Friday, May 1, 2015

Rising Star Award from Technology Association of Oregon

Photo Credit: @MsSonicFlare

Yesterday the Technology Association of Oregon held an awards ceremony for Technology Companies of the Year. The Hashtag for the event was #otas15.

In the Rising Star category there were four nominees:

@HealthSparq – Informs and empowers health care consumers through an online shopping experience to help them understand their options and make better choices. Website here.

@Clinicient - Develops products to empower individuals and healthcare providers. Website here.

@Nvoicepay – Helps companies with making their accounts payable-related payments cheaper, more secure and flexible. Website here.

@Cedexis – Develops products to increase internet performance across multiple vendors, technologies and geographies. Website here.

And the Winner is....

Cedexis was the winner. I’m not sure as to the exact criteria used to determine the winner but to say the least I’m disappointed and somewhat confused. What was the “star” quality of the winners products? 

With all due respect to Cedexis (and Nvoicepay for that matter), their products hardly seem unique, special or "star quality." Faster internet is great but where’s the real benefit and differentiating factor? A faster internet would seem to most likely benefit people who already have sufficient technical and internet facilities. And as far as payments go, there are dozens of “unique” payment solutions and products out there. Faster internet and a variation on how to pay for things. These seem so "me too." And boring!

True Rising Stars

That leaves @HealthSparq and @Clinicient. To me either of these companies have true Rising Star qualities:

1. Their product(s) address a huge, underserved market. Health care is a huge part of our national GDP.

2. Not many companies offer similar services.

So yeah, I’m disappointed. Sometimes I wonder how much politics and cronyism - or the right investor connections - are involved with some of these awards. Yet I'm sure those from Cedexis and/or Nvoicepay feel otherwise. 

Disclosure. I don’t have any interest, financial or otherwise in Clinicient. I do work for Cambia Health Solutions and @HealthSparq is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cambia. And I don’t have any role with or direct connection to @HealthSparq.

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