Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What are Healthcare Executives Focusing on for 2017?

The Healthcare Executive Group is a members-only network of C-suite health plan and health system executives that collaborate with each other and certain other healthcare industry vendors and thought leaders to identify and promote innovation and transformation within the healthcare industry.

Every year for the past six years, the HCEG developed a ‘Top 10 List’ of the priorities and challenges considered "top of mind" for its members and their healthcare organization. The 2017 Top 10 list was recently developed during the group’s Annual Forum held in New York City last week. The HCEG news release announcing the 2017 Top 10 list can be found here.

What's On the HCEG Top 10 List?

My quick take on the Top 10 list reveals five main themes that HCEG members identified as critical to the healthcare industry:

1. Value-based Reimbursement
2. ACO’s and Analytics
3. Consumer Health & Transparency
4. Mobile Health
5. Retail Health and Care Redesign

Another Top 10 List? So What?

While a Top 10 list developed by a group of healthcare executives is certainly interesting, if taken alone it may not be perceived as having huge value. But according to HCEG’s news release today, their Top 10 list forms the basis for “examining critical issues, priorities and challenges for health plans in the post-reform era and will be complimented by a 7th annual national industry-wide survey with executive-level support from HCEG sponsors.

So, depending on how these Top 10 items are fleshed out by HCEG, its sponsors and healthcare industry thought-leaders over the next few weeks, these Top 10 items and the supporting information provided by the HCEG may very well provide unique and valuable insight to those of us working in this era of rapidly changing and advancing healthcare reform.

Check Back for More

As 2016 advances toward 2017, I’ll keep an eye on this Top 10 list and similar industry news; and I’ll be sure to share with the readers of this blog and those who follow me on Twitter. You can also follow the HCEG on Twitter.

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