Monday, October 1, 2012

5 Thoughts about Day #1 of AHIMA’s 2012 Conference in Chicago

The 84th AHIMA Convention & Exhibit started yesterday in my birthplace and home for the first 35 years of my life.  I attended in spirit via communications with friends and social media.  Here are some #AHIMACon12 tagged tweets from the first day that I think share some of the spirit of Day #1 of AHIMA’s 2012 convention.
Opening Thoughts

@MichellePaster: Enjoyed the opening night at #AHIMACon12! Excited to see what the sessions and exhibit bring today!

@HITExchange: The Annual Convention Opens w. Call For Improved Health Info Governance to Unify Standards for #EHR:

@Brad_Justus: An Interview With AHIMA's CEO Gives Convention Highlights  

@SmyrnaGirl: Really impressed with @AHIMAResources' use of social media at conference. Pic:  

Some Useful Business Thoughts

@Daymarck: Audit records to determine if documentation supports level of detail required says Joan Usher
@SmyrnaGirl: Providers face too many conflicting deadlines - they really need to prioritize so #ICD10 gets done properly - @DeloitteHealth

@SmyrnaGirl: Providers, don't let 10/1/2014 give you false sense of security - you'll need every minute for training/testing/transitioning
@SmyrnaGirl: Metrics/analytics seem key to helping providers see the relation between accurate coding and accurate reimbursement

@ceckenrodt: ICD10 prep: Run data report to identify top ICD9 codes used in MD practice now. Lots of NOS or NEC codes? Fill gaps now!
Some Thoughts about Privacy…Shhh!!!

@LarryLin: "Take care of people, take care of equipment, pay attention to detail, have balance". General R's philosophy.

@LarryLin: General Rubinstein's summary slide at  

@DonFluckinger: when #HIPAA omnibus rule comes out, patients who report providers potentially can share in monetary awards

@DonFluckinger: mobile device security lags far behind in health care. #ONC privacy officer: "Not right."

@LarryLin: Joy Pritts- disproportionate breaches are about mobile devices

@DrZahwa: Excellent presentation from @ONC_HealthIT at the planting the idea that privacy & security must be leadership driven everywhere.

@LarryLin: Joy Pritts - adding privacy/security audit outcomes to staff's performance evaluation.

@ReginaHolliday: I have now passed 6 booths focused on Data privacy and not one on data sharing. 

Some Minor #Fails

 @ReginaHolliday: Asked the folks about blue button in VA booth and they had trouble recalling it #fail

 @LarryLin: Someone can help the bass drummer with a music counting lesson.  ;-D Oddities at #MiniFail

Some Thoughts on Eats, Excitement & Entertainment

@bridgefront: @billians: @billians: Beautiful sunrise here in Chicago! Bodes well for a great day. Pic:  

@Brad_Justus: (@ The Original Pancake House) [pic]:  

@abbadox: Are there restaurants you HAVE to visit while you're in town? <= Gino's East for Pan Pizza

@PrecyseTweets: The servers at our party last night wore these buttons to promote the signature drink, ICD Potion 10. #ICD10.
@Y'all: Remember what Bill Swerski always told Chicago Super Fans: Be sure ta chew dose porkchops before ya swallow 'em. ( one tweeted this...I'm just tellin' ya it's good for you'se)

More Thoughts Tomorrow – Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Check back tomorrow for info on Day 2.  You can also check out the #AHIMACon12 hashtag and related information offered up by the nice folks at

See the following for detailed info on #AHIMACon12:

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