Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Acquiring, Managing & Disseminating Healthcare IT Knowledge

This Friday, 8/19/16 at 9:00am PT, I’ll be hosting the weekly #HITsm chat sponsored by @HealthStandards. The topic of the chat will be “Acquiring, Managing & Disseminating Health IT Knowledge.

Scientia potentia est

I’m particularly interested in this chat because I strongly believe that knowledge is power and that now, more than ever, there’s a huge amount of knowledge readily available to anyone with a browser; IF they know where and how to look for that knowledge.

In this chat we’ll toss out ideas about the following:

1. Tools & methods for finding, curating, storing and sharing information

2. Favorite ‘go to’ resources for health IT information

3. Preferred media, channels and formats for consuming and conveying information

4. Considerations to make when assessing validity, reliability and usefulness of information

5. Ways you organize and store the information you obtain

Some Additional Questions

In addition to the above, here are some other considerations related to acquiring, managing & disseminating health it knowledge.

1. What are some considerations for sharing information with different end-users? Ex. Execs vs. managers vs. co-workers vs. customers?

2. How is the manner in which you disseminate information influenced by the geographic location of the end user?

3. What are your preferred sources of healthcare taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, and thesauri ? (What’s another word for more than one thesaurus?) 

4. What are some of the benchmarks for evaluating the effectiveness of knowledge exchange between individuals, teams, and groups across various collaboration activities?

5. What special considerations, if any, does content organization and management of healthcare information present?

Background Material

To help those that will or won’t attend this tweetchat I’d like to offer the following background material:

Communication and Dissemination Strategies to Facilitate Use of Health Care Evidence

Evaluating Internet Resources

Criteria for Assessing the Accuracy/Validity of a Website

Finding and Evaluating Online Resources

Evaluating Internet Health Information: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine

How (and Why) to Better Organize Your Content Marketing Ideas

Show up or Check Back for Some Freebies

During the #HITsm tweetchat, I’ll provide special tips, handouts and other materials I’ve developed over the years including

1. A file containing bookmarks to a number of what I consider good healthcare-related resources – particularly information technology related resources.

2. A file (OPML) containing all the RSS feeds I have collected over the years and which I use to locate good information on a daily basis.

Hope to see you there!

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