Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Thoughts about Day #2 of AHIMA’s 2012 Conference in Chicago

AHIMA’s 2012 Conference in Chicago - two days down – one day to go.  Here are some #AHIMACon12 tagged tweets from Day #2 of AHIMA’s 2012 convention that I thought were interesting and not just vendor marketing.  Yesterday I posted some Tweets from Day #1 here. See also AHIMA articles and posts related to 2012 convention
Introductory Thoughts

@Brad_Justus: Chicago At Night http://t.co/hlX0FQCu
@ehrandhit: Another beautiful day in Chicago at #AHIMACon12

@LarryLin: It's a beautiful morning in Chicago. [pics] #LakeFrontSunrise  http://t.co/vDJ8QY6u    http://t.co/cTlkaIcr  http://t.co/GMYU7eiL  

@AHIMAResources: Join leaders in healthcare, business, academia, gov & workforce development discussing the future of healthcare innovation

@Kristi_Eells: How's everyone enjoying #AHIMAcon12? Learning a lot from following the tweets,  seems like it’s all about #data this yr! #healthIT

Thoughts and Quotes from Presentations

@AHIMAResources: Pres Elect @kafrawley emphasized that HIM prof's has never been more important.

@KenOnHIT: Quotes from #AHIMAcon12 - "#EHR systems will come and go, but your data won't. It must be solid." - Scott Bennett

@Pattytsheridan: Kathleen Frawley Urges HIM professionals to believe in themselves

@KenOnHIT: Quotes from #AHIMAcon12 - "Nationally, only 40% of rejected Medicare claims are appealed" - Karen Bowden

@KenOnHIT: Quotes from #AHIMAcon12 - "Transcription isn't going away. It is simply evolving." - Randy Drawas

@Kristi_Eells: @LarryLin good point - it can be tough to sift through tweets to find 'real' content. What's been your fav part so far?

@LarryLin: "What can Pirates Teach us" about Innovation, Mr. Yu. He worked in healthcare investments before.  http://t.co/2TNAmZiM  

@AHIMAResources: Invention does not equal innovation- Wil Yu, @HlthInnovation

@Cascadia: What value does coding add to healthcare? As we move away from fee for service will ICD10 be a dinosaur? 

@djna09: Innovation is measured by Value - Wil Yu

@DonFluckinger: Cleveland clinic: outcomes=data. Improving data=improved outcomes. That idea set off massive documentation improvement project

@DonFluckinger: Data governance among health care providers suddenly is becoming an issue. Now #EHR systems in place, the work's just starting

@LarryLin: CMS Innovation Center goals - Global Payment for dual eligible, Pioneer ACOs, Advance payment, ComprePrimary Care, BundPayment

@LjkMModal: Dr. Juergen Fritsch: keys to success for the ACO...know your population. Enable collaboration...feedback to physicians.

@LjkMModal: Engage physicians in improving documentation on front-end to drive more useful, quality records. Juergen Fritsch, PhD.

Some Thoughts about Winning & Not-winning (aka. Little Fails)

@ehrandhit: Always the best strategy for a conference. Find smart people and listen.

@ehrandhit: Big props to the #AHIMAcon12 press support people.  100 times better than last year.  Makes my job a lot easier.

@KenOnHIT: Two things noticeably absent at this years' #AHIMAcon12 - Dr. J at the Cardone booth and The Scarf King.

@LarryLin: (speaker does much better when he isn't looking down on his notes ... can engage audience better. #BestPracticePublicSpeaking )

@SmyrnaGirl: Majorly bummed there is no coat/bag check at #AHIMACon12!

Fun Thoughts

@3MHISNews: 3M caricatures are up online - check it out => http://bit.ly/OBtjqi Haven't gotten yours yet? Head over to booth 1000!

@3MHISNews: In the Windy City and not sure what to see at #AHIMACon12? Our cheat sheet's got you covered. http://bit.ly/QAwAod  #healthIT

@ehrandhit: Good times with @brad_Justus at #ahimacon12 http://ow.ly/i/ZfPc

Side Note: I gotta believe one of these guys left without their wallet or watch – just not sure which one. :)  

Closing Thoughts

@ReginaHolliday: "Under one tent" a painting for #AHIMAcon12 http://t.co/UmbhYKYI

@ReginaHolliday: "The Launch" the final painting for #AHIMAcon12 http://twitpic.com/b0h8mc  

@AHIMAResources: This is the most exciting time in our professional history- @kafrawley http://ow.ly/i/ZbbC

@IronMountain: One more day of #AHIMACon12, but there's still time to make the most of the city! Check out Your Insider's Guide: http://bit.ly/P6zf6c  

Check back tomorrow for More Deep Thoughts on Day 3

You can also check out the #AHIMACon12 hashtag and related information offered up by the nice folks at SymplurSee their page on #AHIMACon12


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