Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Does your Project Require a Project Manager with ICD-10 Expertise?

In my opinion, the answer to this question depends on a number of factors unique to each company:

What is the project management culture at the organization?
A company with a well-developed and entrenched project management methodology may be able to benefit from a PM having more developed ICD-10 expertise because the PM will not have to spend so much time on team management, administration and control activities; rather these tasks and activities will be spread across the team.
Are there ICD-10 specific methodologies, resources and tools available for the PM and team members to use?
A company that has acquired ICD-10 specific methodologies, templates, 3rd party resources and tools for its PM and team to utilize may be able to get by with a PM having little or no ICD-10 expertise as the PM and team members can “acquire” ICD-10 knowledge and expertise from the methodologies, templates, tools, etc.
How big is the project?
A large project may be better served with a project manager having very strong, well-developed project management skills who’s supported by other ICD-10 knowledgeable resources. The administration, analysis, control and reporting requirements demanded by a large project may preclude the PM from being involved in ICD-10-specific efforts and decisions.
What other project resources will be closely aligned with the project manager?
A project staffed with ICD-10 knowledgeable resources that are closely aligned with the PM and in lead positions would potentially obviate the need for the PM to have ICD-10 expertise.
Is there a culture of sharing, information exchange and knowledge curation at the company?
A team that shares information among its members, has systems to capture and curate information and rewards its team members for educating, training and supporting each other would have less need for a PM highly skilled in ICD-10.
So whether your ICD-10 project is currently underway or in the planning stages, I suggest you give some thought as to the level and extent of ICD-10 knowledge and expertise needed by your project manager and team members.

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