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Social Media Leaders in the Great ICD-10 Discussion

Last week Phil Dolan interviewed Carl Natale on the subject of using social media to share and/or acquire information about ICD-10. You can see the 2-part interview here: Part 1 and Part 2

As someone who works in, studies and shares ICD-10 information on a regular basis using social media, I thought I’d share some information as to how I leverage social media to both acquire and share useful ICD-10 education, planning, assessment, remediation and testing information. In this 1st part of my 2 part post, I’ll identify who I believe are the social media leaders among the various categories Carl outlined in his interview. In the 2nd part I’ll share techniques and tips for locating and sharing ICD-10 information via social media channels.
I don’t represent anyone other than myself; I am not a Vendor, Government Organization, Provider, Association Community Manager or Payer – although I will say my knowledge and perspective are largely focused from the perspective of a payer and risk-bearing provider. Also, the ICD-10 social media sources listed here are not intended to be an exhaustive list - just a sampling of what ai think are good sources..
What Entities Share ICD-10 Information via Social Media?

Most players in the ICD-10 space are sharing information using social media and using multiple different media and channels to do so.  Moreover, as Carl notes, each player category seems to have a common social media profile and editorial agenda. Some of these entities offer a wide range of media formats including tweets, newsletters, email updates, pod casts, webinars, conference calls and even a talk radio show.
Federal & State Government
Part B News: @PartBNews On Twitter      Their Blog
State Medicaid: (Created by Noblis)  A treasure trove of ICD-10 information!

Industry Associations
AAPC: @aapcstaff OnTwitter   Their ICD-10 Blog Also, AAPC has recently created an ICD-10 discussion forum.  It’s new and unproven but I’ll share it here. 

American Hospital Association: @AHAHospitals On Twitter   Their ICD-10Blog  

Pennsylvania Medical Society: @PAMEDSociety On Twitter    Their ICD-10Blog
Tennessee Medical Association: @TNMed on Twitter  Their Web Site
Wisconsin ICD-10 Partnership:   Not On Twitter  Their Web Site
Sponsored Communities (Vendor backed)
These are interesting hybrids of vendors and industry associations.
ICD10 Watch:    @ICD10Watch On Twitter     Their Web Site  (3M) 

ICD10 Monitor: @ICD10_Monitor On Twitter Their Web Site (OptumInsight) 

ICD10 Hub:       @ICD10Hub On Twitter         Their Web Site  (AAPC & Navicure) 

Technical Publishers/Magazines

Healthcare Finance News: @HFNewsTweet On Twitter      Their Web Site

Information Week Healthcare:    @m_mcknicle On Twitter    Their Web Site  

Physician Business Technology: @PhysBizTech on Twitter   Their Web Site

Vendors & Consultants Representing Vendors
Vendors (some with loosely-coupled front-ment) are incredibly active in social media, partly for reputation management but mostly to promote their business and develop a pipeline (IMO).
3M:                @3MHISNew      Their Web Site 

athenahealth: @athenahealth      Their Blog 

Brad Justus:   @Brad_Justus      His Web Site

BridgeFront:  @BridgeFront      Their Web Site

Edifecs:          @EdifecsToday  Their Resource Library                

HC Pro Inc:    @HCPro_Inc      Their Resource Library  

Elsevier:         @ICD10Online  Their Web Site

Jim Denny:     @J_Denny         Navicure's Web Site

Ken Bradley:  @Ken_Bradley  Navicure's Web Site

Medical Reimbursement: @MedReimburse Their Web Site

Mike Marrigo: @marrigo            No World Border's Web Blog

Navicure:         @Navicure          Navicure's Web Site

OptumInsight: @OptumCodin    Their Resource Library

Precyse:           @PrecyseTweets    Their Web Site  

WEDI:            @WEDIonline        Their Web Site

Hate to say it but I don’t have any good recommendations in this category.  It’s dis-appointing.  I guess perhaps that’s why I do what I do.  See @ShimCode in Individuals & Untethered Consultants below. 

Providers – Institutional, Professional & Ancillary/Other
Just like Payers above, I don’t have any good recommendations in this category.  I’d like to stretch and add the American Medical Association (@AmerMedicalAssn) and the Medical Group Management Association (@MGMA) into this category but, in my opinion, neither organization provides any good ICD-10 information; at least any information you don’t have to pay for. 

Individuals & Untethered Consultants
There aren’t too many in this category.
Kristi Stanton - @codercoach On Twitter     Her Blog
Steve Sisko (Me) - @ShimCode On Twitter My Blog  (You're reading it)
I hope this information is useful.  Check out my 2nd part next Thursday where I’ll share techniques and tips for both locating and sharing ICD-10 information across various social media channels. 

Remember, it’s always better to give than receive!
Happy New Year!


  1. A follower messaged me about the following “Top 10 ICD-10 Social Media People” list that was published earlier this year.

    Most of the people on this list are among those I referenced above.

  2. The AMA Twitter handle is @AmerMedAssn not @AmerMedAssoc

  3. Thanks. It was incorrect. But actually "AmerMedicalAssn" - so thanks for flagging it as wrong.:)


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