Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Thoughts, Ideas, & Tips for ‘Pitching’ Healthcare Products & Services

This post shares information on pitching to healthcare 'Journalists' and 'Reporters; a couple dozen bits of information shared by attendees at last week’s Healthcare IT Marketing Conference event in Las Vegas. 

As noted in previous posts, I've sifted through hundreds of tweets containing the #HITMC hashtag to pull out what I think may be useful to those operating in the healthcare IT space. This is the 3rd post where I'm sharing what I believe are useful bits of information for those charged with promoting healthcare IT products and services. See this post for a summary of everything I'm sharing.

Note: A lot of the information, ideas and opinions presented below will be discussed during the #HITsm chat this Friday, April 14th, 2017 at 9:00am PST where the theme will be Healthcare Content Creation for Audience Economy.

Pitching Others

Idea for pitches. Instead of telling, give your potential clients an experience.
Always great to hear the reporter's side of the story. Great insights from @scottmace @nversel and @techguy
@nversel says 'Pitch case studies outside of big news to get reporters attention.'
@scottmace says '@HealthLeaders writers either write sponsored or editorial, not both.' 
Having worked for 3 online publishers with 3 different so-so business models, I increasingly think the answer is Yes.
How many “major #healthcare media” outfits give unfettered access to the individuals who promote their stuff?
In #healthcare, we may be coding an email or pitching ideas, but in the end we're all a part of the quality of life of humans
Most journalists are too busy chasing the proverbial ambulance to field pitches, sadly. Part of why I left business.
Oh yeah, those stories are only valuable to entry-level editors who have slots to fill in newsletter so it goes out before lunch.
Personalization is key to marketing. "Somebody cares if it's good enough" @sscottcollins cc @sarahbennight @jslentzclifton
Since when does "the press" mean "generate leads" instead of "educate readers?"
Sound advice from @nversel: You might not like his stance but why would a reporter waste time on a piece that has errors?
Take the time to learn our beats -- great advice from @nversel
Totally agree. Often you can't cause someone to buy #HealthIT you have to be top of mind at the right time.
When it comes to asking a reporter for an article correction, @nversel says be sure its a factual issue (not tone)
When it comes to ed cals, "I hate when folks ask, 'what do you want to write about?'"

ShimCode asks: What's an 'ed cals?'

Dealing with Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are David. Play to your strengths. Be creative.
"Don't market like big orgs do, think like David vs Goliath."
Find a Goliath to slay - something people have emotional connections to.
Find a Goliath to slay. Give a customer’s reason to love you.
Rhoads "David wins cause he played to his strengths and fought Goliath in ways G never understood."


"Collaborative Engagement for shared benefit has shared value and can help differentiate solutions."
Multi-stakeholder collaboration (payer, provider, patient) is powerful. Future of #HealthIT panel at #HITMC
Does partnering diminish the HealthIT company? John Moore (Jr.) from @ChilmarkHIT says no.
If you're not a strategic partner to your customers, you're useless to them says @ShahidNShah
It's ALL about strategic partnerships and collaborative engagement.
Marketers, we can partner together on content... all of our solutions work together!
Partner on marketing content with companies that are in the same continuum as you (non competitors).

Share Your Insight!

Come join the #HITsm chat this Friday, April 14th, 2017 at 9:00am PST and share your insight.

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