Sunday, October 18, 2015

Are your ‘healthcare rights’ met if you get just a little healthcare?

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Back on June 25 of this year, I wrote a post titled “Why is Health Care Considered a Right? Someone Please Explain.” Even though my Google stats show over 600 unique visitors at least hit that page since the day it was posted, not one single person commented on my post. Not one single person responded to ANY of the very explicit questions I posed or even left a comment. 

And yesterday, Dr. Nick van Terheyden tweeted that my post was a “Great piece on the challenge of *all* healthcare being considered a right.

Thank you Dr. Terheydan for helping raise awareness to my post. 

Is a 'Right to Healthcare' an All or Nothing Proposition?

I got to thinking: 

Are ‘healthcare rights’ an all or nothing proposition? 

Absent the benefit of an explicit contract, can your 'right to healthcare' be met by getting just a little healthcare? 

Do you really have 'rights to healthcare' if you get a diagnosis but not treatment? 

Should the Department of Justice get involved if some person or entity balks or refuses to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on new drugs or treatment that may or may not "cure" you or markedly improve your quality of life?

Will ANYONE ever respond?

As I asked in the very first question in my original post:

1. What are the limitations as to medical and other services that must be provided to support this right?

So once again, I ask all those who nobly scream “Healthcare is a human right!” - just what does that mean? Or is saying that healthcare is a right just another one of those platonic catchphrases meant to make people feel good - best suited for a poster waved back and forth at a rally for who knows what? 

Or is "healthcare is a human right" one of those refrains from the Left intended to call out those who challenge this nebulous, really meaningless phrase that ultimately demands excess spending, waste and imprudent government programs?

Who's Really Trying to Help Here?

I ask anyone reading this post, please tell me why you think healthcare is a human right. 

Answer one of my questions, I don’t think you can. I mean c’mon! At least leave me a nasty anonymous comment. Comments on this blog are not moderated. And unless you really, really, really cross the line, or are just plugging some personal multi-level salesy thing, I won’t delete your comment.



  1. I don't believe that I have a right to healthcare. If I am provided healthcare for free, I don't believe I have a right to choose how or what is provided. Over the past 10 years, I have gone from paying less than 5% of my (and my family's) total healthcare costs myself to paying over 50% today. I am looking forward to when paying the majority of the costs makes me an actual consumer where I can shop by price, quality, etc.

    I also wondered why nobody commented on your original post.

    Cheers! Joe

    1. I agree completely. The idea that people have a "right" to healthcare comes from a place of feelings and emotion, not logic and rationality.

    2. Thanks for your reply, Steve. I agree.

      Steve 'ShimCode'

  2. "Or is saying that healthcare is a right just another one of those platonic catchphrases meant to make people feel good"

    That is exactly what it is. If you ever see a politician saying this, know that they're just saying it to buy votes from the left. Same for "everyone deserves a livin' wage!"

    "We all deserve free stuff! Vote for me to get it!"

    1. Right? I agree Mike.

      And what is really concerning is that a number of apparently very "intelligent" people - and people in positions of great influence claim that "Healthcare is a right!"

      And I've personally challenged these folks to explain how so. And you know what? Crickets!


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