Thursday, May 21, 2015

ICD-10 Jeopardy - Now and Then

Nuance Communication's post of today titled “It’s time to play ICD-10 Jeopardy!” reminded me of a series of Jeopardy-themed Tweets I made around Christmas 2012; not in season but timely relative to Nuance's post.

Holiday Accidents 

(Holiday Accidents for $100): Often associated w/ older, over-confident & intoxicated males hanging decorations.

(Holiday Accidents for $100): What is “W132XXA” - Fall from, out of or through roof, initial encounter.

(Holiday Accidents for $200): Avoid this potentially paralyzing condition by saying no to improperly prepared foods

(Holiday Accidents for $200): What is “A051” - Botulism food poisoning?

Xmas Movies

(Xmas Movies for $300): In Christmas Vacation, this happened to the Griswold’s cat during their holiday dinner.

(Xmas Movies for $300): What is “T754XXA”- Electrocution, initial encounter?

(Xmas Movies for $400): In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Grinch was “˜saved’ by this often fatal condition.

(Xmas Movies for $400): What is “I51.7” Cardiomegaly - hypertrophy or enlargement of the heart?

Holiday Shows

(Holiday Shows for $100) In “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie’s Mom always warned him about this code.

(Holiday Shows for $100): What is “W34118A” - Accidental malfunction of spring-operated gun, initial encounter?”

(Holiday Shows for $200) In “It’s a Wonderful Life, Young George saves his brother Harry from this watery fate.

(Holiday Shows for $200) What is “W1641XA” - Fall into unspecified water causing drowning & submersion, initial encounter?

70’s Rock Hits

(70’s Rock Hits for $100): Foreigner sings about this vision condition in their #3 hit in 1978.

(70’s Rock Hits for $100): What is “H53.2 ” - Diplopia or Double Vision?

(70’s Rock Hits for $200): Foreigner sings about this anemic condition in their #2 hit in 1978.

ICD-10 Jeopardy (70’s Rock Hits for $200): What is “D58.9 ” - Hereditary hemolytic anemia, unspecified (Hot Blooded)

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