Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary ICD-10 Thoughts – Late at Night

Before the night passed, I thought I’d build upon some of the craziness and silliness of ICD-10 codes. Who came up with these codes?  What was their reasoning?  Were they just daft? Am I just daft?  Or is it just you that's daft?

To be sure, you can search the following for all the 'scary' and 'silly' ICD-10 codes noted below:

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“X17” - Contact with hot engines, machinery and tools

{The nightmare of every ‘Real Man” and ‘Way Cool Woman’}

“Y35.3” - Legal intervention involving blunt objects

{Make sure you pay off that loan you took out last week or you may get a visit from Guido and Annunzio}

“Y87.2” - Sequelae of events of undetermined intent

{Think about it! – “undetermined intent!  Has an “undetermined intent’ ever happened to you before?” Who’d know? And learn up on that new word: “Sequelae?”}

“Y02” - Assault by pushing or placing victim before moving object 

{Remember Jim Carrey & the Sliding Door in “Ace Ventura?” If not, watch here: }
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Too much sugar tonight? Eh?

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