes 3) People having fun! 
Would love to see poignant quotes, stats. Images & video that gives us a glimpse of the firsthand experience of #HIMSS17!  
Infographics post show to quantify impact and outcomes of connecting 40k people to improve #healthcare :)  
I like images & commentary from #HIMSS17 sessions & presentations – and links to slide decks and long-form content  
Grab Bag of Topic #4
If only exhibitors adopted the social media best practices we supplied them... (shaking head)  
I wish exhibitors would lay off the "Come see us in Booth whatever" tweets - tell me why I should come see you & maybe I will.  
Best marketing would be - how does this product make my work and life for my patients easier 
I like to know about interesting presentations & “sales pitches” from those who’ve actually experienced them.  
It’s getting harder & harder to sift through all the chaff. So much pure trash is shared – often by those who should know better.  
Ask for advice! Ask your friends for tips and start your research there. #ModernMonday  
Keep the communications coming about private events and meetup's! I want to hear about #stories #connections #ideas #news  

Topic #5: If you could ask a #HIMSS17 conference attendee to share w/ you only one thing from the conference, what would it be?
Given your investment of time & money, do you think the #HIMSS17 conference was worth it?  
1) Follow up on networking contacts 2) new opportunities 3) Review new learnings (Hopefully!) 
I'd ask the #HealthITChicks moms - what solution did you see & think "wow!" that would actually make my life easier? 
Lots! Def @EricTopol and @drnic1 cuz they made #pinksocks  @ #himss15 
The top 3-5 things that they learned AT or FROM #HIMSS17?
From @HIMSS, we try to highlight best takeaways to minimize pure Twitter transcription. Best to find a balance to meet all needs  
I'm doing the mile walk (otherwise known as visiting the #HIMSS17 exhibit hall). 
I want to know how you're going to use what you learned at #himss17. We go to learn, but how do we apply the knowledge?  
Who was the most interesting person you met, how did you meet and why were they interesting.  
Who inspired you the most and why?  
Which #HIMSS17 vendor has product/service that’ll help majority of healthcare consumers & patients engage w/ their health?  
Or…What are the Lat/Lon coordinates within the #HIMSS17 convention center where I can get the BEST internet connection?  
While it is an improvement, I do not see the #patientvoice being used strategically  
What are the top 3 things you're most excited to act on when you get back home from #HIMSS17  
I want to hear #HIMSS17 attendees' health IT stories. #IHeartHIT
I did a blog with some #HIMSS17 advice. Gotta have a plan. http://blog.galenhealthcare.stfi.re/2017/02/01/himss17_advice/

Thanks to all #HITsm chat participants! 

I'd like to offer special thanks to the following participants who generally run 'under the radar' but consistently offer great thought leadership. 

Thanks Y'all!

For more ideas, tips and thoughts about maximizing the value of the 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, check back here over the next few days and consider following me and @ShimCode and @HITConfGuy on Twitter.

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