Wednesday, August 22, 2012

7 Things Your ICD-10 Product or Service Vendor Should Share with You

If you’re organization must comply with the ICD-10 mandate, it’s certain that it'll have some sort of dependence on one or more external vendors also faced with complying with the ICD-10 mandate.  If you haven’t already made yourself comfortable with your vendor's ICD-10 compliance efforts, you need to begin that process as soon as possible.

The following are some key bits of information you should consider asking your vendors and keep requesting from them until you get their response.  Hopefully you’ll like and accept your vendor’s response to these needs.

Key Things To Pry From Your Vendor(s)
1. Whether the product/service supports both ICD-9 and ICD-10
-     If so, you’ll want to understand by what means or method their dual use capabilities will be delivered; and decide early on if and how you'll implement their approach.
2. When they plan to start customer review and beta testing
-     Depending on your readiness, you may want to be first in line.  Or maybe you'll want to wait for other customers to work out the inevitable kinks.
3. When they plan to complete customer review and beta testing
-     Make sure you sign up within the available customer review and beta testing window. I suspect many vendors will be overloaded and you don't want to be late to the party.
4. The estimated date for having their product available for customer review and installation 

-    This is a key piece of information that you’ll want to work into your roadmap and project plan. 

5. What training, release information and support materials they’ll provide to customers
-     Will your vendor hold your hand or are you largely on your own?
6. Information on the vendor's customer outreach and communication plan
-     Be sure to sign up to receive information and/or participate in any overviews, seminars, workshops, etc.
7. Whether or not your vendor actively participates in local or national user and trade groups
-     Consider partnering with other organizations that use the vendor’s product. Share information and spread the effort to leverage outcomes.
Ask Early and Don’t Quit Until You Get Clear Responses!
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