Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blogging Platforms of the 2016 HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors

Being active in social media and having an established professional role in healthcare and information technology is a prerequisite for being a Social Media Ambassador for the 2016 HIMSS Conference. Each of the 20 HIMSS SMA's are very active on Twitter; posting frequently and regularly interacting with others and participating in tweetchats. Many are also active on other platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. And subsets of the SMA's actively participate in industry events as speakers, presenters and/or panel members. Nearly all regularly share information, ideas and their opinions via blogging platforms.

This post identifies blogs operated by - or where frequent contributions are made by - the 2016 HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors. Also included is a link to all SMA's LinkedIn account.

Brian Ahier  @ahier 
Blog: Advanced Health Information Exchange Resources 
Information on Healthcare, Technology and Government 2.0

Mandi Bishop @MandiBPro
Blog: MandiBPro on EMR and HIPAA 
Blog: EMC Spark
Corporate Blog for EMC 
Blog: CancerGeek 
Challenging the Status Quo in Healthcare and Industry 

Matt Fisher @Matt_R_Fisher
Blog: The Pulse: Mirick O'Connell Health Law Blog
Corporate Blog of Mirick O’Connel Attorneys at Law

Colin Hung @Colin_Hung
Blog: Stericycle Communications Solutions 
Read the latest tips, trends, and best practices for staying connected with your customers. 

Brad Justus @Brad_Justus
Tectonic Advisory Services is a healthcare transformation and innovation company 

John Lynn @TechGuy
Landing page for all blogs under the Healthcare Scene umbrella

Janice Mc Callum @janicemccallum
The Leading Consultants to producers of healthcare information

Geeta Nayyar @gnayyar
Blog: Healthcare & Information Technology 
An integrated perspective to physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and accountable care organizations.
Blog: Days of Past Futures
Ruminations on Canadian health care, social media and health IT

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn @healthythinker
Blog: HEALTH Populi 
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn is a health economist and management consultant that serves clients at the intersection of health and technology.

Blog: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn 
Healthcare Advisor. Communicator. Trend Weaver. 

Shahid Shah @ShahidNShah
Blog: The Healthcare IT Guy - Digital Health Nexus 
Shahid’s digital health, med tech, bio IT, life sciences IT, pharm tech, EHR/EMR/PHR & health data innovators advisory service.

Steve Sisko @ShimCode
Blog: The Healthcare Data, Technology & Services Blog Insight, Ideas, Opinions, Information & Ramblings about Healthcare Data, Services and Technologies 

Blog: Health Information Technology Conference Information 
Information about popular conferences and events related to health information data, technology and services.

Tamara St Claire @drstclaire
Blog: SimplifyWork
Xerox Corporate Blog 

Linda Stotsky @EMRAnswers
Nick van Terheyden @DrNic1
Charles Webster @wareflo
Blog: The Healthcare Business Process Management Blog 
Workflow Technology in Healthcare, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Workflow Management Systems, EMR Workflow Systems, Task & Workflow Interoperability, Clinical Groupware, Business Process Management (BPM), Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Cognitive Science, Usability, Human Factors, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, and Kickbiking 

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