Thursday, October 4, 2012

Few Thoughts from Final Day of 2012 AHIMA Convention in Chicago

Done! AHIMA’s 2012 Conference in Chicago – last day – none to go. Here are some #AHIMACon12 tagged tweets from the Last Day of AHIMA’s 2012 convention. I posted some Tweets from Day #1 and Day #2.
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Start of Last Day
@3MHISNews: Good morning, #AHIMACon12 attendees! What are you looking forward to on day 3?

@AHIMAResources: #AHIMA Convention Exhibit Hall: A Place to Learn, Network, Have Fun:
@SmyrnaGirl: Tweeting away at #AHIMACon12? I'll be sharing tips on using social media at tradeshows in the next @DodgeComm webinar:

@aneeshchopra: Preparing for my remarks at #AHIMACon12 - if you are here, I would love to respond to your questions - so pls post 'em!


@DrZahwa: Question for Mr. Chopra, what's the role of Govt (open govt) in setting health data interoperability standards?

@ehrandhit: @ReginaHolliday @kaitbr @donfluckinger might want to start with why to tweet and it's ok to tweet.

@SunnyBeach2000: @AHIMAResources How important is it for HIM professionals to get engaged? You mentioned Public Hearings in Congress? 


@AHIMAResources: Find recaps of all the #AHIMACon12 action in AHIMA Today digital edition. Members, check yr email 4 ths wk’s Special E-Alerts & the link.

@billians: @ehrandhit: A Video Tour Around AHIMA’s Exhibit Floor   #AHIMACon12

@CMInfoSpec: Have you read the Journal of AHIMA this month? Check out the article "Exploring the Remote Release of Information" by our CEO

@ReginaHolliday: @kaitbr @donfluckinger @ehrandhit Well I told #AHIMAcon12 to invite me back next year and I would host a how to tweet session...

RT @emrcomparison: And the #AHIMACon12 Winner Is …: … ICD-10 by a landslide. For those of you wondering whether “upcoding” might ju...

@IronMountain: What was the best part of AHIMA? Tweet us your thoughts using #AHIMACon12!

A Bad Idea: Telling People Not to Use Social Media

@ehrandhit: @DonFluckinger @ReginaHolliday might be because last year a session told them not to use social media.

See You Next Year!

@NUAN_Healthcare: Hard to believe #ahimacon12 is done...until next year!  Thanks for all the lessons learned re: #cac #cdi #healthit

@billians: Looking forward to seeing our #AHIMACon12 friends in our hometown of Atlanta next year for #AHIMACon13!

@AHIMAResources: Thank you for attending #AHIMACon12!  We're headed South y'all!  Save the date. #AHIAMCon13 will be held in Atlanta, GA October 26-30, 2013

@MHJConn: AHIMA 2012 is adjourned.  Former White House CTO Aneesh Chopra gave the closing keynote. Says "Auto Blue Button" is coming in 90 days
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  1. Nice summary. Too bad the Twitter stream didn't have richer content from the event. Far too many weren't tweeting and then you have those like me that are so busy meeting and learning that we don't tweet much.

    I have a bunch more AHIMA 2012 videos coming.


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