Tuesday, October 2, 2012

8 Things Pediatricians (and other physicians) Need to Know about ICD-10…

This post is a quick attempt to share some important topics, considerations and ideas as to why physicians – in this case Pediatricians – need to start paying attention to how ICD-10 will impact their practices, their patients and their livelihood.  The impetus for this post came from an agenda that was pushed to me: ICD-10 seminar for Pediatricians.
I’ve culled this agenda and I’m sharing agenda session titles I think are important to pediatricians – really all physicians for that matter.  I’ve left the agenda's session titles as they are presented in the above link (See bolded items below) and I’ve shortened session descriptions. In some cases, I've added my opinion. 

To be clear, I’m not endorsing this company, the seminar or its speakers. I go to great lengths to not endorse any company on this blog. Indeed, I've come across many of these ICD-10/Coding Seminars yetthis one stands out as particularly spot on with what they purport to convey. I’m merely highlighting parts I think all you docs and office staff should be aware of.  I hope this is useful.
Coding for Your Valuable Time

…audit proof pathway to get paid for time based work - only if medically necessary and well documented.

Push your coding from 99213 to 99214 and 99215

…pediatricians may under-code for the work they do. …tools and knowledge to code ethically and optimally for the every-day E&M services.

Set Your Prices Fairly and Easily

…RBRVS dominates the payer landscape, few understand how it works or how it’s useful.

Pediatricians Do Provide Procedures…Code for Them!

… reviews procedures pediatric clinicians provide, details specific guidelines for coding and documenting these important services provided in the medical home.

Who Wants to Be A Coding Millionaire?

…I’m not sure presenting coding as a way to become a millionaire is a good idea

Modifiers That Get You Paid!

…Like I’m not sure presenting coding as a way to become a millionaire is a good idea – I’m not advocating playing with modifiers. But you need to know how to be compliant with units versus modifiers, procedure modifiers, and modifier 59.

Start Prepping for ICD-10 with Pediatric Top Changes

…You oughta damn well know the top diagnoses you’ll use for ICD-10.  And how they will impact your EMR and superbill!

EMR Use in the Pediatric Practice: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

…seriously?  You need to go to a coding seminar to learn about the importance of an EHR?

My Hope (and another disclaimer) 

Is that this information has been helpful to all you physicians who really need to get on top of this ICD-10 stuff straightaway. And hopefully the people putting on this seminar aren’t mad at me for my thinking they are one of the few that seem to have it going on. Remember…I am not endorsing this company…just curating content in an attempt to educate and share the wealth.

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