Monday, March 27, 2017

Learn Something Insightful About Healthcare in 2017 or Earn $10 for Your Charity

The “Industry Pulse” is a popular label often used to grab your attention. If you Google “2017 and ‘Industry Pulse’” you’ll get about FIVE MILLION hits mentioning everything from popular trends in architecture to popular furniture purchased by Generation Z – and most everything and everyone in between.

Everyone and everything in every industry has a pulse. Who doesn’t have a pulse? And who doesn't want to know the pulse of the industry in which they operate?

The Healthcare Industry Pulse Beats Fast

Late last year, the Healthcare Executive Group and Change Healthcare surveyed about 150 healthcare executives, middle managers, consultants, thought-leaders, a few self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ and a couple ‘servant grunts’ like me and they completed a lengthy survey about the key opportunities, challenges, issues and risks facing healthcare in 2017.

The results of the Industry Pulse research survey will be revealed this week Wednesday, March 29th via a free webinar presented by two knowledgeable people - Ferris Taylor (HCEG Board Member) and Chris Link (Change Healthcare Consultant) - who were both deeply involved throughout the entire research survey process: from inception, planning, survey design, data acquisition, analysis, creation of results and delivery.

Now’s Your Chance to Learn More

I’ve been privy to a portion of the early survey results and I’m confident that those who attend the webinar will think the information, insight and ideas that’ll be shared on Wednesday, March 29th at 2:00pm ET will be well worth their time.

In fact, I’m so sure of the value of the information to be provided during this webinar – and afterwards to those wanting more – that I’ll personally donate $10.00 to a charity of choice on behalf of each person attending the webinar who doesn’t honestly think the information shared is insightful or has some practical application to their healthcare mission.

All I ask is that an honest opinion and feedback on the webinar be shared back to me.

Register Here

You can register for the webinar here.

To be sure, most people who know me understand that I’m not someone who readily touts fluffy stuff. I don’t readily brag on the work of others – particularly from large companies. Indeed, I’m actually a pretty critical individual and, I suppose, an overly cynical person. So this offer is quite extraordinary for me. I want to emphasize how confident I am of the value that will be shared on Wednesday by the Healthcare Executive Group and Change Healthcare.

Putting My Money Where Your Opinion Is

If you attend this webinar and you honestly don’t think the information that's shared is ‘good,’ then just send your name and which charity you’d like me to make a $10 donation on your behalf to

To be sure, I do not have any financial interest in this webinar - whether one or 1000 people attend this webinar – I am that confident in the value of The Industry Pulse survey results. This may not sound like a lot to some people but I’m sharing this offer with over 14,000 of my followers, everyone reading this blog post and ALL of Twitter. And I’m most certainly not a wealthy person. Theoretically I'm risking $140,000 with my pledge! :)

Enlighten Yourself

Register to learn about The 7th Annual Industry Pulse Research Survey- This Wednesday, 3/29 @ 2:00pm ET!

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