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29 Most Popular Tweets from Health:Further Summit 2016

source: infoworks-tn.com
Last week the Nashville Technology Council hosted the 2016 Health:Further Summit. Like many healthcare summits, conferences and forums, there were a lot of people live tweeting the event. Here are the top 29 tweets from the event as measured by the  sum of 'likes' and 'retweets' each tweet received. Congrats to Andy DeLao aka. @CancerGeek for his prolific, terrific top tweets.

Note: there were some tweets that were RT'd quite a bit but I've excluded them because they were of the "Good morning" and "Welcome to" variety.

29 Most Popular Tweets

Interesting that #healthcare shifting to the #patient yet healthcare only exists because of #people https://t.co/Xtp1CaJzui
Dr Joshua Newman talking about the industrialization of #healthcare based on expense and cost https://t.co/S6pNqXizjk  
What do #patients want of their #physicians? Sounds like the 4T's to me. https://t.co/bh6z6wfYWK  
Adoption is not a #tech problem it is a #people problem with behavioral change via @drstclaire https://t.co/oewgoedXoz  
The new care ecosystem moving further from hospital. Time for bold thinking & balance w #humble https://t.co/bTuIjAxBfq  
US doesn't rank in top 20 any meaningful health care metric. Spends 2x+/capita than any other country  
#Healthcare needs to refuse to be ordinary because #patient care isn't ordinary. https://t.co/C4ONvyunfu  
The benefits of walking 10,000 steps a day #walking https://t.co/ngU1R8lzet  
Framework for the collection of any and all #mentalhealth data to link brain development & systems https://t.co/ytodN4eJQD  
Culture has always been the pathway to transformation. #digitaltransformation https://t.co/plBk0Isdbu  
"Relationships are the future of healthcare." "It's about supporting the patient." We promise isn't just a promo for us.
U.S spends 16% of GDP on healthcare (#1 worldwide) and are the world leaders in obesity. Terrible ROI.
The solution to the time of data breach may be the use of #blockchain via @drstclaire https://t.co/iohBAcRkzO  
We have control of around 50% of things that impact our overall #health & #wellness via @JessDandy https://t.co/Mv8PdDRHUl
Dr. Yoshiro Hatano paved the way for research that led to the magic number of 10k steps/day for wellness.
"Actually bring patients to the table to help design better experiences" https://t.co/X7F8492YdA  
#Blockchain can help with #Cybersecurity https://t.co/a5duW2UBnt  
"50% of health is shaped by healthy behavior." Jess of @LIVESTRONG_COM on apps and positive change https://t.co/9iDndtAcIV  
Factors in telehealth adoption gap: insurance, data security worries, desire for regular MD interaction
1-science 2-design 3-people 4-outcomes - Key pillars to help shape future of #MedEd too. https://t.co/jvtOaSsuwQ  
If you're not delivering a clinical outcome, why are you in business? - Sean Duffy, Omada on harnessing the power of data
Survey reveals 61% are willing to engage in teleheath according to Dr. StClaire, CIO at Xerox Commercial Healthcare.
What patients want @CancerGeek "Take time to know me, build trust, have an open dialogue, then help me manage transitions"
“It’s amazing what you can do when you focus on the customer – and not item and price.”
Healthcare can be like going to Nordstrom, shopping blindfolded and getting the bill 30 days later
Create a story across touch points and provide comparison data to change health behavior @omadahealth
Yes! Everyone wants an #idealpatientexp! Execution maybe hard, but together we can! #GSD https://t.co/3ohjNZ0EHx   
@LeeAase describes @MayoClinic early efforts w/ #socialmedia as using "proceed until apprehended model of innovation"
"Only 29% of patients use a portal; > 5% use it twice. MU told us we need to use portals...but nobody told the patient"

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