Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Information, Tips & Tools to Help with Medicare Open Enrollment

If you’re eligible for Medicare, you probably know that it’s Open Enrollment season for the 2016 plan year. You have until end of day on December 7th to enroll, change coverage and otherwise make peace with your Medicare benefits.

I maintain a collection of information you may find useful to help you make your decisions and changes. This collection can be found here: http://bit.ly/ShimCode_Medicare

Some of the information in my collection includes:

What’s New
5 Changes To Medicare in 2016 That May Raise Your Blood Pressure

Your Rights
The Medicare Rights Center

What's new this year?

Your guide to choosing a #Medicare drug plan that’s right for you

The Right #Medicare Drug Plan Can Help Control Price Shocks

Plan Types
When to Choose Medicare Advantage Over a Supplement Plan 

Useful Tools to Help With Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare & You 2016 (Official Guide from CMS)

Saving Money
Save money during Medicare open enrollment

How to save money during Medicare open enrollment

I also maintain some other collections of information that can help you become a better healthcare consumer and save money at the same time:

Info on Being a Healthcare Consumer

How to Increase Your Health Literacy 

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