Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Twitter Collections on a Wide Range of Healthcare, Information Technology & Other Topics

Note: The collections listed below are updated about every two weeks. Since this post was originally published, I have added approximately 2200 items across all the collections. Steve 1/4/17

Some people collect stamps, others collect coins. Still others collect glass eyeballs.  Being the healthcare IT geek that I am, I collect knowledge. And I use Twitter's "collection" feature to store my various knowledge collections.

What's a Twitter Collection?

It doesn’t appear that many people are aware of the Collections feature on Twitter. Essentially, Twitter’s collections are to tweets what Twitter lists are to people. Collections are used to collect - or group - tweets into logical categories. The tweets included in a collection can be your own or someone else’s. And the same tweet can be included in more than one collection. I’ve been using Twitter's collections feature for a couple months now and would like to share them now that they have some 'critical mass'

Note: Every day I tweet a lot of content that ends up in these collections. I'm not aware of any means to subscribe to or to follow a collection but the good thing is that new items are added to the top of the collection so it’s easy to discern new additions to a collection.

Communications and Related

Healthcare Data and Related

Healthcare Technology

General Technology
API Economy  

Integration & Standards  

QA & Testing  

Software Resources  

Tools & Apps  

If you find the information in these collections useful, consider following me on Twitter where I tweet as ShimCode.

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