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How Digital Tools Bridge Clinical Care with Community-based Non-Medical Resources

Here are the final two topics #5 & #6 from the #HITsm tweetchat held on Friday, June 17, 2016: “Addressing Healthcare via Non-Medical, Community-Based Resources and Tools.” In previous posts I shared curated tweets from Topic #1, Topic #2, Topic #3 & Topic #4.

Topic #5: How can digital tools bridge care prov. in clinical settings w/community, non-medical resources?

Interoperability, Sharing & Messaging

@jwander14: First you have to have a way to get real-time #data from outside of four walls!  

@matt_r_fisher: Get the systems to talk with each other. Right now likely exist in completely different spheres.

@stuckonsw: Hospital / community service tech agreements??

@shimcode: Tech can be used to automatically share info between care coordinators and patient medical records

@ochotex: For provider-patient care, I think I agree. Would be nice if it was as easy to use as Slack.

@jimmie_vanagon: Yes and in small office IMHO the best tool for this is a #HealthCRM co-managed by 1 great employee who knows every pt, nurse

@jimmie_vanagon: Not all #portals or #CRM s the same, we commonly hear how easy our portal is to use think the #CRM space will grow

@mandibpro: ...and CCDA sent to more than 1 external #EHR (and THAT one could be a test #DirectProject address). 

@jwander14: Agree - SMART apps and plugins

@jimmie_vanagon: IMHO it is best to have messaging from pts coming in via password protected/archivable format like #CRM Portal

@jimmie_vanagon: Otherwise how do you keep the messaging organized and coupled with the #EHR too messy otherwise

@shivam_mundra: Setting up messaging infrastructure which allows providers communicate to such programs/community

@shereesepubhlth: Smart phones! And that's no joke. I think it says something that we get smart phones into hands of Srs but not preventive care

@jimmie_vanagon: Yes and make sure the #ptportal provided for your patients is #smartphone compatible

@shawnmyersrn: I think #FHIR Has a lot of promise here. New apps can help community organizations collaborate with medical. 

Actionable Information That's Easy to Consume

@shimcode: A list of resources that can be maintained by community organizations themselves (even crowd sourced) would be good.

@uiandme: Where consumable means multi-platform (including print) and accessible (findable, readable, etc.)

@shimcode: Anything to decrease time difference between identification of need and receipt of benefits will help.

@shimcode: Make stuff easy to process and recall! Cognitive load of materials given out to help people is often enormous.

@scottyweitzman: Think and act at compute speeds as well deliver the resources info in a much more consumable manner to pts 

@cathysusk: the tech part of data sharing is easy but regulatory hurdles would be hard

@glhc_hie: You mean like w/ #HIE! We're working on it! Your check is in the mail Matt!

@glhc_hie: Please refer to my first answer to T1! I'm starting to feel a little like Chuck (@wareFLO) "All HIE, All the time!"

@glhc_hie: I give you the "Virtual Integrated Patient Record - REAL-TIME longitudinal patient data!: #HIE

Analytics & Insight

@mandibpro: Data mine to identify local resources, business rules could be written to suggest correlation to #EHR data.  

@stuckonsw: How can care managers/nurses get involved in #FHIR & give "boots on the ground" perspective on these probs?

@shereesepubhlth: I do love all the protected tech emerging applications.  

@stuckonsw: Matt did you also see @CrisisTextLine got a huge funding boost and will be baked into FB messenger @sarahmlavoie @mloxton

Topic #6 - What are some ways tech can help support the ‘carers’ who provide support to others?

Administrative Assistance

@nxtstop1: A HUGE issue. Firstly, carers need to be empowered, as empowered as their "patients" wants them to be and have all data they need.

@nxtstop1: Carers, if baby boomers likely have a superb grasp of #technology and able to well handle tech outreach strategies.

@scottyweitzman: Constant availability. Could take down admin workloads, insurance issues, appts, etc.

@shimcode: Tech can be used to assist w/ “life care planning” based on currently available, local resources.

@mandibpro: Yes - but #FHIR currently-anointed cross-#EHR standard for ingesting data INTO system (not exporting).

Enable & Support Communities of Care

@stuckonsw: Any tech to educate, connect, and communicate as a team! Family, patient, providers, specialists... Make the world smaller

@ochotex: I think a lot of communities built networks post-9/11 for emergencies. Could they unite for health?

@shimcode: Tech can be used to support 'Virtual Patient Communities' to provide caregiver support

@jimmie_vanagon: There are some incredible apps available now, my nurse finds the #CRM containing #portal helpful

@uiandme: Concentrate on probs common to underserved 1st: hrt disease, cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, skin infections, pneumonia and TB

Fit into Caregivers Daily Routine/Workflow

@ochotex: Keep it simple so it actually helps, doesn't make them stop what they're doing to "make it work"

@shimcode: Tech can help track services provided/interventions and help measure health and well-being improvements. Assign 'value/savings'

@uiandme: Onboarding for a transient population? HC resources that can be accessed at library or HC facility.

@scottyweitzman: Taking down workloads may relieve stress, promote new studies, better care. IMO

@jimmie_vanagon: Share #EHR at point of care on wall mounted screen so pt has ability to view & edit together with doc #ProjectedEHR

Support the Caregiver Too

@nxtstop1: Carers deserve precisely same respect/attention as do those they care for - by the HCP team> to insure successful health outcome

@shawnmyersrn: We need to provide education to address care providers’ needs, as well as patients.

@ebukstel: Sometimes the caregivers in underserved areas are also need food stamps to get by / effect on HC

@shereesepubhlth: Caregivers need HIT options that address stress and socio-economic fears associated w/ providign care to loved-ones. Huge MH segment

Some Examples

@mandibpro: Platform like could be expanded to address other #SDoH needs (non-med, non-#mentalhealth). Guys! Enhancement request! ;)

@shawnmyersrn: Opennotes is a good model

@ebukstel: Well here's an app that helps the homeless shed unwanted calories

@ochotex: Look no further than Africa where smart phones are incredible tools. Less requirements allow loose PHI sharing.

@jimmie_vanagon: So the PHQ-9 questionnaire4depression can be shared on large screen, filled out together, results graphed over time helps

@jimmie_vanagon: Yes and one of the best new upgrades on my #EHR is having the PHQ-9 available and immediately saved to chart 2see response to Rx 

That's All Folks!

This post completes the sharing of curated tweets from the #HITsm tweetchat I hosted last week. for more information on this and similar topics related to healthcare data, technology and services, consider following me on Twitter.

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