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Vendors & Organizations I'm Looking Forward to Meeting at the 2017 AHIP Institute

The 2017 AHIP Institute takes place at the Austin Convention Center June 7th through the 9th. This is the 3rd AHIP Institute in a row I've been privileged to attend.

What Exhibitors Look Interesting to Me?

With all major conferences I attend, I like to share a bit of information about who and what I'm looking forward to 'seeing' and learning about - exhibitors, sessions and people.

The purpose of this blog post is to share my short list of 'must see' organizations at the AHIP Institute along with a short description as to why each organization is of interest to me.

In a future blog I'll share a list of sessions I'm looking forward to attending and why.

2017 AHIP Institute Exhibitors

Long-time Health IT Firm

Availity (1027) - @Availity -
A long-time, nuts and bolts healthcare administrative & financial transactions firm evolving into a clinical data integration outfit. Availity has established connections with many providers, patients and payers. Their ability to reach into payer and provider platforms is quite valuable.

Leveraging Social Determinants of Health

Healthify (522) - @healthifyus -
Company focusing on the importance of addressing social determinants of health. Healthify has a platform to capture and manage social determinants of health for vulnerable populations.

WellTok (807) - @WellTok -
Generates and maintains consumer & patient-specific information and connects same with available and relevant benefits, resources and rewards via personalized action plans. This outfit was founded by Jeff Margolis, a person I consider a true healthcare visionary.

Value-Based Care & Reimbursement

Let's face it. Value-based care is here to stay regardless as to what happens with the ACA. I'll venture to say that EVERY exhibitor at the AHIP Institute will have some angle on value-based care and reimbursement. These are the ones I want to learn more about.

Aver Informatics (1236) - @avercloud -
New firm helping healthcare payers and providers design, implement, and administer value-based programs.

CIOX Health (418) - @cioxhealth -
A seemingly boring, non-sexy ‘document retrieval’ firm well-positioned to benefit from value-based care and quality measurement movements. CIOX is a recent mashup of a few companies. I'm interested to learn more about the synergies they've achieved.

A company focused on leveraging quality measures and analytics for value-based care and reimbursement

Long time actuarial, risk management, clinical documentation and coding company providing the healthcare data aggregation and analysis needed for value-based programs. 

Zipari (1309) - @Ziparico
One of only a few firms providing health insurance-specific customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Zipari recently received a large investment. I think they'll be fighting or acquired by Salesforce. My opinion.

Connectors & Collaborators

CAQH (1318) - @CAQH -
Unique non-profit organization that supports healthcare transformation via collaborative and innovative programs and services. This outfit seem very open and 'giving.'

Healthcare Executive Group (321) - @HCExecgroup -
A group of mid-market healthcare executives organized to share information and advance healthcare innovation . I'll be in attendance at this booth and welcome the opportunity to share more about the Healthcare Executive Group.

Of Special Interest to Me

MarkLogic (1118) - @MarkLogic -
A developer of an enterprise NoSQL database platform I believe is positioned for a prominent role in the digital transformation of healthcare. I want to learn more about handling semi-structured and un-structured social determinants of health data.

Nitor Infotech (1039) - @nitorinfotech -

A software product engineering firm focused on assisting payers, providers and others with ‘productizing’ existing capabilities into marketable and supported COTS products. There is a lot of latent value in the legacy software and process many healthcare firms possess.

Citra (421) - @citrahealth - 
This is a company that sells the EZ-NET product that I sold to Quadramed in 1999 and that’s apparently still in use today. I'm interested in learning about their current product portfolio.

Attendee Gathering & Respite Areas

Photo Lounge (610)
Sponsored by NTT Data. Not sure what this is so of course I want to check it out. Seems like I should bring a comb?

Attendee Lounge (525)
Sponsored by Athena Health. Apparently some area to rest and refresh?

But Wait! There's More!

For a complete list of exhibitors at the 2017 AHIP Institute, their booth number and exhibit floor location, check out this interactive map.

You can also consider following me on Twitter where I share as @ShimCode. I'll be sharing more about healthcare data, technology and services leading up to, during and after the 2017 AHIP Institute in Austin.

== == == 
Note: To be sure, there are many great exhibitors and sessions at the AHIP Institute, I'm merely sharing those exhibitors and sessions that appeal to me. If you're reading this far you may think: 'Who cares Steve?' And that's okay. I ask myself the same question sometimes. :)

My AHIP Institute History
At my initial AHIP Institute in Nashville in 2015, I was honored to be among the first group of Social Media Ambassadors (SMA's) engaged by the folks at AHIP. There weren't any SMA's at last years event in Las Vegas but they are back this year. Check out the 2017 AHIP SMA's here.

While last year's event in Las Vegas didn't include social media ambassadors, I'm pleased to see that SMA's are back at this year's AHIP Institute. I was also fortunate to meet an organization in Las Vegas with whom I'll be helping out at this year's event in Austin. I look forward to sharing information and ideas about lowering healthcare costs and improving outcomes.

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