Saturday, August 13, 2016

Healthcare's Unsung Among the #HIT100 - Introduction

The HIT100 is a yearly event where individuals who participate on twitter recognize others for their social media contributions relative to health care. Besides the many well-qualified names that dominated the top-ranking positions, there were many equally worthy individuals that weren't so highly ranked. So...

Shortly after the 2016 HIT100 event was finished, I reached out to about 100 individuals 
that received at least one nomination to the 2016 HIT100 list, who I consider to be knowledgeable healthcare resources, and who I've known to be active on social media. My purpose was to survey them about their social media presence and habits. I received 80 responses. While I'm currently in the process of reviewing and curating their responses into a format that I can share with others, I thought I'd share some high-level results from the survey. 

Question #1

Question #2
Question #3

Question #4

Question #5
Question #6
Question #7
Question #8

I future blog posts I'll share more results of the survey including specific details about the social media presence and activities of respondents who gave me permission to share their details. I'll also provide some analysis as to how I see social media being used by those that were surveyed.

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