Monday, October 10, 2011

What Dr. Seuss Might Have Said About ICD-10

These last few weeks have wrought a lot of fun and silliness about definitions of the new ICD-10 diagnoses codes. Ya gotta admit there's been a lot of coverage and funnin' about it all. The site sponsored by 3M - and a few other ICD-10 sites - have posted quite a few funny and informative posts about ICD-10 diagnoses and related humor.

So yesterday was Fall Break. One of my kids brought up the wisdom of Dr. Seuss in a round about way and I thought: How apropos! Who might provide some terse insight and humor? Dr. Seuss!  Of course!

So what would Dr. Seuss (God rest his soul) have thought about all this ICD-10 joking/craziness?  Most surely something witty and wise? Of course he would!

Permit me to take a guess and make up a few Dr. Seuss-Ism's. (Indeed, I honor Dr. Seuss and only wish I was 1/1,000,000,000 as witty as he was)

What Dr. Seuss Might Have Said About ICD-10

1. "Will ICD-10 succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! 98 and three-quarters percent guaranteed!"

2. "ICD-9 has been truer than true. ICD-10 is newer than new. And deeply known by only a few."

3. "Don't shed tears for ICD-9 passing away, go with the sway, give a cheer - ICD-10 is coming our way!" 

4. "ICD-10 is not a diagnostic count down!  ICD-10 is a healthcare reform count up! ....ICD-7, ICD-8, ICD-9, ICD-10 and perhaps ICD-11? Oh, the ICD versions you can think!"

Oh the places we're all going!

All due respect

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