Saturday, April 25, 2015

Being a Catalyst for Change in the American Healthcare System

The above pictures show some new “interactive art” hung the other day in the commons area of the cafeteria lobby at the company I work for: Cambia Health Solutions. The wooden circles (or discs) you see here represent Cambia’s vision to transform health care into a person-focused, sustainable system. Each hand-painted “Cambia Circle” is imbued with a call to action, personally applied by employees of Cambia. The discs attach to larger discs magnetically. On the back of each disc is a handwritten note from the person who decorated the disc.

Touch, Read, Flip & Change

People are invited to flip one over, move the circle to another panel and be inspired to change the way people experience healthcare.

Some sayings I read include:
  • Make someone laugh today
  • Introduce yourself to someone new
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Today is your day. Seize it!
  • Just breathe and relax
  • Invest in you. Make a contribution to your 401(k) account
  • Serve others
  • Take 5 minutes for yourself
These are all good, simple things most anyone can do. To me, they underscore how simple it is to change ourselves and our health. But saying these things is not enough - we must act. Do them!

I’m delighted to work for a company like Cambia Health Solutions. They truly are making a difference by involving and inspiring others to flip and change.

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  1. Way to go, Steve! I work at Cambia Health Solutions, too, and I also find daily inspiration. I flip over a disc every morning and make that my day's personal goal.


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